[3.3] Flicker Build Help

Exiles, I tried to make a flicker build using red trail + golden rule. Saw a couple but I really wanted to use cold and a claw (still not sure if that was the right call).
Ignoring the 2 ring slots (Ill get opal rings when I hit 80) why is my damage so low?

Couple of questions:
Will using a stat stick instead of a shield help?
Should I just use 2 claws?
What should my second class be? Raider/Tricker (Already picked slayer for overleech)

My current Path of building link:

This was the build that I was referencing:

I dont understand how the character scales from here. Any and all help is appreciated!
Last bumped on Jul 21, 2018, 6:57:42 PM

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