[3.3] Flameblast pure ignite based - All content done! Videos included

My second attempt at Uber Elder. Didn't die at the end this time!


POB - https://pastebin.com/nDxBJjsr

Passive tree

Ascendance - Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Pendulum of Destruction > Paragon of Calamity

Gem Links
* Vaal Flameblast > Burning Damage > Combustion > Deadly Ailments > Swift Affliction > Ignite Proliferation
* Scorching Ray > Spell Totem > Faster Casting
* OoS > CoH > Flammability
* CWDT > IC > ID
* Clarity
* Rallying Cry
* Any movement skill you like

I've been dying to play a Flameblast build ever since 3.0, when I started playing this game. The changes made on 3.3 gave me a great opportunity to make a character around it, so I scrapped a ton of 2.6 guides to make this build work. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out and decided to put up this guide for anyone willing to try it!

I believe there is a lot of improvements that can be done to this build. So far, this was the best I could achieve.


+ Has enough damage to do anything
+ Cheap to get started
+ Can do maps at decent speed
+ Aesthetically pleasing: feels good to unleash a huge blast!

- Not a 1 button spam build. Has to leverage other abilities to reach maximum potential.
- Its damage over time, so it takes a while to deal our damage
- Its channeled, which means you will have to stop and cast to deal damage
- Can't facetank content. We have enough survivability to not die, though
- Limited leech and life regen, proper usage of flasks is required


I have all of these encounters recorded and will post here as soon as I upload them:

Uber Elder (not deathless warning)
The Alluring Abyss

T16 Elder Forge of the Phoenix
T16 Elder Maze of the Minotaur
T16 Elder Pit of the Chimera
T16 Elder Lair of the Hydra
T16 Forge of the Phoenix
T16 Maze of the Minotaur
T16 Pit of the Chimera
T16 Lair of the Hydra
T15 Shaped Belfry
T11 Shaped Underground Sea

Path of Building

Skill gems and links

All support gems are posted in the right order, from top to bottom.

Main skill

Vaal Flameblast
> Burning Damage
> Combustion
> Deadly Ailments
> Swift Affliction*
> Ignite Proliferation*

*: If you're using a Realm Ender, consider using Ignite Proliferation as your 5th slot because the staff will grant it +3 levels. Otherwise, leave it as your final slot.

Damage enhancer - Utilies, Elemental Equilibrium and Curse enabler

Orb of Storms (OoS)
> Curse on Hit
> Flammability

These will improve your damage by a lot. Orb of Storms paired with Elemental Equilibrium will reduce your target's Fire resist by 50%, and Flammability will reduce it even more.

You can add more support gems to increase its utility. If you're using a staff, I recommend equipping it on your chest for additional support gems. Choose any of these:

> Innervate: Its a great option if you're using a Stormfire. It increases your OoS chance to shock and whenever it kills an enemy, you gain a buff that grants additional lightning damage for a few seconds.

> Culling Strike: Great against bosses. It will instantly kill any target with less than 10% hp. It also has a nice synergy with Innervate.

> Blind: Has a 10% chance to blind your enemies on hit. Blinded enemies have 50% less chance to hit you with attacks. Its a great defensive option.

> Elemental Weakness: Further increases your damage by reducing your target's resistance even more. Only works if you can apply one additional curse.

> Increased Critical Strikes: Useful to improve Elemental Overload uptime. Its not really necessary.

More damage for Single Target

Scorching Ray
> Spell Totem
> Faster Casting

This is very useful to further reduce your target's Fire resist. Great against map bosses, incursion architects and rare enemies with additional elemental resists.
4th support gem isn't required, but you can add a Increased Duration if you have room.


Cast when Damage Taken (level 1)
> Immortal Call (level 3)

This setup is great to mitigate damage and survive multiple sources of physical damage in a short amount of time. Can support additional abilities, such as:

> Increased Duration: Increases the duration of Immortal Call and any other Duration skill linked.

