[3.5] Magma Orb Fortress. 40+ balls/sec, Knockback, Totems!

Come visit me if you have any questions. I may be playing this build or testing/working on my next build!

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3.5 Update! Will post updates as soon as patch notes are released!

Idea of the Build
•Each Chain for Magma Orb actually makes the Orb bounce 1 additional time.
•3 chains on Magma Orb + Gloomfang Amulet (20% of dmg as extra chaos dmg for each chain)
•Knockback keeps mobs/bosses at the end of the Magma Orbs so they take the full 60% more dmg as extra chaos.
•A level 21 Magma Orb will give you a 4th chain
•5x Magma Orb totems with 38% knockback chance keep you safe
•Currently Each of my totems shoot 5 Orbs at 1.74 cast per second. So, about 43 Magma Orbs shooting and knocking enemies back per second.

•Budget build. All of the uniques are cheap!
•The Uniques are not 100% required, but each one adds noticeable DPS/Quality of Life.
•Safe - 5 totems with high knockback chance. Over 200% life on tree. Immune to all ele ailments.
•Lots of potential with investment
•Can do almost any map mods. Saves $$$!
•Good boss killer.

•Average clear speed.
•Fills the screen with crap, parties will hate you.
•Tricky to get resist capped once you have all the suggested uniques.
•Life Regen is our main source of sustain, so very flask dependent.
•Boss fights in No Regen/less Regen maps are difficult
•Elemental Reflect maps is kinda tricky, but manageable. Just hafta cast totems a lot more.



1. Chug Atziri's, Sulphur & Silver Flask
2. Drop all 5 totems
3. Drop Orb of Storms near closest enemy (This is mainly to get Elemental Overload up & it should still be up by the time you get to the next pack)
4. Watch mobs die while you Shield Charge to dodge stuff

Against Bosses/Uniques/any longer fight
1. Chug Atziri's, Sulphur and Silver Flask
2. Drop all 5 totems
3. Drop Orb of Storms near enemy
4. Re-cast Totems as they die or expire.




I did something weird to OBS so some of these have no sound, sorry :/

T16 Pheonix

T15 Reef

T14 Dig

T13 Ghetto


Path of Building at lvl 91




Core Items: ranked in order of importance.
1a. Gloomfang: Gives us 1 extra chain and 20% of our damage added as extra Chaos damage for each chain.
1b. Inevitability jewel x2: Each one gives us an extra projectile and damage.
2. Tokuhama's Fortess: Gives us a 5th totem, lots of life and armour.
3. Malachai's Awakening: We're already Bloodmagic cause of Toku, so we run this and get a good bit of flat ele dmg.
4. Clear Mind: Easy ~60% increased spell damage.
5. Winds of Change: Gives us projectile and knockback buffs
6. Doryani's Cataylst: Unique with nice damage.

*Expensive Option! If you can afford this 6 link Armour, it will provide a very nice DPS boost!

Soul Mantle Spidersilk Robe:

My Current Gear:


Leveling Tips


I will list the when to get specific skill gems and how to set them up if you are using this as a league starter or you don't have leveling items or currency to buy them.

Along with each level, I will put good options for leveling gear if you already have or want to go buy. These are usually reallllyyy cheap.

Remember, always be on the lookout for 3 and 4 links early.

Also, go to the final gems setup and make sure you always have those gems leveling in your weapon swap or any extra slots in your gear.

1. Level 1: Start with Freezing Pulse - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-I recommend 2 quicksilvers, 1 mana and 2 life flask. 3 Quicksilver are also fine. Up to you!

Suggested Items: Goldrim - Wanderlust - Lifesprig

2. Level 4: get Flame Totem - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-Now you just drop Totem and run, maybe shooting a Freezing Pulse to drive by mobs if you run out of Quicksilver charges.

3. Level 12:
==Kinda expensive route, but super fast==
-Level 12 Get two Poet's Pens (Currently 20c each mid league)
-Poet's Pen #1: Unearth - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Bodyswap
-Poet's Pen #2: Volatile Dead - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-Attack Skill: Frenzy - Lesser multiple Projectiles - Life Gain on Hit

-If you go this route, you don't even really need to drop totems to level. You use an attack skill and the Pen cast all the stuff for you!

===Cheaper route===
Suggested Items: Storm Prison, Axiom Perpetuum, or any rares with lots of spell damage.

4. Level 16: Get and use Herald of Ash.
-Nomic's Storm is 40% movement speed pretty much always up.
-Atziri's Foible is a great mana item.
-Perandus Blazon helps with attributes a bunch.

5. Level 18: You should be ready to swap to Magma Orb Totems by now. So setup Spell Totem - Magma Orb - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Faster Casting - Concentrated Effect. Make sure to get 2x Inevitability jewels.

