[3.3]Tybbber's "Indiscriminate Fire" Tornado Shot Trapper | Budget Friendly | All content viable

Im thinking try your build for flashback event, any recommendation?

First off, i didn't play it in an early league scenario. However i have a few ideas of how you could make it work.

I would start by leveling with bows, Shrapnel shot into RoA, until you get a 4L to get Tornao shot/GMP/Trap/cluster traps(or multiples traps if you prefer). This setup might not deal a lot of damages until you buy a Doomfletch and some Warden's Brand.

As both of those items should be fairly cheap, i would suggest you setup some poe.trade livesearch at the beginning of the event. Getting one or two warden's brand, and later on a doomfletch, should mean you one shot everything on the leveling part. Before that, it's a bit of a clouded thing. I'm use to leveling with bows, so i would suggest you give a try until you get those Warden's Brand and eventually Doomfletch, then you make the switch.

Keep in mind your hp pool gonna stay fairly low until you upgrade some gear parts/build a tankier tree. You however could reach close to 5K hp if you decide to not go full retard like me and get some life on jewels.

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