[TOOL] 🦉 PoE Buddy - Browser / Mobile supported Path of Building Viewer (3.9)

Found this today, very cool!

Didn't see a Github link, so I'll drop a bug report here:

I noticed that hovering over the skill "Dash" in the Skills list brings up the tooltip card for "Charged Dash".

POB: https://pastebin.com/3hHr8HwZ

As a console player, I absolutely love this! It's a god send, that said, is it still being updated? I've noticed the tree doesn't match the current 3.11 tree in game.
Thanks for the hard work you put into developing this!
+1. pls update if you got free time
Love the tool though for the last two days have been getting a 404 error while using the site on firefox and silk browser for tablet. Android
Hi, any reason why this is down and any idea of when it will be back up?
i gonna miss this tool, please some stay on contact with author

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