[3.3] Vaal Blaster | Power Siphon CI / Evasion Hybrid | Harness the Abyss Jewels | Dodgy Meme Build

Tala Moana Exile

I see you've stumbled across my first ever build guide after 3.5k hrs played. Hope you all enjoy!

Are you prepared for the biggest meme build guide for the biggest meme build?
WARNING Contains 100% concentrated dankness

It's actually viable and decent for clear overall

Not Kinetic Blast ☑
Not Life ☑
Not Deadeye/Raider/Best Wander Ascendancies ☑
Not Fun ☐

A new wander builds that uses similar items and mechanics for damage and movement speed but instead uses Energy Shield and Trickster for toughness and chaos damage.
Ghost Trance and Escape Artist with an Evasion/Energy shield helm with Queen of the Forest to create a combo defense mechanism for both Evasion and Energy Shield but also uses Swift Killer to maintain charges and Harness the Void for extra added chaos damage from stacked flat elemental damage abyss jewels

Power Siphon Changes

Power Siphon received many changes in patch 3.3

-Now has an added damage effectiveness and base damage of 125% at gem level 1 (down from 130%), up to 150.7% at gem level 20 (down from 160.4%).
+Now has a mana cost of 7 at gem level 1 (down from 13), up to 11 at gem level 20 (down from 15).
+"Now has 20% increased critical strike chance per power charge. "
+"Now has +10% to critical strike multiplier per power charge. "
+Now has 20% chance to gain a power charge when you hit a rare or unique enemy.
+Now fires 4 additional projectiles at gem level 1, up to 7 at gem level 20.
+Now automatically targets enemies in front of you. Each projectile will target a different enemy. AIMBOT!

Vaal Power Siphon Changes

Vaal Power Siphon also received many changes due to the rework of power siphon and vaal skills

+Now has an added damage effectiveness and base damage of 150% at gem level 1 (up from 125%), up to 184.2% at gem level 20 (up from 155.4%).
+Now requires 15 souls per use (down from 24) and can store 2 uses.
+Now has 20% increased critical strike chance per power charge.
+Now has +10% to critical strike multiplier per power charge.
+Now grants a power charge when you hit a rare or unique enemy.
-Now prevents you from gaining Vaal souls for 4 seconds after use.

Build Idea

After reading all 10,612 words of Incursions patch notes (yes, the only book worth reading), Kinetic Blast remained unchanged but Power Siphon and Vaal Power Siphon was buffed so I picked up Power Siphon which carried onto the idea of using "niche" skills and setup to create my current character

During the build planning phase, it originally started as CI Power Siphon and uses similar items and mechanics as Kinetic Blast such as Queen of the Forest with evasion scaling for high movement speed and using Piscator's Vigil and Lycosidae for high consistent elemental damage along with flat added damage through abyss jewels

Trickster shined as the best ascendancy choice for a CI / Evasion hybrid using ascendancy nodes such as Ghost Dance and Escape Artist for more evade, dodge evasion and energy shield as well as nodes such as Swift Killer and Harness the Void for constant frenzy and power charges and another source of damage which scales further based on elemental damage

The combination of Power Siphon and the use of all these Vaal skills create the name of the build being "Vaal Blaster"

Pros & Cons

+Fast clearspeed
+Fast movement speed
+Using a wand skill other than Kinetic Blast + Barrage

-Boss fight damage
-Elemental damage scales off abyss jewels which scale off investment

Skill Tree + Explanation

Shadow - Trickster
Current Character
Level 100 Path of Building Plan

Chaos Inoculation: 100% Chaos Resistance + Set to 1 Life
Ghost Reaver: Energy Shield Leech (from boots + flask)

Energy Shield: Increased Toughness and Energy Shield Leech Amount
Frenzy Charges: +4% MORE Damage per Charge
+ (Evasion per Frenzy Charge: +4% Increased Evasion Rating per Charge)
Power Charges: +40% Increased Critical Strike Chance per Charge
+ (Power Siphon: +20% Increased Critical Strike Chance per Charge)
+ (Power Siphon: +10% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Charge)
Jewel Sockets: Abyssal Jewels for Flat Added Elemental Damage
Critical: Increased Critical Strike Chance and Increased Critical Strike Multiplier
Elemental Damage: Increased Elemental Damage and Increased Lightning Damage

1) Ghost Dance: Attack, Cast, Evade, Dodge, Movement
2) Escape Artist: Evasion, Energy Shield, Cannot be Stunned, Reduced Damage Taken
3) Swift Killer: Damage per Charge, +1 Max Frenzy and Power Charge
4) Harness the Void: RNG Extra Chaos Damage

Bandits + Pantheon

Bandits: Help Alira: Critical Strike Multiplier, All Resistance, Mana Regeneration
Always be a true gentleman and help your lady friends

Major God: Soul of Lunaris: Physical Damage Reduction, Movement Speed, Avoid Projectiles, Dodge
Minor God: Soul of Garukhan: Evade Attacks, Movement Speed


1) Mash Flasks (Do NOT use a Popsicle Stick)
2) Spam Power Siphon
3) Press Vaal Power Siphon on Big Packs
4) Activate Vaal Auras when needed (Boss will kill you if you don't)
5) Gain Repetitive strain injury?