> Cold Snap (level 7): This is my favorite setup as it provides an (unreliable) source of Frenzy charges. Whenever an enemy dies inside the area, you have a 25% chance to generate a Frenzy charge. Each Frenzy charge gives 4% increased attack and cast speed and 4% more damage. Its great for mapping

> Enfeeble (level 6): Casts a defensive curse. However, it can be overwritten by your Orb of Storms' Flammability, making this curse useless on some cases.

Auras and buffs


Reserves a little bit of mana to provide some mana regen.

Warcry - Choose one
Rallying Cry

Great for additional mana regen. It also provides a bit of damage. With a base duration of 8 seconds, isn't so annoying to keep up. Use it whenever you're engaging an enemy.

Enduring Cry

Great defensive tool. Provides a short burst of life regen and Endurance charges on each use, which grants you 4% additional physical damage reduction per charge. Also, these charges are consumed by Immortal Call whenever it is triggered, to increase its duration.

Mana reservation
I only suggest running Clarity. The more mana you reserve, the less effective Mind over Matter will be as a defensive tool. However, here are some options that can be useful on your gameplay. Only use them if necessary!


Arctic Armour

Good defensive option for physical and fire damage. Use it if you're dying too often for these sources of damage.

Herald of Thunder

Nice amount of damage to your ignite, if you're using Stormfire. Use it if you need more damage.


Movement skills are limited to weapon type and up to personal preference. I prefer using Lightning Warp, but anything works here. Here are the possibilities:

For staff users
Lightning Warp
> Faster Casting
> Less Duration

Flame Dash
> Faster Casting
> Arcane Surge

Leap Slam
> Faster Attacks
> Fortify

For 1h/Shield users

Shield Charge
> Faster Attacks
> Fortify

Damage Scaling

To improve our ignite damage, we need any of the following stats:
% Elemental damage
% Fire damage
% Burning damage
% Damage over time
% Damage

Using a Stormfire also allows you to further boost ignite damage with "Adds X to Y Lightning damage to spells"

Enemy Elemental resistance
Reducing the target's Fire resistance will also increase the damage dealt by ignite. Our sources to do that are limited:
* -50 from Elemental Equilibrium
* -48 from 20/20 Flammability (-9 against Shaper)
* -48 from 20/20 Elemental Weakness, if Dual curse (-9 against Shaper)
* -24 from Scorching Ray (at 8 stacks)
* -21 from Combustion Support

Reduced ailment duration
This attribute doesn't increase our final damage, but it does increase our damage per second because it will take less time to deal damage.
The opposite is also true: Increased ailment duration doesn't increase your final damage, but it does reduce your damage per second.

For example: 100 ignite damage over 4 seconds is dealing 25 damage per second, but 100 ignite damage over 2 seconds is dealing 50 damage per second. The final damage is always the same, but the duration makes all the difference.

We're aiming to reduce its duration, so that we can kill things faster! Sources to reduce its duration are very limited:

* 30% Reduced duration from Yoke of Suffering
* 15% Reduced duration from Swift Affliction Support

Cast speed
It doesn't increase our ignite damage, but it increases the rate we build Flameblast stacks. The more cast speed you have, the faster you can reach maximum damage on each cast.

About Fire damage penetration: It increases our inicial hit, but has no effect on ignite damage!


Gear is quite flexible. Here are my recommendations, but feel free to try anything you like!
The stats we are looking for are:

- Maximum life
- Maximum mana
- Increased mana regen
- Resists
- Elemental/Fire damage


This staff is possibly the best cost/benefit you can get. It provides +3 to Fire/Cold spells, up to 50% increased elemental damage and level 5 Cold to Fire support (50% Cold to fire conversion, 14% Cold damage as extra Fire damage). Thanks to that, Added cold damage on your gear and jewels wont be wasted.

