[3.3] Elemental Hit Deadye, LOOKING FOR HELP :)

Hi, i'm looking for some help with my character. I read so many threads about EleHit that im kinda confused what i messed up or not. I would like someone who has experience with this build to tell me excatly what i should change in my build/character, sometimes i really struggle with some maps (not talking about ele reflect) and i kinda thought this gear would blow up groups of minions just with 1 hit. But on maps t14 and up it didnt.

https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/oro1337/characters here you have my profile.

I also have Chin Sol (but i couldnt link it and i wasted like tons of fusings...) and I have some custom bow with +2lvl of bow gems and +1lvl of gems,12% atk speed and something like +20% ele atk damage.

I have maybe 4EX to buy new stuff. I dont know what about my gems so there might be a problem.

Please help and cheers.
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Probably change ur Flask... Mana Flask? Then Unique Quicksilver Flask is garbo too just use a normal one with increased effect and Movementspeed or just duration, and maybe a basalt and quartz flask... Quiver i would say just take a good Rare one or Drillneck if you can with corruption like Point Blank or Pierce additional targets. Use a pyre ring for more conversion.. i have a new tree it would be a non crit one but should be deal more dmg if you don´t like it u don´t have to use it just change ur notes with the increased cold and fire damage on the top pretty a waste of points and not worth it for this build single target take chin sol 5 link is enough if you can´t afford 6 link ur map bow is fine


maybe u need few changes too for this skill tree cuz of your jewels but that could be work.

Cheers and good luck with your build!

PS: Btw when u got a Point Blank Corruption ofc u can take off the Point Blank point in your skill tree
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Hi. I am also looking for some advice on my character. Thank you
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