[3.3] Path of Life Nodes

As a foreword: I'd recommend you not play this as your ONLY character, because spamming flasks this much tires your hand easily.

I tried making a build that could sustain RF off of mana flasks and Indigon

You specifically want the "Chemist's" mod on "Hallowed Mana Flask", this will result in a flask that only consumes 3 charges per use and can hold up to 20

Somewhere in between, I decided to go ham with triggering cwdt off of Doedre's Elixir, and that theme quickly took over.

Using multiple Fragile Blooms along having -60 chaos resist is used to maximize damage taken as to achieve higher cwdt trigger levels. This also means that despite achieving high life numbers, your effective lifepool will be rather low (I'm sitting at 10k life at level 87, which is around 7k effective).

I picked up MoM to divert part of the RF degen to my mana pool since I'm using mana flasks, but am not sure how effective this is. I have 13 unreserved mana, which drops to 0 when I toggle RF, and then stays at 4 when I use mana flasks, so there's that.

Cwdt Flask Table

Gear & Gem Links

The choice of trigger gems may not be the most optimal, but this was what made most sense to me.

You can take Lioneye's into account if you can get your resistances elsewhere.

Pantheon & Passive Tree
Arakaali and Abberath as most RF builds


PoB: https://pastebin.com/CubwWDRz


If you were to drop RF and just trigger a bunch of cwdt, you could look into using a belly of the beast or a well rolled Temple chest.

I'd recommend using 3 doedre flasks, 1 movement flask, and 1 flask to heal yourself.

Although someowhat boring, going full RF and dropping all cwdt issues is probably the most logical way to ago about. -60 Chaos resist stops being necessary. Gems become the usual shield charge, scorching ray, and orb of storms. My flask setup as full RF is as follows:

You may even not need Indigon and mana flasks for it.

is worth looking into if you can gather your resists elsewhere.
These are the jewels I use to replace my Fragile Blooms:

burning/fire damage mods are probably more valuable than double STR.

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An original build, is this reality?
I try my best :)
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