[3.3] Rasgeroth's Valkyrie. Dual Mjölner - Arc, Shock Nova, LL Asc. (Rai/Jug.) Shaper/Red Elder.


Hello, followers of the master race. (That's what it says on the builds compendium and I guess I'm sticking to it.) My name is Rasgeroth, and here I be with something special.

I've been playing Path of Exile since 2013, and I've watched Thor: Ragnarok one too many times. So, I've decided to create my own superhero, a Valkyrie with her own problems. This Scion has lost her parents in a crime related scenario, and sought quick answers to problems through cheating and kleptomania. So she stole Thor's Hammer, and using item duplication (Is that even a thing here? Someone call a bestiary expert.) she is now dual wielding them. But with great power, comes a Stan Lee cameo to teach you about responsibility, so she's totally a good guy now.

(Dead parents backstory excluded from the guide because it is just too damn sad, ok?)

Other than this build, I've got a bunch of goodies waiting around in my standard league roster, and I am a newbie streamer. You can take a look at my profile with Path of Building, and watch me baby rage about lag spikes right here:



Have you ever wanted to dress like a spellcaster, spend your passives like a spell caster, kill your enemies with spells but cast no spells at all? Wow, why would you want something so specific? You sound like you have mental health issues. Go see a professional. (A.K.A Cast on Crit Syndrome for veteran Path of Exile players.)

For those who can't afford a mental health professional, there is this build! It focuses on spinning around and zapping things, which is two of the most commonly used entertainment forms preferred by Path of Exile players! (Right after karaoke and the thing that shall not be named.)

From incursions to end-game, this build can deal with pretty much anything this game comes up with to try to annihilate you. Here's how it looks:

After that first kill, I threw some currency at the build and worked in Culling Strike. Future ones will surely be less messy.

Short version? You spin, everything else dies.

You get two Mjölners, use Cyclone to proc them, get low life to increase your damage. Use your Jugg ascendancy to increase your defense and meet the requirements. (STR and Accuracy rating. If you miss half of your attacks, even playing as Atziri with 4 Mjölners won't help.) Raider ascendancy is there to further buff attack speed. (Free frenzy charges and Onslaught, yes please.) Free Endurance charges help deal with the incoming physical damage, and you use a Watcher's Eye to make the build come together.

I really wanted to use two Mjölners, and after a lot of theory crafting, found a way to make it work. This build only works on a Scion, and nothing else. (We will be using Cyclone to trigger the Arcs, and the build doesn't have too many places for rare items to go so, you get 0 accuracy rating from your gear.)

Disclaimer: This is an Energy Shield based build with a lot of required uniques. It will not be cheap, it will never be cheap.

Required Gear:

A WATCHER'S EYE: The most important part of the build. Get one with Vitality = Life Leech.

After that, go for:

Low Life build, duh.

Main weapons, keep in mind that Fortify corruption is extra, helps free a gem socket. Even one seems to be good enough, but if you get two, you will have 100% uptime on Fortify.

Helps with talent efficiency, letting you spec less mana reserve talents. High ES, good Chaos Res to deal with those damn Vaal Constructs.

Lots os ES, stun immunity, and a ton of damage for Arcs. Self-explanatory, really. Besides, having your own Shaper Balls that follow YOUR enemies around is a nice change of pace from the usual.

Completes the build. Sky rockets both your Accuracy Rating and Energy Shield. The corruption is not required. It is very, very recommended though.

Nothing too fancy, the requirement is that this ring must be an Elder item.

  • Can deal with almost all map mods, depending on your gear. For example, only mod I'm unable to do at the moment is cannot regen, but it won't be an issue if your elder ring has % Phys. dam. leeched as mana or the Elder affix, Mana gained for each hit enemy hit by attacks. Cannot leech and Elemental Reflect, is ofcourse the obvious things this build can't deal with.
  • Fast clearing capabilities, as long as your cyclone touches an enemy, you get to watch as 1-1.5 screen of enemies drop like flies. Yes, you are the fly catcher in this scenario.
  • Tanky. Tankier than it looks, at the very least. Endurance charges are good enough to deal with the incoming physical damage, and high ES can deal with anything else. Plus, you have about 400+ ES regen along with your leech, making sure that no damage over time can catch you unaware. If your rare equipment covers the resists, you can always get a Death's Door, making you even more defensive.(Plus it has all the right stats you need on it.)
  • Stun immunity, six ways to sunday. You get the ascendancy immunity, along with the immunity from Presence of Chayula, with two negatives almost canceling each other out, but wait! There's more, Cyclone Stun Immunity. (I know it's 3 ways so far. I said you are stun immune, not that I'm good at math.)
  • Free Frenzy charges for boss fights. Everything else die too fast for you to spawn a charge or two.
  • Vaal Cyclone. Get all the style points you can. Why go towards your enemies if you can force them to come to you?
  • You look cool with dual Mjölners going to town on monsters. I know it's a cheap way to increase my list size, but damn do I look cool while clearing maps. Plus, arcs can cover the distance when you need them to. (Tip: Learn to time your Vaal Cyclone in Elder fights, and watch as those eye thingies helplessly try to crawl or shoot towards Shaper. Spoiler alert, they never can.)

