We're concluding this week of new microtransaction releases by introducing the Demonic Leap Slam Effect which replaces the standard effect of this Skill Gem with a red and black one. Check out the video below or get yours here.

The new Leap Slam Effect is a perfect fit for your UItimate Chaos Armour Set. Enhance your epic outfit by adding the Fire Cloak or the Ultimate Chaos Wings, the Infernal Axe, Ultimate Chaos Weapon Effect and the Ultimate Chaos Character Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Very cool, should finance Chris at least one new land card.
Looks good.
Looks alright. Not getting it tho.
Oh boy RED
aw yis, more kitava cultist mtx.
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The cool spikes are way too subtle, barely visible and they make the MTX look way better. Could have added a ground effect, like red pulsing cracks...

Not getting it. It looks rushed.
and i'm still waiting for the party improvemts =\

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