Over the past several years we've received many requests from Summon Raging Spirit players who wanted to wipe out their enemies by releasing an army of angry bees instead of fiery skulls. Today we're happy to fulfil their wish by introducing the Summon Raging Bees Effect to the store! Check out the video below or get yours here.

The exiled beekeeper below is using the Summon Raging Bees Effect with a simple outfit that consists of the Wasteland Warrior Armour Set, Incursion Brimmed Hat, Green Hooded Cloak, Garuda Dagger and the Crimson Weapon Effect. If you'd prefer to look scarier, replace the hat with the Scarecrow Helmet.

Thank you for your support.
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Oh this is pretty cool! Should've shown it with the Hive Back Attachment though!
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please have molten strike something in the works.
No more recolour mtx
Nice bees
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Monka S

Those bees MUST D I E
there are people who freak the BLEEP out when they even SEE one in pictures.
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pretty bee grade

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