  • Expensive as fuck. There, I said it. The E word. I'm not ashamed.
  • No reflect immunity. There is a defensive version down below for that though, you may want to check that out. If you want it, you can get it for some sacrifice in your damage.
  • While it can deal with everything, the build doesn't pick up before LVL 68, due to how Scion Ascendancy works. So not the best league starter.
  • Energy Shield build, so keep an eye out for Eye of Chayula during leveling. Otherwise it won't be as fun as it should be. A.K.A, not really for for those who have not leveled an ES char before.
  • Vaal Cyclone: Same style points, different outcome. You missed "Detonates corpses" on a strongbox and used Vaal Cyclone? You just died in the most stylish way. Want to show off and pull in a bunch of monsters in a bloodlines map? Sure, just know that Flame/Frost/Lightning Bearers already blew you up to smithereens. You said fuck it, bring 'em on! OH NO! 'em are a bunch of Porcupines... You just said hello to their livvl'fwendz.
  • Single target damage is not high, it is enough, but not the boss melting level you would see on other Arc Totem or Trap builds. There is a reason why I tried to increase defenses, and this is that. (I.E: Reason I went LL is high regen capabilities with minimal talent requirements.) Though, let's be fair. You can mock any Elder or Shaper Guardian with this build, they won't be getting you low unless you mess up. (Minotaur & Eradicator takes some patience, but you'll get there.)
  • Watcher's Eye dependant, so there's still that. Unless GGG lets us leech as spellcasters, THROUGH THE TALENT TREE! Wow, much necessity, such confusion.

Current version, using Path of Building.
Non-PoB version is inside leveling section.

You are a handmaiden of Asgardian Gods, let those who are on the wrong side of the law feel your wrath! Let none survive, even the butch one, Alira.

Major God: Soul of Lunaris, for mapping in general. For End-game boss fights, you can swap to Soul of Solaris. Lunaris by itself is quite enough, if you don't want to go play pokemon to catch all of those souls.
Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul, to help cement your physical defences. Nothing else is relevant.

Go straight for the Juggernaut, but know that you won't be able to spin your way towards glory of the Asgard unless you have Path of the Marauder.

Chill immunity helps protect your attack speed, Accuracy Rating enables the build. Free Endurance Charges is an Odin-send. Plus, it adds a bit of damage as well.

Afterwards, there is only End Game Lab left anyway, so finish it of with the Raider.

This gives you free frenzy charges, and onslaught on top of it. Movement speed is great but you won't notice the Dodge. This is about attack speed to drop below the Mjölner thresholds, so dodge or making your cyclone tickle a bit harder is unimportant.

Current Gear:

If you can get Armor on the Belt like I did, it's great. Otherwise, my current setup is pretty much optimized to deal with single target threats. If you don't want to hunt for the corruptions, gems section will have more detail on how to equip your character. Keep in mind, none of these corruptions are required for you to get to end game and farm T16 maps with ease. For high HP single target fights, some extra currency is helpful, to buy the corrupted versions of the gear.

Other than that, the flasks are self-explanatory. Basalt is there to deal with high cooldown, very high physical blasts from bosses, like Purifier. It is the optional flask. If you wish, you can swap it with an Atziri's Promise for some boost in damage. Wise Oak increases the damage, though it'll be hard to get all three all same with limited slots for rare equipment. Sulphur adds additional damage, and boosts our regen. Silver flask is there because Frenzy charges don't stack up other than during bossfights.

In order of importance:
Watcher's Eye: The build enabler. At least, the required rolls don't cost too much. "Vitality, % Damage as Life Leech" is mandatory. Best option for the second roll is "Immunity to Elem. Weakness." Helps a lot with your gearing options. If you wish, you can opt out of Elemental Weakness maps, and get "Clarity - ES" or "Discipline - % Recovery, % Regen, ES gain on Hit" (Order in most useful to least useful.) For some damage or utility, "Wrath - % Lightning Dam., % Lightning Penetration or % Dam. leeched as Mana" are other good options. (The latter lets you deal with no regen maps.) Any Uber Elder version that involves a combination of above, is always welcome.

