[3.3] Phoenixscales Undying PP Magicpathfinder

New Damage Section!

My goal was to recreate my 3.2 Pathfinder, only with the goal of being Magic Find. This is somewhat of a problem, since I really dislike dieing, so I had to create something tanky-ish whilst being both MF and still dealing enough damage to deal with Incursions in higher maps. This build is the result!

Also, first post ever! Be humble...

What can this build do/not do?
- This build is no 5M Shaper DPS Bosskiller build. I did kill shaper, Uber Atziri, Red Elders etc. with a damage version of this build. (perhaps later) in Bestiary, but this is the MF variant.
- It can very safely farm Maps, Temples, beefed up Burial Chambers or anything Mid tier (<T12) really whilst also going at a pretty fast pace.



- These are all the build requires to function. Try to get a perfect Attack Speed roll, as we want to reach close to 3.7 APS (attacks per second).


- Try to get ones with 7+ IIQ, 80+ Elem. Resists, IIR > 0 and as much life as possible.

Gloves, Belt, Boots:

- Your standard IIQ gear, not much to say here. Bisco's leash is in my opinion far better than Perandus Blazon, since we gain Rampage from it. A good implicit STR roll helps with the requirements for our chest.


- Well. This is pretty much only good if you can roll those colours on it. +15 IIQ with the downsides of reducing MS and Resistances. On top of that there's the requirement of needing 45k chromes on average according to Siveran's Chrome Calculator. I got lucky in ~150 chromes, but it's a stretch and not required at all.
-> Get a good chest with Life, Resists, perhaps some Spell Crit chance.


- Preferably a rare helmet with Life, Resists to fill our needs. I really recommend getting one with "~% of Physical damage from hits taken as ~elemental damage". We heavily reduce elemental damage taken and since we're not that well defended against physical damage this mod is very good!


- Preferably a rare amulet with Life, Resists, and perhaps some STR. Very good are Spinefuse Talismans or ilvl 85 shaper amulets with IIQ, though both are expensive.
This is a video of YouTuber Grimro explaining how to obtain a cheap Spinefuse Talisman yourself, go check it out!


- Divine Life Flask of Staunching:
Bleed Immunity, Instant 1.5k heals, what's more to ask for?

- Taste of Hate:
Very good flask for Physical and Cold Damage Reduction, also another Hatred during Flask Effect, VERY good!

- Atziri's Promise:
Absolutely Necessary for Life Leech, Chaos Resistance (damn ancient constructs!), extra damage. We benefit from both rolls, so getting a maxroll ups our damage.

- Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Warding:
Diamond flask for more Crits, Warding for Curse Immunity and increased duration.

- Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline:
Gotta go fast!

All of these flasks are pretty much BIS with these affixes. Look down in the improvements section for further details.

Jewels (Unique):

Inspired Learnings
- This build can use 2 Inspired Learnings. I cannot recommend those enough, they add a ton of fun and clearspeed to the build while mapping. They are also insanely good in Incursions due to there usually being a bunch of Rares. GET THEM! ;)
They go in the spots right above the two Frenzy charges.
The Red Dream
- The build can also utilize the Red Dream to gain Endurance Charges. This one would be placed next to the Power charge in the witch area. The Life node on its left side needs to be allocated to generate Endurance charges.

Jewels (Rare):

- Look for these Affixes, sorted by priority:
% increased Maximum Life (5-7%)
% increased Critical Strike Multiplier with Cold Skills (15-18%)
% increased Cold Damage (14-16%)
% increased Critical Strike Multiplier for spells (14-16%)
% increased Global Physical Damage (14-16%)
% to all Elemental Resistances (8-10%)
% increased Area Damage (10-12%)
% increased Spell Damage (10-12%)

Gems and links:

Gems and links are shown in order of importance, gems not leveled to 20 are required to stay at said level due to CWDT requirements.

