[3.3] Mask of the Stitched Demon, Int-Stacking RF/SR Trickster.

I wanted to build for Mask of the Stitched Demon during Incursion League, so I started by stacking loads of int. I initially grabbed a bunch of %ES nodes, but later figured that I'd be better off just getting more int to scale my ES while getting other bonuses. This left me with rather high HP, and granted over 10% life regen, but left ES as a dead number. I began to take RF into consideration as to give that large ES number a purpose: base RF damage. My train of thought may have been somewhat biased, as RF is my favorite skill, but it played out pretty well. Skimming through ascendancies, I realized trickster was the one that would synergize with this concept the most. Finally, I had to find a way to balance my life regen as to account for the dead ES pool that was causing a larger burn, so I made a spreadsheet to measure my minimum requirements. You can find the link to this below.

Stitched Demon RF Sustain Calcuator
You ideally want to go over the "Required Life" by as much as possible, as this will result in more surplus regen.

Gear & Gem Links

Restless Ward is almost a 600 ES chest. With high life. And a bunch of Evasion. I consider it to be (extremely cheap, and) best in slot. My gear isn't 10/10, but it's a decent guideline. Astramentis is probably a great starter amulet, but you can quickly find (unshaped) Lapis Amulets that outdo it.

Shaped amulets can go insanely higher with %attributes, as well as %damage per int mods. Your priority on jewels should be %life with two int mods. If you have the extra dosh to spend (which I don't,) look for a %ES or %Damage mod as your 4th. Clarity Watcher's Eye isn't very good, as Mask of the Stitched Demon denies mana per int, but an Emperor's Mastery is still a valid option.

The gems you can play around with, you can probably tell what is core and what isn't. The 6th link for Scorching Ray should be Swift Affliction.

Passive Tree & Pantheon
The Pantheon is a no-brainer: Arakaali and Abberath for 10% reduced RF damage. This stacks with our Trickster's 10%. As for the passive tree: poeurl.com/b1dJ. Grab the AoE nodes nearby if you want better clear, the DoT and Burning nodes if you want more damage, or the %life nodes from the Scion Wheel to be tankier.



Feel free to look up my character "GoobackLeague" for reference.
That's all! Have fun~
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