Pure Talent: STR & INT for the Mjölners, lots of mana regen and AOE for the Cyclone. Remember, Cyclone is there to proc your weapons so more area means easier mapping, and you won't have to hug the bosses that hard to damage them. Damage Penetration from Templar is a great boost for your single target damage as well.

Efficient Training: Socketed in the Jewel Socket right next to the Witch's starting area, Spell Damage side, this bad boy helps with the high Strength requirement of your Mjölners.

Grand Spectrum, Viridian Jewel: A lot of damage, packed and ready to go. Get 3 of these to complete the set.

Gloves: Commandment of Tempest. Heavy hitter. We don't really need the extra regen from Commandment of Light. Since we also want everybody running towards us, whether they want to or not, Commandment of Reflection becomes counter-productive.
Boots: % Life and Mana Regen. This is the one I found most useful. We have high ES base, so the regen returns are quite good. If you want damage, get % Damage Penetration if you have not killed recently, up until you get to the Templar Starting Node. After that, 1 to 160 Lightning Damage yields more damage against bosses.
Helmet: The one you see on my gear, 150% Ice Golem Buff Effectiveness, is an enchant I found most useful. Though, 40% Increased Arc Damage is an upgrade, best enchant is Arc Chains An Additional Time. (Which also minimizes the single target issue.)
Since I went ahead and bought a Arc Chains +3 Times legacy enchantment from Standard, I'm happy with the one I have on me. (If you are making this build on Standard, definitly go for this Enchant.)

Arc, Shock Nova:
Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction. Pure damage, all the way. Shocks are provided via Wrath's Lightning Damage addition to your Vaal Cyclone. Needless to say, they both go inside a Mjölner.

Vaal Cyclone:
Disclaimer: Vaal version of the skill is required in order to properly complete the Elder Phase 2. (As in, the potential for Watcher's Eye drops.)
In order of importance: (Non-corrupted gear)
Increased Critical Strikes, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Curse on Hit, Conductivity.
Gear with Optimal Corruptions:
The more important one is the Fortify corruption on your weapons.
In order of importance:
Increased Critical Strikes, Faster Attacks, Curse on Hit, Conductivity, Elemental Weakness.
If you get a Shaper's Touch with Elemental Weakness on hit corruption on it, you can swap the second curse for a Culling Strike.

Mana Reserve:
Mana Reserve: Wrath, Herald of Thunder, Purity of Elements. Wrath is more damage, Purity of Elements becomes a necessity with so many required uniques. And since everyone knows that barrels and vases in this game are always out to get you, Herald of Thunder ensures your survival against their deadly assaults.

Life Reserve: Blood Magic, Discipline, Vitality, Enlighten (LVL.3) These must be socketed into the Vertex. If your Enligten is not LVL 3 yet, there is a mana reserve node on your way to Written in Blood. Swap the 8% ES node above Arcane Focus for it.

Movement & Golems:
Cast When Damage Taken, Summon Ice Golem.
These will be either in your boots, or your gloves. The remaining sockets can be used for Herald and Wrath that reserve your mana. The golem gets you more accuracy, and helps with Elemental Overload procs.

Leap Slam, Fortify, Faster Attacks: Right next to the last aura that reserve your mana.(Purity of Elements in my case.) Since attacks and spells don't mix, it's unimportant whether or not if the item is 4 linked or not. If you have a Clarity - ES Watcher's Eye, remove Fortify in favor for a LVL 1 Clarity. You will also need corrupted Mjölners.

  • Cannot Leech: This one is a bust. You don't have enough regen to negate all of the incoming damage, skip these maps.
  • Cannot Regen: As said above, you either need a % Leech as Mana roll on your Watcher's Eye or your Elder ring. The + Mana for each enemy hit is also an Elder roll, which we could use on the mandatory Elder ring. Otherwise, you will spin yourself dry, and will be forced to skip the map.
  • Elemental Reflect: Right, this is a thing, right? Yeah, this kills ya. Very, very fast. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Physical Reflect: While you do not convert any phys damage from your Cyclone, you also can not deal enough of it to ever feel this in a map. You aren't immune, but you can act like as if you are.
  • Monsters Avoid Elemental Stuff:This ain't no Inpulsa Build, you don't care about this.
  • Ignites & Poison Y'all!: Your regen covers these parts. Unless you are some sort of a masochist and prefer your ignites straight from Enslaver himself. In that case, make sure all your sides are extra crispy.
  • Hexproof: Not the heaviest blow to your damage. Arcs can decimate rares and magics with ease, and bosses already have the curse effectiveness reduction to make Hexproof difference negligable.
  • Twinned Bosses: Congratulations, the map has solved the build's lower than meta levels of single target damage. RNG took pity on you, make sure you shed some tears, use the pity to maximum effectiveness and get an Exalted Orb to drop.
  • Your parents telling you that you are adopted: Ok, now there's another tough one. While I'm not exactly sure on what TO DO, I'm pretty sure on what NOT TO DO. Do not, I repeat, do not try to mask your parents' murder with a mugging gone wrong plot. What? No, I'm not speaking from experience. It was just a friend who gave me this advice, which I found pretty useful.

