[Loot Filter] Sayks Lootfilter

Hey everyone, this is official forum thread for Sayks LootFilter

The filter is designed around the Hardcore trade league meta. I update the filter every league at the start and about 3 days to 1 week into every league. It's made to sift out clutter and let the player pick up only the valuable items. I recommend this filter to anyone wishing to pick up only what they see and nothing superfluous.

A quick note: Because the filter is down to personal preference, I've chosen to show every map that drops within 8 tiers down of the current map and including everything t6 and up regardless of tier. This can be easily adjusted using the notepad++ language or following the table of contents to the section.

The filter is separated into 3 categories
Regular, Strict, and Uber Strict; Sayks, Sayks Strict, and Sayks Uber Strict, respectively.

-The Regular filter is designed for early league, personally I use it for blood-ducts and tier 1-5, then swap to strict. I don't recommend using it past day 3, as it will show far to many rares.

-The Strict filter is designed for all game-play other than chaos recipe farmers. It shows all uniques, and will block scrolls. It's very strict when it comes to rare items as well, only showing the top tier bases.

-The Uber strict filter is designed for exp farming and 30+iiq farming. If you wan't to ID rares, this is not for you.

Please message me if you find any flaws in the filter, Hope you enjoy.

Filterblast: http://filterblast.oversoul.xyz/Sayk/
Github: https://github.com/shupasneaky/Sayk_Loot_Filters
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