[3.3] Incinerate CwC Discharge + VMS/RF - deathless guardians

ATTENTION: I am working on a new version of this build with much better damage - update coming soon.
I have previously published guides on this build, but with recent updates it only got better, so i wanted to make an updated version. So far i am very happy with the results; 3/3 deathless guardian attempts (phoenix coming soon) and smooth leveling from 93 (i used an existing char) to 95.

Build Idea

This build uses Incinerate linked to Cast while channelling to cast Discharge. We discharge 10 Endurance charges which we generate in several ways (Jug Ascendancy in combination with stuff like Scold's Bridle and Eye of Innocence). At the same time we have enough Life Regen to run RF (and optional Vaal RF of course). Lastly we get a big damage boost from Vaal molten Shell which works with Scold's Bridle while we are casting Incinerate. So while we have up to 5 damage spells, it's all fire damage and thus relatively easy to scale with global increases etc.

On the defensive side we first of all get many good passives from our ascendancy. We also have a long duration Immortal call, Life leech, instant life gain from Kingsguard, Arctic Armour, a decent life pool, more than 1k life regen/sec., some immunities (bleed, poison, freeze), some chaos res, a little bit of block and of course our Endurance charges as well as decent armor values.

This makes for a well rounded char that can take on any content in the game and handle all map mods. Some gear and passive choices allow you to opt for more damage or more survivability. Roughly estimating i could eventually still double the damage of the version i am currently running.

Pros & Cons

+ relatively cheap gear is enough to make the build work
+ tanky with no real weakness, decent defenses against everything
+ that nice map clear feeling of ignite prolif
+ can be set up in various ways, with emphasis on RF or Incinerate or Discharge
+ unique snowflake bonus

- not the highest damage build, you still have to play the game;)
- not good for SSF, specific uniques are required
- taking it to high damage levels requires some investment

Please Note:
1. i didn't use vaal RF which would have been a significant damage boost.
2.I suck at this game - please judge the build and not my play :)
Chimera map clear, boss at 3:55: https://youtu.be/AXK9Bw-yr9s
Hydra kill: https://youtu.be/6_UU8ohsXaQ
Minotaur kill: https://youtu.be/oft6hl3B6-8

Gear & Gem links
Note on Gems: Switch Ignite Prolif for a damage support (f.e. conc effect or controlled destruction) against bosses

Passive Tree

Character Sheet Screenshots (no flasks or temporary buffs)

2 Passives is what i chose. you could consider oak (life regen for RF) or Kraytin (faster playstyle, maybe good for mapping...?)

Feel free to post any question, comment, criticism or suggestion - looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for reading!
My 2.3 Build Guides:
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