Since both Mjölners and the ability to wield them are far, far away possibilities, you should be leveling as a run of the mill, self cast Arc build. The build will become self-sufficient by the time you hit LVL 68, so you won't have problems for mapping. (Of course, Reflect Maps will have to wait for the completion of End Game Labyrinth.)

Keep Vaal Cyclone at your secondary weapons, along with Faster Attacks x2 and the Leap Slam. (If you are using Scepters while leveling, Leap Slam can be used.) Use Orb of Storms instead of Cyclone, and Flame Dash instead of Leap Slam if needed. If you are able to use Leap Slam, link your Fortify to it while Cyclone waits it's turn.

For Arc, until you can turn into the monster this build really is, use Added Lightning Damage and Spell Echo along with the required other two gems. (Prioritize Spell Echo when you can.) If you have a Tabula, add Lightning Penetration.

By LVL 20, your build should look like:
(If you wish, start with spell damage and swap them out for Attack Speed later. I don't think it makes that much of a difference since this is no racing build.)

LVL 40:

LVL 60:

Starting from LVL 60, save your points. For 68, you should have a total of 9 points waiting patiently on the side. (Since there are multiple side quests that rewards points, it shouldn't be a problem.)

LVL 68:

From here, you are ready to spin. Get the rest of the required strength through your rare gear, if unable, remove a few ES nodes to get Might and Devotion.
Rest of the points will go towards damage, all the way.

LVL 80:

LVL 92: (The Sane Man's Stopping Point)

LVL 100:

Defensive Version that uses 1 Mjölner, but has Reflect Immunity and good avoidance.
This variation lets go the frantic chase for more attack speed, gets itself to the AS cap for Mjölner and rests there. (4 attacks per second.) Leaving Raider behind, you go for Elementalist. While losing Frenzy Charges mean you lose damage and attack speed, the Herald Effectiveness and 10% penetration helps you regain what you lost. Second Golem is Lightning Golem, so you can recover the lost AS as well. Arc damage on this version matches the Raider version, though you will lose the extra Shock Nova procs in between Arc procs. No worries though, you can still take down Shaper.

Fortify is linked to Leap Slam and Shield Charge, though I would still suggest going for corrupted Mjölners as the regular implicit is useless for the build, and free Fortify is still free.

You get a Prism Guardian for the life reserve, and slam in Haste, Grace and Wrath in it. Since Prism Guardian also gives a ton of all res, you can remove Purity of Elements completely. Grace gives you about 43% Evade chance, Haste recovers the lost movement speed from Raider and gets you to the Mjölner proc cap. Wrath gains two extra levels, yay.

This version moves around faster, and deals a bit less damage. If you feel physical damage is not the greatest threat, you can swap Prism Guardian with Saffell's Frame. (Keep in mind that you will need to lose Grace, and move around your auras to mix and match them between your HP and your Mana. You will also need a LVL 20 or 21 Blood Magic.)
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This looks like a very fun and promising build, cyclone+arc says it all. I will probably give this build a go during flashback.
First of all, I just wanted to say that the build looks amazing.
I've been dreaming of a Mjolner build since the legacy version came out, and now that they are selling for dirt cheap I can finally play it.
I bought/crafted everything almost perfectly but I currently only have a 5L Shav's, so the question arises: Do I drop Culling strike OR Inc. Crits?

edit: Another question: On what gems does the quality matter most?
Last edited by ElDroga on Aug 2, 2018, 5:59:51 AM
ElDroga wrote:
First of all, I just wanted to say that the build looks amazing.
I've been dreaming of a Mjolner build since the legacy version came out, and now that they are selling for dirt cheap I can finally play it.
I bought/crafted everything almost perfectly but I currently only have a 5L Shav's, so the question arises: Do I drop Culling strike OR Inc. Crits?

edit: Another question: On what gems does the quality matter most?

