[3.3] Devon's Teleporting Meatballs - Ngamahu Flicker Champion

I'm back with another build, this one a bit more unique than the last one. I had fun making this and it actually works so I decided to post it here. Note that this build requires multiple items (cheap though) and conditions to work.

+ works on a budget
+ clears maps like crazy
+ kills all map bosses
+ can do guardians

- takes long to actually start flickering (lvl 68 earliest)
- can barely do endgame bosses (like Shaper)
- 5k+ life (although champion so strong fortify)
- sometimes flicker uncontrollably :D


How does it work?

*teleports behind you and bombards with meatballs!* ~hehe
IMPORTANT: This build requires all of this to work: The Red trail boots, Golden rule jewel, 2 conversion nodes in the passive tree, 2 bleed nodes in the passive tree, a Ngamahu's flame axe and poison immunity.
It revolves around inflicting bleed onto enemies and then yourself, thus generating frenzy charges via Red Trail boots. The inflicted bleed is insignificant as 90% of physical damage is converted to elemental damage because of the conversion nodes and the ngamahu's flame axe. I used the champion ascendancy because it seemed the toughest alternative and the closest one to the required nodes on the tree (all frenzy charges, the conversion nodes and the bleed nodes).

Video Guide


Path of Building - Pastabin

Here you can check out the whole tree, gear, gems, enchants, damage, etc.
Basically you can see everything that I had and what you should aim for.


General tips:

- prioritize Life and Resistances -> a good starting item is Goldrim, you can basically wear it to maps with the resists it provides, afterwards you want an armor based helm with life and resists
- boots should have movement speed -> Wanderlust are a great choice for starting out, later on equip armor boots with movespeed, life and some resistances
- remember to keep updating your Weapon/s (as with any attack skill)
- links are important, more links more damage -> at Act I you should have a 3L, at Act III a 4L and around Act V if you get lucky or buy one (shouldn't be too expensive) buy a 5L chest and throw an alch/essence on it


At the very start go with Dual Wield (2x 1h weapons) and take Molten strike. Try to get a 3-link somewhere so it deals proper damage. Try to support it with Added fire + Ruthless, you will need 3 red sockets for that. When you see a big pack of monster clear them and keep going, Molten strike is great for single target as well. Remember to take Leap slam to be able to jump across gaps or ledges. Don't forget to update your weapons along the way.
Once you get the Siren's Cadance quest Nessa will give you Sunder, I suggest you take that and equip it instead of Molten strike. It is also preferable to keep using Dual Wield unless you have nice leveling two-handers (2H) like: Shiversting, Edge of Madness, Rigwald's Charge.

In act 2, pick up Herald of Ash, Faster Attacks for Leap slam and Melee Physical damage for Sunder. You probably wont have a 4L yet but that's the next support you should equip once you get it.

NOTE: In the section below this one you can see the links for the whole passive tree and what you should prioritize first. It's all the same tree basically.

Passive Tree, Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits - Recommended - Kill all - 2 passive nodes

Passive Tree

~level 33 + Normal lab

~level 55 + Cruel lab

~level 68 + Merciless lab
NOTE: get the bleed/poison nodes after you get Red Trail and a poison immunity flask

-level 94 + Uber lab

If you want to avoid poisoning yourself all together use this tree
~level 68 + Merciless lab (alternative)

-level 94 + Uber lab (alternative)


The only important one

Upgraded Soul of Shakari - Poison immunity! (if you used the original tree, not needed if you used the alternative)

The only one that you really need is this minor god upgrade. Since then you wont be poisoning yourself and you don't need to use poison immunity flasks.

For Mapping: Lunaris - Just for the move speed (gottagofast).
For Bossing: Solaris - Good for fighting singular strong stuff

Main Links

[from most important to least, prioritize like this when equiping]

1. Flicker (6L) = Melee Physical > Elemental damage with attacks > Multistrike > Elemental Focus > Added Fire/Ruthless (Bossing) or Melee Splash (Mapping)

-if you have a 5L then swap Elemental Focus for bossing and Melee Splash for mapping


NOTE: Instead of one 20% phys to cold conversion node in the passive tree, you can use the gloves that give 25% phys to cold, this way you can achieve 95% elemental damage conversion. This is BiS if you can find solid enough gloves.
Another thing to consider is the watcher's eye jewel that can provide 40% conversion to either fire or cold through Anger/Hatred.


IMPORTANT: The life flask is really important -> it has to be Divine - Instant recovery - Bleed immunity flask. You need instant bleed immunity so it doesn't hinder your frenzy charge generation and to have a "save me button" when you're dying from corrupted bloodline stacks!

Current achievements with the build:

-can clear all maps (bosses like the Core boss can be though since there are phases with damage immunity and multiple targets)
-killed Shapers Guardians multiple times
-killed Shaper (really hard doe)
-haven't tried Elder and friends yet

Hope you guys like it, if you have any more questions feel free to ask down below.
*Meatballs behind you!*
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"Oh boy, here I go killin' again!" -Krombopulos Michael
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Hey man just wanted to drop by and say I'm really enjoying the build so far! Combines my two of my favorite things in PoE for one hilariously awesome build.
Completed 8 ChallengesFauxian wrote:
Hey man just wanted to drop by and say I'm really enjoying the build so far! Combines my two of my favorite things in PoE for one hilariously awesome build.

Glad you like it dude! :D
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown
"Oh boy, here I go killin' again!" -Krombopulos Michael

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