Tempest. Rain of Arrows Deadeye.

@The_Sin You don't have any phys damage, do you? If that's the case, then you can't proc Rupture bonus, that's a big damage loss.

Also I believe a watcher's eye that increase the crit chance will be a little bit more damage than the increased lightning damage.

Your amu is super nice <3


I ran this build as my league starter and it's going really well! I got the 6 link, most of the abyss gear, and a good tempest bow. Also got a pretty decent quiver that even has a bit of flat phys to proc rupture, and an ok amulet. Now I need to focus 100% on 2 good rings, mine are shit. Then it's all about the jewels, and maybe some good corruptions.

I'm hesitating between using lightpoacher, and then having to find jewels with res on them, or just get a rare with a lot of resists, which would make it easier for me overall. The dream would be a rare with life, good resists, and an abyssal socket... Also the big advantage of the rare is that you have more real sockets to use for things like CodT, blood rage, phase run etc.
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Retired item indexer: https://github.com/niuage/poexplorer
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no i don't, didn't think of that. how much phys do you need to cause bleeding? just some or a decent amount?
I realy enjoy the frezny charges and my question is Rider viable for this build or deadeye have somethink special that make this build strong??

What Tooltip dmg should i aim in ho??

And one more think better for us will be kaom's heart or belly ??
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Hmm it's rly sad cuz when i turn off all your non abyss jewels 2 rings quiver and helmet +1 belly (to normal) and normal Tempest(non corrupt) u still have more total dmg and life in pob than me. I need to do smth wrong for real ;/
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Hey amazing build guide, im a fairly new player and i just started this build. My main question so far is if you could add some more info how you came to find most of your jewels or how i could go about looking for them myself better. Also what are you thoughts on the new delve fossil -ele dmg pen added to crafting jewels? are they worth going for over the pure dps/life?

https://pastebin.com/qEF8WzFB -- Thats my PoB. So far im working on buying the a helm enchant/boot and helm two sockets. Those are my main two goals but apart from that what can i aim for? im also looking into the unnatural instinct jewel that can be added up near the scion starter area. Thanks again for the guide!
Anyway to incorporate this in?

Maybe switching to Chin Sol and picking up Point Blank?
Whatcha think?

Edit: NVM, tried it, sucked, guess I'll have to find another build to use this in.
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Played this build in Delve, just wanted to say that i had a lot of fun with it! Clearing maps was super fast and easy up to T15, even if i didnt have that good equipment.

I was kinda lucky to find a rel. key early on, so gearing the char was a bit easier. Otherwise its not that good for a league starter.

All in all a good guide and a fun build to play!
derbackstein wrote:
Clearing maps was super fast and easy up to T15, even if i didnt have that good equipment.

Otherwise its not that good for a league starter.

I hope you realize this is a massive contradiction, the whole point of a league starter is that it can take you reasonably far into maps on cheap gear which you stated it did.
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Stumpled upon a vaal rain of arrows and thought "hey, this seems like fun". Following your guide now. Thanks!

I have a question regarding the ascendancy... In which order should I pick the nodes up?
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