[3.3] IHC Kitava Crit Inquisitor (dead) [Bad, cheap, but fun build]

Build summary:
Tempest Shield Orb of Storms Discharge Glacial Cascade Hybrid Corrupted Energy Kitava's Thirst Crit Inquisitor. (lol)

How the build plays:

You put down orb of storms and hold down tempest shield. We spam the 4link?!
Shield charge for mobility and cast speed
For extra single target/mana sustain I like to use a cremation or something, can also probably can be removed when you get stronger or 6link orb.

I only have footage of low level/easy content:
Gameplay example lvl 83 vs lvl 75 lich

My first posted build. I like to play kitava's thirst builds and not like builds where you use it as an auxiliary piece of gear, but as a primary source of damage, and discharge builds. I have been playing kitava's thirst builds since around mid 2017.

Discharge is a pretty weak skill right now, and kitava's thirst is also a terrible piece of gear with almost no redeeming qualities wow 50 mana max zzz. But I find them very fun, so I make builds around it :).

Died at lvl 84 to bad play before I could really finish it so just gonna post the unfinished character. As state in thread title it's probably not very good, Don't expect this character to go much higher than low red maps in HC! I found it really fun though gearing it was sort of a pain (corrupted energy) and i leveled with life/MoM until about lvl 80 where I realized it was going to be very hard to push higher life values and went hybrid. One of my sadder deaths.

PoB pastebin link
NOTE: PoB is not very good at calculating stuff for this build. It does not calculate:
+ Kalisa's Grace buff
+ Expected Kitava's thirst proc rate
- Does not take into account 30% less damage on discharge when triggered in Kitava's Thirst
+ Orb of storms DPS
~ Cremation dps(?)

Bandits: Kill all or alira (I don't recommend alira. Flat mana regen is not signficant for higher mana pool builds like this. Though high usage of unique items does mean resists can be a struggle)
Pantheon: I like brine king to not get stunlocked, secondary doesn't matter as much

passive tree (I would actually recommend dropping the purity of flesh chaos res/life node cluster and focus on more ES for better sustain)
Completing the tree: pick up last power charge, get more ES nodes and jewels.

Required gear:

pretty cheap stuff. Epiphany for better charge generation, fevered minds for mana cost, and of course the key hat.
Kalisa's grace optional but I like it. On non crit builds I use insanity gloves just for more cast speed.
a simple look says you need to spend around 400 mana per second to keep the buff up. This is absolutely no problem. This character has pretty bad cast speed(0 cast speed jewels still, 0 on weapon) and spends up to 960 mana/second. Though In reality it is often more like 700 mana per second due to always dodging and recasting less optimal stuff like orb of storms

Things to note about Kitava's thirst

- Cooldown time is 0.1s >:D
- Can trigger multiple spells at same time - KEY FEATURE -. Main point of using item is to trigger multiple skills as other sources usually require separate links to have multiple triggers, so pick 2 spells at least.
- Follows trigger rules - global cooldowns for other copies of skill in other triggers (for example you cant CoC and hat trigger different GC's together for example, supports such as spell cascade won't apply to trigger, and charge expenditure cooldown bypass cannot occur in trigger [cannot spam cold snap])
- Mana expenditure occurs before action completes thus triggers occur before the mana expending action completes [can cause flicker strike desync bug]

With 3.3 new helmet corruptions for +2 gems, I think kitava's thirst is almost(?) on par with historically better triggers such as cospri's malice and mjolnir, though of course still worse than poet's pen.

If get better gear/damage drop warlord's mark for enfeeble.

Build Features

- Hybrid
- Ghost Reaver
- Corrupted Energy + MoM
- Tempest Shield!

Cons: build can be fucked by RNG. When you get unlucky and don't proc spells for like a straight second... well it's not that bad now that orb of storms does some damage.
On the plus side, you can also get really lucky and experience that near pre-nerf proc rate of 9.6 casts per second for a brief period :).
Another real con is the cooldown. Mathematically, cooldowns are absolutely terrible because you then get like asymptotic scaling... Rant below.

(especially considering things like CoC where you aren't guaranteed a crit, have to roll through accuracy, etc.. The idea was finally brought up with poet's pen (4 aps bug). Poet's pen has it nice since we don't have accuracy, and the attack speed scaling is fairly easy to control (keep at precisely whatever value is good) but for attacks, like you want to crit exactly 2 times per second. But even with 95% crit rate, you need 100% hit chance to realistically get almost 2 procs per second. This typically pigeonholes skills used to proc into having either free high hit rate (cyclone, molten strike) so that the asymptotic scaling is less costly and visible.

This does occur too for kitava's thirst, as my other build spends 1360 mana per second which means he DOES encounter the cooldown quite often. It is a 30% chance that after you proc, your next cast is completely wasted and has 0% chance to proc due to it being in the cooldown window...


at lvl 84 with my gear:
3.5k life
3.2k ES
1.6k unreserved mana

Effective hp ~= 7.2k
pretty much no other reliable defences aside form fortify and usual flask stuff.

dps = ????
How to estimate dps:
first break down the damage into multiple portions.

