Jewel corruption implicit not working

I have pics but it won't let me upload through phone.

Pretty self explanatory though- I have a wildfire crimson jewel with a 15% damage roll and a 1% reduced mana reserved implicit from a Vaal orb.

My reserved mana does not change whether I socket the jewel in my passive tree or remove it.

I have 728 total mana with 75% reserved which means I have 546 reserved and 182 available with no reduction from the jewel.

Whether I socket the jewel or not, these numbers never change. Let me know if you want pics of the jewel or my mana bar with the numbers.
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Implicits should work regardless of the passives around the threshold jewel. Pics would help though. We'd find a pic of the jewel socketed on the tree useful.

Does your tooltip fire damage change when you socket the jewel?
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
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I've tried copying and pasting the images via phone and my computer.

The two nodes I have tried using this jewel with are the two jewel nodes on the far left of the tree, towards the middle. one being surrounded by two str nodes and just above "devotion" node cluster, the other is directly down from this node in a small cluster with "stamina" node and endurance charge related nodes.

The jewel does give the damage bonus from fire damage on the tooltip, and I have tried using both of these nodes described above with the jewel and neither give the implicit bonus.

It is worth noting that I am using two wildfire jewels, and the other has a corrupted implicit of 4% damage, which functions correctly in both nodes.
Ok, looks like what's happening is that it's not enough of a reduction in % for the mana to actually change because of how poe rounds numbers. You'd need a greater amount of % reduced mana reserved in your case to see a difference.

Here, try this:
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
So does that mean that the Vaal implicit of 1% reduced mana reserved is inherently worthless? Because it will always be rounded off by the game? Or am I getting a slight change that the system just won't show?
It really only comes into play when you're stacking a lot of reduced mana and have a really large mana pool. For 700 mana and 500 reserved, yah, it's inherently worthless.
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
Understood, learned something new. Thanks for the help!
No problem, I'm happy to help :D
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.

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