[3.6] RIGHTEOUS FIRE/CYCLONE Pathfinder Build +VIDEO GUIDE! Non-Meta and UNIQUE!

I got a question about the use of Zerphi's Last Breath and Fevered Mind. Fevered Mind grants spell damage (as we know it does not scale RF damage) and increases mana cost. You use it primarily for the increased mana cost to scale Cyclone mana to synergize with Zerphi's Last Breath. But the problem I'm stuck with is the ability to use Zerphi's as it is a mana base flask meaning we can only use it when mana isn't full. But because Cyclone is linked with Blood Magic, it doesn't use mana. The only skill that uses mana in this build is Scorching Ray with Spell Totem support, but we do not use it as often as Cyclone. So how can we reliably rely on Zerphi's if full mana interrupts the flask effect since we don't use mana?

Another question. Wouldn't it be necessary to keep in mind that our chance to hit is below 80% with Cyclone, making Life Gain on Hit support difficult to rely on? I'm currently leveling with Ornament of the East and recently tried The Consuming Dark but noticed that the Life Gain isn't as useful let alone using 2x Razor of the Seventh Sun toward end-game.
Hey, very interesting build. Are you gonna make 3.7 update?
Nadragh wrote:
Hey, very interesting build. Are you gonna make 3.7 update?

Hi! I will definitely be checking it after update!
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/

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