[3.3] Flicker strike Assassin - My own "guide" needs some help ;)

Hello everybody!

Im still quite new to PoE and ive been always playing other peoples guides.
Now im trying to build my own one, the plan is a very high crit chance flicker assassin (maybe even 90+%?).
Why assassin? Because i want the Pure damage with about 5,5-6k life maybe. I know that Trickster is awesome for a flicker based shadow aswell but since Harness the void got nerfed i rather go for the higher crit multiplier from the assassin skilltree. Also the survival against single targets could be slightly better because if theres only one mob around i wont get critfucked, also the safe 100% bonus dmg against single targets is awesome + i get an free 10% culling strike. The build is dodge based aswell.

Heres the poe planner link

So my plan is to play it with a Terminus Est - Rest depends on what stuff/currency i will get while leveling, ive only got a Tabula atm.

The flicker strike setup would be Flickerstrike/Maim/Fortify/Multistrike/MeleeSplash/FasterAttacks
A normal CWDT(1) immortal call(3) and a Blasphemy+ either Poachers for mapping(If crit chance would be too low), Assassins for single&mapping, Warlords for the extra leech or enfeeble for some extra survival

I dont know if adding a Herald of ice would be good.

The next thing is Mana, ive went to the Duellist starting area and picked up the Lifeleech/manaleech nodes and decided to add vaal pact(althought im not sure if its worth it)
idc if its enough but time (or you guys) will tell.
Maybe i would replace it with atziri gloves when i can afford those

Im not sure how this build would work out so im posting it here, right now ive only got some basic stuff and no other gear reqs as i just started it.

So what do you guys think of it? Would it be viable or am i going to get my butt kicked because i dont have enough defensives - are Fortify/enfeeble enough? Or will stuff die so quick that i wont even need it when im lucky? :P
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So i´ve created a Character following my build (Yes that´s my account i was retarded and didn´t see the log in with steam button) The Characters name is Xenro, The damage peaks at about 4,4k dps with all frenzy/power charges which kind of sucks, trash dies quickly but bosses take a bit to kill so im in need of more sword dmg/phys dmg nodes or simply better gear. Im at a 85% crit chance with max power charges at the moment so that´s quite fine with a diamond flask as im constantly flickering.
My biggest problem is, that my character has about 3,1k HP, i know im wearing a Tabula atm but i think thats still quite low so im rushing to 6link my terminus est and getting a Belly. The problem is if i equipp a belly i´d be around 3,5-3.7 i guess but thats still a bit shitty. Im planning on getting better rings asap and picking the jewel passives in the skill trees next and adding % life and sword/2h dmg and crit% jewels into them so i´ll get a bit tankier and get some dmg along the way.

The boss in the T1 beach map couldn´t oneshot me but that was only one run till now as i didnt have much time to play around, i was running Fortify in my flicker setup along with a enfeeble aura so thats a bit of a tanky buff which was actually enough to get trough there quite easily.
The lifesteal is also quite strong keeping me alive in all monster packs.

The next thing im going to change is poachers for a assassins aura, so ill get that extra damage and crit down and then ill drop the diamond flask aswell - but what should i replace it with?

Does anyone have some further advice for me? I´d like to keep it physical as it just feels more like an assassin for me so im running more auras instead of any herald.

Here´s my current gear:

Next update, although im already thinking that no one gives a shit :P

Leveling this guy is insanely fast, when im at max power charges everything Melts after i got some sword dmg nodes from the tree. My hp went up by 100 after 2 lvls so it might work out at 90 and some gear :D I´ve ran some T1-3 maps and nothing manages to oneshot me. My lifeleech is so high, that i can actually survive everything i haven´t died once since starting Mapping. Immortal call, enfeeble and fortify manage to keep me alive,but my biggest weaknes is chaos dmg, but it also never killed me. I´m finishing maps in under 5 minutes and bosses start dieing really fast, and the speed increases after every level since i can get sword dmg nodes for like another 8~10 lvl. Seems like the DPS is WAY higher than the tooltip shows. Im planning on dumping the necklace because of the global -25 Crit dmg% modifier but only after i´ll get my next 2 LAB points so i can get the 100% crit chance on max HP mobs so i can compensate the loss of the 100% from the necklacr, maybe i´ll find a good rare neck with some res and crit dmg or chance.

Ive also found an exalted so i´ll upgrade my gear today, ill upload the changes later this day.

Like always. If someones got an advice for me what items to get or if you got an item which would be awesome for me i´m always up for a trade, so feel free to post it. :)
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It would be really cool if you could do a little explaining what gear you used to get to the level your at. My biggest problem is finishing story and being able to maintain flicker strike. I am currently level 48 with my assassin using poets pens to level but i would love to jump into flicker as fast as possible so i can sustain my self through labs and content. Thanks for the post it gets me just a little closer to an earlier flicker strike build for leveling.

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