Gems + Links

Body: Vaal Power Siphon - Added Lightning Damage - Added Cold Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Damage on Full Life (5 Link) - Ice Bite (6 Link)
The damage dealer of the build which the build doesn't work without
Golem or flame dash would be secondary damage dealer

Helmet: Discipline - Enlighten - Herald of Ice - Innervate
Less reservation on auras and added damage buff

Gloves: Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration - Faster Casting
Vaal Auras last longer and can be cast faster

Boots: Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Cold Snap
Immune to physical damage for longer and more frenzy charge generation with chill/freeze

Wand: Flame Dash + Fasting Casting + Summon Lightning Golem
Dash over gaps and increased attack/cast speed

Shield: Vaal Clarity + Increased Duration + Fasting Casting
No mana cost on bosses

Abyssal Jewels

Abyss Jewels are used to scale flat elemental damage which is multiplied by all multipliers on gear, passive tree and ascendancy

Added Lightning Damage
Added Lightning Damage to Wand Attacks
+Maximum Energy Shield
Added Cold Damage
Added Cold Damage to Wand Attacks

Anything else such as attack speed, critical strike multiplier or penetration is nice
If you want to see Abyssal Jewels, just Google it, or alternatively view my profile



The Vertex
High amount of energy shield and evasion with +1 of socketed gems
Also enemies CANNOT leech mana from you which is 100% REQUIRED for the build to work
^^ What enemies even leech mana anyway?


Queen of the Forest
High evasion and provides extra movement speed based on evasion rating
Nice life and resistance rolls
VERY IMPORTANT minus flat physical damage taken when hit by animals
^^ Always roll "Area Contains Goatmen" on maps for tanky build


Piscator's Vigil
Best overall wand - budget friendly
Attack speed, critical strike chance, increased elemental damage and penetration
Implicit affects flame dash damage


Can't miss an attack unless power siphon decides to not target an alone enemy
Not kidding, actually has happened quite a few times, just make sure a projectile hits the enemy
Maximum life and a bit of armour
Counterattacks are really strong (not hinting at another possible build guide)


Sin Trek
High energy shield and evasion
30% movement speed and a bit of dexterity and intelligence
Leech enchant actually important for energy shield recharge waiting room
Mana leech sustains the cost of Power Siphon and no mana flask needed
Enemies cannot leech life to make sure they don't leech your 1 life


Might not have been the "dang yo" you were searching for
Rare crafted gloves
Energy shield and resistances
Temple mod: Damage against chilled enemies (PUHUARTE)
^^ Not required but nice to have


Bated Breath
Nice energy shield boost: flat maximum and % maximum
Energy Shield Recharge counters Ghost Reaver downside
-50% +50% = 0% QUICK MATHS
% damage and intelligence


Yes, I need to separate this too, always method in the madness
Ring 1 - Shaper

Assassin's Mark really nice on hit
(You can use Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark + Discipline in Helmet instead)
Lots of resistances to cap, many uniques without resistance
Maximum Energy Shield for more tank
Starry background looks very nice
Always play with inventory open for 100% uptime for background effect

Ring 2

Generic resistance and energy shield ring
Get strength for support gem requirements
Can also go gym to get strength


Flat and % maximum Energy Shield
Elemental damange for more elemental damage, does what it says on the tin
Any extra resistance for full cap
All the attributes you can get especially strength and dexterity
Strength from gym, Dexterity from running and Intelligence from reading (or playing this build)
Critical strike multiplier would also be nice


Listed as buttons I use for my flasks
Also gives an element of surprise

Atziri's Promise
Elemental damage as extra chaos
Extra leech source since we don't leech from groups


Experimenter's Quartz Flask of Staunching
You were probably expecting another unique flask but we're not rich through flipping
10% DODGE EVERYTHING with longer duration, immune to and removes bleeding


Ample Diamond Flask of Heat
More charges means can press the button more, reaching gameplay point 5
Immune to and removes freeze and chill
I never freeze


Experimenter's Jade Flask of Reflexes
The master of disguise!
Is a Quicksilver flask due to Queen of the Forest
Increases evade chance for a longer duration


Lightning McQueen
Fills up fast on critical strike
High movement speed for long duration
Consumes Frenzy Charges for Onslaught for 10 seconds
You get frenzies really fast through "Wombo Combos"

Wombo Combos

The combinations of different parts of the build that make it work

Frenzy Charge Generation and Consumption
= Swift Killer + Cold Snap + Ice Bite
Used on Rotgut for Onslaught

RNG Chaos Damage
= Abyssal Jewels + Flat/Multipliers Elemental Damage + Harness the Void

= Leech enchant on boots + Atziri's Promise (Harness the Void) + Ghost Reaver

High Energy Shield and Evasion
= The Vertex + Queen of the Forest + Escape Artist

Movement Speed
= Queen of the Forest + Evasion rating everywhere + Jade Flask + Rotgut


Here is my profile for further inspection and analysis
TLDR Version
Character Name: PowerSiphonBetterThanKB
If you skipped straight here, you missed all the dank memes you normie


This build can be changed to suit your liking
- Tank more = More Energy Shield
- Deal MORE Damage = More Jewel Sockets
- Change Auras - Use Wrath or Herald of Thunder
Many other items exist such as Vinktar's Vessel and The Wise Oak which are very strong flasks but sacrifice toughness or movement speed, or Esh's mirror for huge damage but then you can miss even with aimbot Power Siphon

Overall, the build is very fun to play and I'll keep updating this guide
Just joking, Anyway, I hope you enjoy the build more than I did (not true just Ziz meme)
It's a "blast" to play!
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