Damage is dealt with 4 things
1. Orb of storms
2. Discharge
3. Glacial Cascade
4. Cremation

Rough Calculations below

NOTE: These calculations ignore the inquisitor's ailments modifiers and shock... I always assume I can't shock anything (I suck at visually telling if things are shocked too).
1. Orb of storms is pretty strange on PoB. It says the average hit with 2 power charges (since we constantly expend charges i will take a lower estimate) is ~= 2750. After calculating for kalisa's grace the damage is ~= 3190. Then we multiply by the hit rate:
9.6 tempest shields per second + twice per second = 11.6 hits per second ~= 37k dps

2. Discharge: discharge crit rate is almost capped even without Kalisa's Grace, and it's certainly capped with so PoB is not far off. They only thing is, they forget 30% less damage from trigger and the proc rate is not calculated.
Average discharge = 25892.3 with proc rate of 9.6*0.3 = 2.88 proc's per second
~= 74k dps. Though in reality probably lower as not all discharges will have 5 power charge

3. Glacial Cascade: using same calculation with kalisa's grace again, the average hit is 11k where PoB lists as 9208.5
Assuming GC hits twice and proc rate as 2.88, dps ~= 63k dps.

4. Cremation. PoB average damage says 9156, we will take result from Orb of Storms since they have the same crit chance and multiplier, and multiply by 3190/2750 = 10.6k average hit.

Since we can stack 3... I don't really observe cremation that well and assume that 1 hit per second per cremate so about 32k dps. If anybody else is better at calculating cremate damage please tell me!

Summing Orb of Storms, Discharge, and Glacial Cascade dps, the character has very roughly 164k dps before cremate.
Like most characters though, it is typically lower as you are dodging, etc.

Gear [mine was pretty terrible].


jewelry is trash: only has like 2/3 relevant affixes each + corrupted for CE
no crit multi on gear lol. using amulet just for resists and leech for curse immune stuff, probably get corruption leech especially after dropping warlord's mark.

other possible stuff:

My other non-crit inquisitor has 13.5 tempest shield per second with crappy insanity gloves

Other options: Apep's/ a good cast speed wand (no more shield charge). I want fortify for the survivability dodging stuff so I use a crit dagger, but can essence craft a cast speed dagger as well. If using a wand, can drop instruments of virtue and augury ascendencies for the consecrated ground clusters, or attack with wand (clunky for this type of build)

Voidbringers: not as good as Kalisa's but can save you a jewel socket. Being uniques mean corrupting them for good implicit is easier.

The current character cost approximation
jewelries: 1c each
jewels: 1-2c each (they are more common now that vaaling jewels is more beneficial and few players use them)
inya boots: 12-20c
5l chest with some es or infernal mantle (better defences vs crit) ~ 40c
Gloves: 1 fuse
kitava's thirst: 1 alch
Corrupted hat: probably about 30c for the amount of vaal orbs/hats for a working +2
not including 4 socketing/chroming and fusing with vorici (I 4 socket, chrome, then only fuse if the corruption is correct. You may end up with lots of other hats with +other gems you don't want for other builds you need to rechrome).
shield: 2-5c (?)
weapon: 5c or something

Totals around the ballpark of 100c or something, of course you can get better and more expensive gears.

If you want a build that is like 10c/league starter price, links in chest is not necessary. +2 hat also not that important, can drop inya's and use another skill (arc is really good), spec out of discharge all together, drop power charges, get more life, not need this stupid corrupted gear for corrupted energy, etc, get a helpful jewel instead of corrupted energy. A lot of my links are decicated to charge generation

Was too cheap/lazy to recolour some corrupted gear (like the spell crit Kalisa's) so I just used my current one.

Why corrupted energy?


1. Recovery options scale off pool. We have very low life and low es pools. By splitting damage to both life and energy shield, it makes having bad recovery more bearable. For example:

Assume you have 4k life and 4k es and ghost reaver, your max es leech is 800 es/second sustain. If incoming damage is greater than this (and obviously it's VERY easy to receive way more damage than this) then you cannot sustain in the fight, and if you use flasks you will playing at around 4k life 2k mana MoM and 0 es which is pretty squishy. By taking damage to both life (and consequently mana) and energy shield, you can recover both life (and mana) and energy shield at same time rather then wait till half dead to start recovering life.

Main weaknesses of corrupted energy: pure elemental damage will go strictly to your ES thus your sustain is still gonna be risky/shit on elemental damage.

One circumvention is to get good chaos resists and use Incandescent heart.

MoM on ES build? lol

CE redirects a lot of damage to life so MoM does work, and especially in burst situations it acts as more life when your es depletes instantly.

Also MoM for the mana nodes...

Wtf, Tempest shield?

The truth is, using a normal spell such as storm call, or even slower but good ones like ARC will probably net you more consistent and overall damage. But I wanted to make the hat my PRIMARY damage.

0.25 cast period means fastest mana expenditure possible, and proc's orb of storms.
Since orb of storm's got buffed in 3.3 it actually helps you sustain via leech. orb of storms dps is almost comparable to a regular spell now if you spam tempest shield (essentially makes orb of storms do 5x damage). Obviously the damage still is below average though, but the mana expenditure makes it worth it imo. The next fastest spells will proc at HALF the rate.

Cast Speed this and that, but no spell echo?
Spell echo reduces your mana expenditure rate


1. This build is not abusive (and thus not good) since scaling cast speed directly scales the proc rate. It can be abused if you proc with attacks (more cast speed = less spell damage per hit). (No T-Value circumvent)
2. Kitava's thirst can be abusive because it can proc's multiple skills.
3. You pretty much cannot offscreen with this build so it sucks in pvp. Kitava's thirst targetting radius is pretty much melee.
4. Crit inquisitor is bad for pvp go non-crit or other ascendencies
5. Leech (mana leech in our case) is not reliable in pvp
6. This hat is banned in EHLD

Cannot do atziri as easily without cremate or skill swap!
ORB OF STORMS chaining/splitting can kill you on mirrors split phase! GC proc might hit mirror and kill you!

I will probably remake this build in another league since I died early and was quite disatisfied with how it ended and update this thread.
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