You can buy and wield the Realmshaper at level 18 and then upgrade it at level 40 with the prophecy The Beginning and the End.


Hrimnor's Resolve is great on this build. It gives Fire damage, maximum life, cold resist and practically permanent chill/freeze imunity (as long as Flameblast was casted recently).

Body Armour

This slot is open for personal preference. I'm currently using Loreweave and I think its the best item for this slot. It provides all the stats we need and increases our maximum resistance cap.
If you're using a staff, this doesn't need to be a 6L. I linked mine for additional defensive support gems on my Orb of Storms.

Other options for this slot are:


Any rare gloves with life, mana and resists.


Any rare boots with movement speed, life, mana and resists.


Any rare belt with life and resists, preferably a Stygian Vise for a free abyssal jewel slot.


Stormfire has an amazing synergy with this build. It gives Elemental damage, Mana regen, some resistances and increases our ignite damage per non-shocked enemy shocked recently.

It also allows any source of lightning damage to ignite, and provides some additional lightning damage against ignited enemies. This ring basically allow us to increase our ignite base damage with flat lightning damage! Its a pretty good item.

On your second ring slot, use anything with stats you need the most: resists, life, mana, mana regen or damage. Rings are very flexible and can provide a lot of different stats.


This is possibly the best amulet available for this build. Has a lot of resistances, increased chance to shock, reduces your ailment duration and makes the target take 5% increased damage per ailment applied (up to 15% from Ignite, Shock and Chill). It also allows all of your elemental damage to shock, which has a cool synergy with Stormfire (Increased Burning damage per non-shocked enemy shocked recently).

In order to apply chill, you need any source of cold damage on your spells. A simple abyss jewel like this one will do the trick.


On jewels, we are looking for:

* (14-16)% increased fire damage
* (5-7)% maximum life
* (6-8)% maximum mana

* (16-20)% increased burning damage
* (10-12)% increased damage over time
* (8-10)% increased damage


Since we dont regen or leech enough life during maps, we need two recovery flasks to recover from damage. One of them should provide instant or quick recovery (Catalysed prefix)

Only use Forbidden Taste if you have Chaos resist on your gear!

You can use any utility flask you prefer. I personally recommend a Stibnite flask, to blind nearby enemies while we channel Flameblast, and a Basalt flask, to mitigate some Physical damage. If you have Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics, a Quartz flask could be a great option too, to further increase your chance to dodge.

If you feel that your damage is lacking, I recommend one Atziri flask. Use it during Igniting or Elemental conflux to include ALL the extra chaos damage on your ignite damage. Its a huge boost!


My current version for endgame content

This tree picks damage, life and mana nodes, as well as mana regen nodes so we dont need to rely on a mana flask. We also pick a lot of cast speed nodes, as it makes the gameplay flow much better (takes less time to charge more flameblast stacks)

Alternative version with Phase Acrobatics for low tier mapping
A tankier alternative. I'd recommend it for T11- farming, because a single flameblast stack should be enough damage to kill most monster packs, so cast speed isn't that important.


Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Pendulum of Destruction > Paragon of Calamity


19 points

- Use Fireball or Freezing Pulse.
- Complete "Mercy Mission" and get Elemental Proliferation.
- At level 4, get Orb of Storms after reaching the Submerged Passage. You don't need to use it, just slot it somewhere on your gear for now.
- At level 8, get Combustion after reaching the Prison.
- At level 10, after killing Brutus, get Flame Dash from the quest reward and buy Clarity from Nessa.
- At level 12, get Incinerate after reaching the Cavern of Wrath. Buy a Unbound Ailments from Nessa and swap it with Elemental Proliferation. Don't discard it! We'll use it again soon.

34 points

At this point, you should be at level 28 on act 3.
- Complete "Sever the Right Hand" (kill Gravicius) and get Flameblast. If you're playing on a trade league, I highly recommend you to buy and use a Vaal Flameblast instead.
- Drop Incinerate and use Flameblast. You dont need to complete the channeling to deal damage! Simply tapping the button should deal enough damage to kill most enemies.
- As soon as you get a 4-link item, slot Elemental Proliferation on it.