Culling is only important on fights with a lot of burst, to cut down the time required for the last phases and the like. In the GIF, the clone and Shapes himself sent over 5 orbs at me at the same time, took some jiggling to get them to pop around the same area. He was about 4% HP when it happened, then I did some damage, bullet time, and you can see the last 1% drop. Culling is only needed to avoid BS like that.

Second curse isn't the highest damage increase towards bosses, though since you are saying culling, I think you already have a corrupted Shaper's Touch. Lose culling.

Increased Crit is one of the most important gems, as the build has no %crit increase, and Cyclone is already bad enough to proc Elemental Overload as is. Most of the time, you'll be zapping things down without an EO proc. (As in, they'll die anyway) For bosses and the like (I.E: Architects for this season), we use Cyclone to get the EO, so quality is also important.

About quality, Arcs have Elemental Focus, so no quality on those. Since you can't case while using cyclone, you don't need the Vaal Arc either, the shock effectiveness already exist through ascendancy. Their supports have increased damage, so get quality on those. Cyclone quality is AOE, so it helps. Curse on Hit is curse effectiveness, so it helps. Faster Attacks has more AS for quality, so it's also important. Along with Increased Crit, these are the ones with most importance on quality. You don't need it on Auras, Blood Magic, Conductivity, Leap Slam, Golems or Cast When Damage Taken.
Thanks for all the help!
I played a bit yesterday sitting at around lv 30 rn. I believe I'll reach 68 today and check out the build in action.

P.s : I think the poet's pen wand deserves an honorable mention in the leveling section (for those who can afford it).
Helps a lot especially if you are not used to leveling as es.

Any comments/modifications I should implement on my gear? :


I know it isn't perfect but it's all I can afford rn.
ElDroga wrote:
Thanks for all the help!
I played a bit yesterday sitting at around lv 30 rn. I believe I'll reach 68 today and check out the build in action.

P.s : I think the poet's pen wand deserves an honorable mention in the leveling section (for those who can afford it).
Helps a lot especially if you are not used to leveling as es.

Any comments/modifications I should implement on my gear? :


I know it isn't perfect but it's all I can afford rn.

The gear looks good with one exception, you need a Fortify corruption.
And hopefully, your boots can cover the rest of the resists. And ofc don't forget to get the rest of the quality to 20%, especially on Vertex.

I can hook you up with one of my old Mjölners if you find me in game, low roll on corruption so I swapped it out.

My connection has been horrible this past week (you can even see that in my vids on twitch) though it's better during noon-afternoon, I'll be online this weekend during those hours.
Dual Mjölner doesn't make any sende, at least not with an arc in both.
Mjölner has a cooldown of 250 on each triggered spell, and it's extremely easy to reach that even with a single mjölner. (and because cyclone alternates, the only thing you really get is 20% attack speed.)
You could alterneate 2 spells though, and not lose anything over the recommendet setup.
Nephalon wrote:
Dual Mjölner doesn't make any sende, at least not with an arc in both.
Mjölner has a cooldown of 250 on each triggered spell, and it's extremely easy to reach that even with a single mjölner. (and because cyclone alternates, the only thing you really get is 20% attack speed.)
You could alterneate 2 spells though, and not lose anything over the recommendet setup.

Each triggered spell as in more than one spell in the weapon. Not for each type of spell. Each Mjölner will still cast once per 0.25 secs anyway though. Since Cyclone alternates (as most skills do when dual wielded, unless specified otherwise) so you can aim for higher than 0.25 Attacks per second. Vaal Cyclone has 0.18, and it yields more procs atm.

As long as you can drop below the proc rate, it'll be higher DPS. Though it will probably never be "optimized" DPS, as in 2 procs within 0.25 and cycle on from there.

I tried a few options, Static Strike and Lightning Strike to name a few. The attack rate though got stuck at 0.28-29 even with multistrike, so it wouldn't be good enough, especially considering the dual wield.

So only 3 viable options remained: Dual Strike, to get both procs at the same time, making the build a bit bursty. (Still, below threshold AS though.) Frenzy, for more AS, dropping below the threshold. And lastly, Cyclone.

Cyclone felt smoothest in terms of gameplay, that's why I released the build with it. I'm still making adjustments, and the thread will get updated as I feel confident about the changes I make.

You are right about the proc rate though, but the point of this build is to drop below it to get more procs from dual wielding. Each Mjölner is selfish, and doesn't care about it's brother.

Right now, I'm trying out Raider instead of Elementalist. (Jugg is the one that makes all of this work.) Seems to be fine, but while I have more procs and frenzy charges, the damage difference isn't that great due to the loss of Herald effectiveness + 10% penetration.

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