If you're running Poet's Pens set your attack skill to Frenzy - LMP - Faster Attacks - Life Gain on Hi. Also, setup your Volatile Dead with Elemental Focus and Concentrated Effect.

6. Level 24: Suggested Items: Le Heup of All ring or even Thief's Torment at lvl 30 are both great!

7. Level 34/38:
-Get Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Projectile Weakness - Increased Area of Effect
-Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 6) - Phase Run (lvl 8) - Immortal Call (lvl 8) - Ice Spear (lvl 11)
****CWDT Setup - Very important to only level these gems up as stated!

If you're running Poet's Pens set your attack skill to Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Faster Attacks - Life Gain on Hit

**Reminder: Make sure you have gems that are needed for your final setup leveling in any extra slots, as well as in your weapon swap!***

8. Level 47:
-You can use Winds of Change Gloves

9. Level 49
-You can use Soul Mantle. I'd advise only using Soul Mantle if you can get a 5 or 6 link. A 5L will be about the same damage per totem, but gives you an extra totem.

10. Level 60
-You can use Malachai's Awakening

11. Level 61
-You can Use Tokuhama's Fortress shield

12. Level 68
-You can use Atziri's Promise Flask

13. Level 75
-You can use Doryani's Catalyst

14. Level 77
-You can use Gloomfang


Skill Tree, Bandits and Ascendency

Class: Templar.
Bandits: Kill All!
Ascendency: Hierophant.

-1st-Persuit of Faith: 2nd totem, lots of totem stats, nice damage for you + totems.
-2nd-Ritual of Awakening: 3rd totem. Super fast placement. Nice regen.
-3rd-Illunimated Devotion: This pretty much does nothing for you until you get the 4th. Stupid Blood Magic :(
-4th-Arcane Blessing: Huge boost, cause now you have perm Arcane Surge which gives you AoE, damage and immune to ele ailments.

Skill Tree
44 Pts: Get to those two jewels in the INT areas and put in the 2 Inevitability jewels and get the one near Totemic Mastery to put Rain of Splinters. If you don't have the jewels yet, you can just skip those for now and start following the next tree. But, try to get these asap so that your Magma Orb Totems can have teh full 5 projectiles.


61 pts: Grab Explosive Impact --> Purity of Flesh --> Constitution. If you are using Poet's Pens to level don't get Ancestral Bond. If you want to go full totems, you can get Ancestral Bond which will now give you 3 totems since you should have done normal lab. You should be able to do Cruel lab at 60 points, which would then give you 4 totems.


85 pts: Go for Fending for the nice knockback Quality of Life and to Blood Magic and the nice life increase there since we we're pretty close to being forced into it anyways. You may also want to grab a couple Dex nodes to help with leveling up your Projectile Weakness curse. Don't worry about Merc lab, since you actually don't benefit from it until you do Uber lab.


100 Pts: Get Juggernaut --> Barbarism --> Heart of the Warrior. This is where I would do Merc and Uber lab and must have Ancestral Call for the extra totem. At this point we just get a ton of life, our totems should be dealing enough damage. We just want to survive.


112 pts: First I'd fill out the Sion life wheel, then grab some damage with Iron Wood and Totemic Zeal. You should have 215% life from tree and enough damage on Totems to kill anything


123 points: If you take this to lvl 100, our best bet is to grab 3 more jewels nodes. 2 of them by Sion and 1 by Maurader. Each jewel can get you lots of damage, life or both! Not to mention the route to get them gives you other nice stats like projectile damage, life regen and resist to get you over capped to deal with Ele Weakness maps.



Final Gem Setup

Body Armour: Spell Totem - Magma Orb - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus - Controlled Desctruction - Fire Penetration

Weapon or Shield: Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Weapon or Shield: Summon Lightning Golem or Summon Stone Golem - Culling Strike - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances

Boots/Gloves or Helm: Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Projectile Weakness - Increased Area of Effect

Boots/Gloves or Helm: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 9)- Immortal Call (lvl 11) - Molten Shell (lvl 14) - Phase Run (lvl 11)

Boots/Gloves or Helm: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 9) - Ball Lightning (lvl 12) - Greater Multiple Projectiles (lvl 1) - Ice Spear (lvl 13)

Options: The two CWDT setup is recommended since it synergizes well with our build. The CWDT with Ball Lighthing & Ice Spear is not really needed. I just run it cause it makes clearing easier maps much faster since I typically Shield charge into packs, get hit, and the Ball Lightning + Ice Spear procs Elemental Overload most of the time which saves a little time not having to stop to drop Orb of Storms. When running higher tier maps, or harder mods, I do not recommend this play style cause you will die. But you will inevitably get hit, so it helps keep our EO at 100% uptime.


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