At level 31, go to the Library, complete "A Fixture of Fate" and get Burning Damage Support. As soon as you find a linked 3B 1R item, drop Unbound Ailments to equip this gem.

52 points

- Get Elemental Equilibrium. It will improve our single target massively. When facing bosses or rare/resistant creatures, simply drop an Orb of Storms to reduce their fire resist and boost your ignite damage.
Note: You can't have any source of "Adds X to Y fire damage to spells" on your gear!

- Get Elemental Overload. Orb of Storms is a great activator for this passive, and we'll be using it more often. You can link it with "Curse on Hit - Flammability" to further boost your damage, or "Faster Casting - Increased Critical Strikes" for increased uptime on this buff.

- Complete the Labyrinth and take Shaper of Desolation.

- At level 38, after defeating Kaom and Daresso, buy a Ignite Proliferation from Petarus and Vanja. Replace Elemental Proliferation with this gem.

- Your damage should be enough to kill anything at your level. Now we'll invest on survivability, starting by Mind over Matter and its adjacent nodes.

- Next up should be Cruel Preparation, Deep Thoughts and Purity of Flesh.

81 points

Get more life! Order should be:
- Constitution
- Discipline and Training
- Elementalist
- Devotion
- Blood Siphon

At this point, you should be ready to face Izaro again on the Cruel Labyrinth. Defeat him and take Beacon of Ruin.

93 points - Early mapping

- We'll move deeper on the right side all the way to Phase Acrobatics. It should improve your survivability by a lot.

- At this point, you should be able to face Izaro again on the Merciless Labyrinth. Defeat him and take Pendulum of Destruction.

116 points - Mapping

- Pick every life node nearby! Get Herbalism, Nullification, all life nodes near Constitution and Purity of Flesh, then Melding.

- The Uber Lab isn't so important for this build. As soon as you complete it, take Paragon of Calamity.

120 points - Finished Tree

- Pick Jewel slots as you find or buy them. Respec the least effective nodes to get more jewels.


Major God
Soul of the Brine King: We need this to avoid stunlocks

Minor God
Soul of Gruthkul: We get hit quite often. This pantheon will mitigate some damage and slow attackers


This build can do any map mods, however, the mods below require some adjustments:

90% chance to avoid elemental ailments
By far the most annoying mod. We can brute force it though, because a single ignite will proliferate the damage to any creature nearby.

Cannot regen life/mana
You'll need to bring a mana flask to do maps with this mod
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Reserved post
I'll also update the rest of the guide this week
Finished editing! Let me know if you have any question or suggestions.

I had a lot of fun playing this build and will definitively play again on the Flashback League. I might try on a Chieftain or Trickster, though.
I have one question for the defensives gems, do you think molten shell would be more appropriate than cold snap ?
Now that Molten Shell is instant, it might be a good idea to use it at max level. Back in 3.3, the animation time made it too annoying to cast, and having it at level 8 (to proc on CWDT level 1) was too weak.

Cold Snap is there mostly as an offensive boost, because of the frenzy charges on kill (4% more damage per charge). Since this build is DOT based, it often procs before enemies die.
Hey nice build.
If i take alira instead of 2 points would it affect the build? I just love the resistance she gives xD
Not at all! The resistance and the mana regen she gives are useful on this build, however we don't get any benefit from her crit multi because of Elemental Overload.

you won't be shocking shaper for 50%, dont mark that option, please. Your build have 250k dps, not the 600k you had.
I didn't mark it to skyrocket my "sheet dps", but to properly calculate the Yoke of Suffering bonus (increased damage per ailment). This build still apply the baseline 20% shock from Beacon of Ruin, so marking the "Covered in ash" would be better to simulate the actual shock effect.

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