[3.3] -- Stock's Kinetic Blast MF Deadeye --

Hey Folks! This is my Version for a Magic Find Kinetic Blast Speed Mapper, I hope you enjoy the Guide and the Build!

First thing I want to mention is that this Build is a Currency Farmer and isn't made for Bossing or High Tier Mapping.

My Gear from Incursion League:

A Rare Wand with T1 Flat Lightning Damage, some Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance.
The Corruption #% Chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike is very OP for this Build[not necessary], because it allows us to use Poacher's Mark or Warlord's Mark instead of Assasin's Mark.

I prefer Poacher's Mark, because it gives us nearly infinite Flask Charges.

Esh's Mirror: It's BIS, it gives a lot of Damage with the Lightning Damage Stacking and a few but good Defences + INT.

Body Armour:
Queen of the Forest: It's an Item that gives us a lot of our Movementspeed. Since we're stacking a lot of Evasion Rating, Queen of the Forest gives 1% Movementspeed for the 450 Evasion up to 100% Movement Speed, so we want to have atleast 45k Evasion Rating.

Devoto's Devotion is very good, it gives Movement and Attackspeed + Evasion and Chaos Resistance. You can also use Lightpoacher if you want.

Gloves + Boots:
For your Glove and Boot Slots you want Sadima's Touch and Goldwyrm, since we're Magic Find. Make sure you get a high Quantity of Items found Roll on them.

For our Ring Slots we want a good rolled Thief's Torment. It doesn't allows us to wear an other Ring, but it gives up to +34% All Elemental Resistances and +16% Quantity of Items found. It also gives Life and Mana gained on hit, that really helps to sustain our Manapool and getting instant Fulllife if we're low.
You can also use some decent rolled Ventor's Gamble if you want.

For our Amulet Slot we have multiple Choices. We could use a Spinefuse Talisman, a Shaped Amulet with Quantity Roll or a Biscos Collar.

For our Belt Slot we wan't Headhunter or Bisco's Leash.

For our Flasks we also have multiple Choices:
1:Dying Sun or Atziri's Promise.
2:Jade Flask of Reflexes
3:Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
4:Diamond Flask of Staunching
5:Silver Flask of Heat

On one of our Jewels we want the mod #% Chance to gain Phasing for 4 Seconds on kill the Rest should be +Maximum Life and Flat Elemental Damage to Attacks / Wand Attacks or Elemental Resistances if you need them.

Helmet: Kinetic Blast Damage / Kinetic Blast AOE / Chance for additional Kinetic Blast Explosion
Boots: Movement Speed / Damage leeched as life / Life and Mana Regeneration
Gloves: Commandment of Fury

Gem Setup:

6-Link: Kinetic Blast + Pierce + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attack Skills + Increased Critical Strikes + Added Lightning Damage

If you can't afford a 6-Link get rid of the Added Lightning Damage!

First 3-Link: Portal + Faster Casting + Blood Rage

Second 3-Link: Lvl1 CWDT + Lvl2 Immortal Call + Ice Golem

First 4-Link: Vaal Power Siphon + Chain + Fork + Elemental Damage with Attack Skills

Second 4-Link: Barrage + Knockback + Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strikes

Third 4-Link: Herald of Ice + Grace + Curse on Hit + Assasin's Mark (If you have the Wand Corruption ,,Power Charge on Crit" you can also use Poacher's Mark or Warlord's Mark)

If you're using Lightpoacher, get rid of Vaal Power Siphon and put Faster Projectiles + Greater Multiple Projectiles in your Lightpoacher.

Skill Tree + Ascendancy + Bandit:

If you have any Questions or any Ideas to improve the Build post them under this Thread or whisper me Ingame. My IGN is KineticJohnnieRoundTwo

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Dang yo build guide !?!

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