[3.3] Zoom zoom Boom!!! MF - Shield Charge CoC Blade Vortex

Hey guys, here is my new and fast build for farming maps fast with only 1 button!
This build is not budget friendly as it will only start to 1shot packs and be amazing
when you get your hands on some necessary stuff (see in gear section).
This guide is only the rough basis and can be specialised for anybodys preferation.

Video build overview and T3 Burial Chambers map


My idea for this build was to 1shot packs while moving around at the same time and this fast.
It was designed to work with MF gear to farm low to mid tier maps fast.
Many of us enjoyed the old cast on crit discharge build back in the old days before CoC got
a internal cooldown. Since Blade Vortex got buffed now with doing it maximum damage at only
10 stacks that is a perfect combination! So we shield charge into packs to get our BV stacks
and kill them with the existing stacks of BV at the same time.
As a bonus of being a crit build we get this amazing shattering sound all the time!


-> Fast clear speed
-> Shatter and Inpulsa explosions
-> Shield charge only, no BV casting
-> Strong damage increase from Aurabots

-> Not budget friendly
-> Bad single target damage
-> Not great in bigger parties



necessary gear:
vagan dagger with "Hits can't be evaded" mod or lycosidae shield.
Since we don't have much accuracy and need to crit reliably with shield charge
this is the best option for us.
If you go for Vagan Dagger then grab yourself a nice Esh's Mirror shield for additional
Lightning Damage.
If you choose a lycosidae shield then use a Dagger with spelldamage, crit% for spells,
critmulti and attackspeed.

recommended other gear:
Inpulsa's broken heart body armour for additional clear speed from the lightning
explosions, also gives us more dmg via shock effectiveness and lightning dmg.

MF gear:
Gloves - Sadima's Touch
Boots - Goldwyrm
Helmet - Devoto's Devotion for Dexterity and Movement speed
Belt - Headhunter (for reasons) or bisco's leash/rare stygian vise(life, high res)
Rings - Ventor's Gamble with +8% Quantity or more, positive Rarity and high life
and resists (if possible)
Amulet - Rare with % Quantity is BiS, Bisco's Collar is great. Rare with needed stats
is fine too.

If you don't want to go MF or don't have enough currency to buy everything yet just use
Rares with high life and resists until then.


Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for more zoom zoom
Chemist's Diamond Flask of Warding
Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching (half instant anti bleed)
Atziri's Promise (Damage)
Any Flask you like 'of Heat' against Freeze and chill


6link setup
Shield Charge - Cast on Crit - Blade Vortex - increased critical strikes - physical to
lightning - Ice Bite

utility setups
Blasphemy - Warlords Mark - (Enlighten)
Herald of Ice - Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - (Enlighten)
cwdt - icespear - power charge on crit - immortal call
flame dash

you should have still a few gemslots free for either another cwdt setup or to lvl gems.


you can either lvl by selfcast Bladevortex and transition later after you get a 6l (Inpulsa)
or level up with another caster setup. There are many lvling guides so i will not go into detail.
Please don't mind my lazyness.


Bandit - Alira
we gladly accept the Resists as we wear a lot of MF gear and the crit multi is nice.

Ascendency - Elementalist
1. Pendulum of Destruction - area or dmg is always nice
2. Mastermind of Discord - buffs the Heralds and gives ele pen (that's the reason for phys to lightning)
3. Shaper of Desolation - helps to keep the enemies shocked or chilled if we maybe don't crit.
4. Beacon of Ruin - massive dmg boost from shock!


lvl 49 - http://poeurl.com/b0Tn
lvl 69 - http://poeurl.com/b0To
lvl 92 - http://poeurl.com/b0Tm

Fire Frost and Lightning Walker in the With area are chosen to help with resists while having mf gear,
if you don't need them grab life or damage instead.

Jewel sockets are for min-maxing. Try to get hypnotic eye abyss jewels with life - physical dmg to spells
(while holding a shield) - other dmg to spells or needed dex/strenght/resists.

Inquisitor - Templar is also an option for this build as it gives us attackspeed, crit and ignores
boss resists.
You can further choose Ascendent- Scion too with Elementalist (reflect, leech, Penetration), Inquisitor
(Penetration), Slayer (overleech, cull) or Assassin (+1% base crit, power charge generation)
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