[3.4] Stunlock Berserker - Make Dance Shaper and Red Elder [With Video]

3.4 Update

Buid stronger in 3.4. With instant warcries you have better survaivability and rage stack. Updated pob link

Hi there! Stun is my favorite mecanic in whole game. Yes we have absurd builds like el hit and double strike that killing bosses in a second but why not?
One hand and less than 3ex budget can easy farm 90% content and really fun to play.


95% stun threshold and around 150k hit damage can stun every stunable bosses.
Crab mace - best choice for this build.

Shaper offhand claw boost our damage and elder ring with warlord mark on hit can makes stunlock boss even with a multistrike.


PoB link and Bandits

Help Oak - Pantheon Lunaris/Solaris - Gruthkul
PoB link - https://pastebin.com/vxYt0KNA
Leveling: Crave the Slaughter - Pain Reaver - Aspect of Carnage - Cloaked in Savagery

Can they Stun...

All bosses from T1 to T16 Except Unwavering (like Kitava and Minotaur)
Shaper, Unshaped, Red Elder and his guardians included

Pros and Cons

1. Stun is a great mechanic for survaivability. Over 90% enemies just can get me because we can stunlock them. Also, we can ignore scary mods on bosses because they also can't touch us (except unwavering ones);
2. Cheap boss killer and map cleaner because we use sunder too;
3. Great party safer. Don't care about group because srun mechanic avoid them
4. That's funny! Yeah
1. With unwavering map mods all our pros poof;
2. Right now we have builds that can easy to fast kill all bosses. When we stunning bosses Arc traps, El hit, Double strike just killing them


Guide with Boss killing montage - https://youtu.be/IHKQQvX8SbE
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Added video
Ранее играл станлокером через берса якорь до нерфа, было очень круто и весело)) На боссах безопасней было чем на мобах.
А джагер станлокер не зайдет?
Buid stronger in 3.4. With instant warcries you have better survaivability and rage stack. Updated pob link
Looks sweet!

So what's the warcry used? Can't find it.
How is it that standard has to endure all the nerfs to skill gems, skill tree, and ascendancies every new league, just that said league can have the new shit that is so well balanced, that it has to be adjusted mid-league?
A little heads up that the video is in Russian would be nice. Kinda useless for the majority of the player base.

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