[3.3] eHLD King of the Hill (eLLD Coming soon!)

Hi all!

I'm making this thread to keep some momentum going in the current PvP scene and hopefully inspire some others to do something similar.
The goal is to have everyone, regardless of timezones, be able to fight each other and keep track of their results without needing heavy preparations in the form of tournaments or set events.

The object of King of the Hill (KotH) is to stay on top of a large hill or pile (or any other designated area) as the "King of the Hill". Other players can attempt to knock the current King off the pile and take their place, thus becoming the new King of the Hill. (Cfr. Wikipedia)

You can attempt to knock off the current Kings by challenging them to a Best of 5 series of matches.
The winner takes the throne and will have to defend it from any future challengers.

Some rules

1. The matches can take place whenever both parties have agreed on a date and time
2. Swaps in gear, skill gems and passives ARE ALLOWED but don't make your opponent wait for more than five minutes
3. The challengers have the 'Home advantage' meaning they get to pick the server for the first match. After that the server will alternate between both parties if necessary.
4. The results of the matches have to be confirmed by both parties and entered in a Google Docs Spreadsheet (Only 1 player has to edit the spreadsheet)
5. If the current 'King' does not respond to a challenge within 24 hours of the request the challenger will automatically take his place (This does NOT grant any points to the challenger!)
6. There will be very little monitoring so I'd like to ask everyone to be honest and fair and most of all, to not be a dick.


- 1v1
- 2v2
- 3v3

I do plan on adding 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 for eLLD as well once I see the eHLD taking off!

Points system

Knocking off the current Kings will grant 1 point
Defending the throne will grant 1 point
Consecutively defending the throne against the same player(s) will not grant any points

Check the Google Docs Spreadheet for the current leaderboards


This event will last until the end of 3.3 at which point the players with the most points will enjoy eternal fame and glory + some currency rewards
Current prizepool

- 1v1 (4ex)
- 2v2 (4ex)
- 3v3 (4ex)

Top Donors:
- SpencerB1986 (10ex STD)
Any additional prizepool currency donations will be added proportionally to the most popular brackets. (I'll try not to run away and delete my account, can't promise anything though)


eHLD / eLLD Rules
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I will be the first 'King' in the 1v1 bracket. Please sign up here if you have a team for the 2v2 and/or 3v3 brackets so people can start challenging you!
Sign me up all for all ehld and elld tournament 1v1 USA or eu server don't matter

me and bondisk team up on the 2v2 koth.

and for 3v3 me and bondisk and origins are good to go.

we accept all challengers for 2v2 & 3v3 koth msg me to set up a time..

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You can sign me up for all of the ehld events
I have a 2v2 and 3v3 team for LLD current KotH? Open to challenges!
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Lordsidro wrote:
I have a 2v2 and 3v3 team for LLD current KotH? Open to challenges!

It's only ehld koff at the moment...but I'll try to find an elld partner asap then we can 2v2 elld for fun btw who is it partners that way I know because I'm gonna msg a few peole just in case they already on ur team
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Personal friend, you'll be good to ask ppl.
sounds good i guess ill ask lapiz and cookie =)

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