Poet's Pen 1: Glacial Cascade - Hypothermia - Concentrated Effect
Poet's Pen 2: Bladefall - Increased Critical Strikes - Controlled Destruction
Chest: Frenzy - Cast on Critical Strike - Glacial Cascade - Increased Critical Strikes - Power Charge on Critical Strike - Hypothermia
4-link: Hatred - Arctic Armour - Herald of Ice - Enlighten (lvl 2+)
4-link: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Increased Duration - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Frost Bomb (lvl 10)
4-link: Flame Dash - Summon Ice Golem - Decoy Totem - Blood Magic (sub out for Faster Casting when you have Enlighten 3+)

Numbers and Stats, POB et cetera:

POB Pastebin
PoE Planner
Imgur of the Tree

Bandits: Help Alira, Only take 2 points if you're playing with Divination Distillate + Master Surgeon
Ascendancy Priority: Veteran Bowyer - Nature's Boon - Master Alchemist - Nature's Adrenaline

Improvements/Things to test:

- Balanced Wise Oak:
I reckon this is another huge Boost to defense. Being a pathfinder means we take 10% * 1.46 = 14.6% reduced elemental damage from the flask. Since we will need to swap out the Taste of Hate, we can also make use of a Loreweave to further reduce elemental damage taken.
Using a Wise Oak also means we can loosen some of our Resistance Requirement on our gear, allowing for some more IIQ (Spinefuse Talisman, Bisco's, Shaper Amulet).

- Divination Distillate:
Swapping in the Divination Distillate for our Life flask Requires us to switch from Veteran Bowyer to Master Surgeon due to losing Bleed Immunity from the Divine Life Flask. One would also need to respec the Bandit's choice to 2 Passive points for a much more stable uptime.
I think one Enlighten Lvl 3/4 is needed for that to work, we'd lose out on the passive maximum Resistances if using a Loreweave,we're losing 10% extra elemental damage and, the worst downside, losing the 100% flask charges gained.
We're only gaining some 27%-ish IIQ, so I really doubt its worth it unless you have GG gear.

- Sadima's Touch gloves with Elemental Weakness on hit corruption:
Since we're currently not using a curse, this is a very good way to up our damage!

Damage version:

Please note that this is still under construction!
The tree can stay the same pretty much. Swap the Inspired Learnings/Red Dream for jewels with mods listed above.


Mark of the shaper is a huge damage boost since we want to use another Elder Ring with Warlord's Mark on hit, otherwise an Opal Ring with life/resists + Elder Ring w/Warlords Mark on hit.

Body Armour:

T1: Loreweave, Kaom's Heart
T2: Belly of the Beast, The Perfect Form, QOTF

Evasion Base
T1: Life, Resists, Spells have % to critical strike chance (Elder)
T1: + to Evasion Rating, % increased Evasion Rating


T1: Starkonja's, Lightpoacher?

T1: Life, Resists, try to get Puhuarte's Mod 'Physical Damage from hits taken as elemental damage' since we mitigate elemental damage much better (cold is best).

- Leveling
- Damage version
- League Starter?
- Videos

- Submitted Post [17/07/2018]
- Edited Damage Section [27/07/2018]
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hi :),

i found a very similar version of this build on another site. Super happy there one on the actual forums now.

I am playing the other version of the tree if you want to have a look at my current char. It a non MF version.

I'm using Hrymsorrows but not actually sure it is needed i just had them so used them.

Let me know if you think i should change anything. I am squisher than your version so i'm thinking of changing to phase acro.

Hey there,
I'm very glad you liked it and apologize for the long response time.
I do think Phase Acrobatics is a very nice node to get and definitely needed. The 4 points behind it could also add very nicely to the defense.
Regarding Conversion: Glacial Cascade has a natural 60% conversion, with the 40% from the tree this is 100% ele dmg, bladefall only has 40% conversion. The tree isn't exactly stacking elemental damage, so converting the bladefall to cold doesn't do too much in my opinion. You can't run reflect maps with either conversion rate, so I don't think using Hrimsorrows is not required.
A possibility for gloves is this: (Puhuartes mod)

As for your passive tree:
For one additional passive point you can unspec out of 3 int nodes and gain some int, dex, es and Access to a jewel slot and 15% life nodes with the jewel being the most valuable. That is just to consider though.
Since youre already using an elder ring with Warlords Mark on hit, consider using this:

It greatly boosts Offense as well as giving some max life.
You might also want to consider getting a Glacial Cascade Enchant, since were using it twice.
As I mentioned in the post, I did make a damage version of this.
https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Saevarna/characters, character name is PhoenixscalesHarshCold.
I would change my other ring to a mark of the shaper, and get a much better armour.

Other than that, thanks for your interest and have fun, exile!
Last edited by Saevarna on Jul 26, 2018, 1:52:53 PM
thank you so much for the detailed response! I am definitely going to give those gloves a try and if i can get hold of the ring i will :) much appreciated!

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