[3.3] Arc Trapper, Magic Find Edition!

Hello Everyone!

First time Posting a Build, so don't judge me! :D

Little Story about this Build.

I was playing a regular Arc Trapper from ZiggyD's Build. But after a short time, i was thinkin' how Magic Find would work with this kind of Build? So, i was farming some Currency for Magic Find Gear. After i got some decent Roll'd Ventors, around Level 85 i completley switched to Magic Find. And guys, it really payed of. The Clear Speed is really Amazing.

Gear & Gem links


Like u see, the gear isn't that expensive. You don't need Bisco's. You can also use Tabula Rasa until u can effort Loreweave. At the moment i have only one good roll'd Ventor's. Got pretty unlucky with the Divine's i'd spend so far for another one. When u think the Damage is kinda annoying, use Divinarius instead of Brightbreak, i use it just of the clear speed.





Pretty Life Pool (For Magic Find)
Acrobatic's & Phase Acrobatic's
Nearby enemies are blinded
Can do any Map mod (No regen is annoying but possible)
Can do red tier Maps pretty easily
Nice Damage output (For full Magic Find Gear)
Enemies can be Cursed with Enfeeble (Chernobog's)
Enemies are chilled thanks to Herald of Ice
Probably can do mid tier Elder, not tested yet


Mana Hungry (I use Mana Flask)
Chaos Damage really hurts
Some Enemies/Bosses can still one shot you
Not Guardian/Shaper Friendly, maybe possible i don't know


Perfect Crime > Chain Reaction > Born in the Shadows > Pyromaniac


Simple, help Alira.

Video's coming soon.

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