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[Loot Filter] Sayks Lootfilter

Hey everyone, this is official forum thread for Sayks LootFilter

The filter is designed around the Hardcore trade league meta. I update the filter BEFORE the start of every league AND after about 3 days to 1 week into every league. It's made to sift out ALL clutter and let the player pick up only the desirable items. I recommend this filter to anyone wishing to pick up only what they see and nothing superfluous.

A quick note: Because the filter is down to personal preference, I've chosen to create a Notepad++ language to edit my filter and all it's oddities. I have made a short video explaining how to install and use this filter language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn76UQ2XZJ8&feature=youtu.be

The filter is separated into 4 categories
Regular, Semistrict, Strict, and Uber Strict; I create a specific filters that have funny sounds from old movies and streamers that I use myself, if you want to use that one you can find it on my github, and a video of how to install it can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkMuGpkgIpk&feature=youtu.be

-The Regular filter is designed for early league, personally I use it until I reach around map tier 3, then swap to strict. Strict is focused on reducing the amount of rares seen. Uberstrict is for endgame leveling, it hides

-The SemiStrict filter is the all-rounder, I use this one mainly unless i'm mf;ing or doing some deep delving. really nice for showing some of the more common currency without letting them get in your face.

-The Strict filter is designed for all game-play other than chaos recipe farmers. It shows all uniques, and will block scrolls. It's very strict when it comes to rare items as well, only showing the top tier bases in yellow and red maps.

-The Uber strict filter is designed for exp farming and 30+iiq farming. If you want to ID rares, this is not for you.

Please message me if you find any flaws in the filter, Hope you enjoy.


Filterblade.xyz has gone down, but i did update my filter for 3.9 (except for some uniques on uberstrict, that will be fixed soon)
It is fully funciton but you have to download from github now, thanks! Enjoy!!

Github: https://github.com/shupasneaky/Sayk_Loot_Filters
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That's it, I've found it. The perfect filter.

Finally grew tired of editing NeverSink's filter to my liking in every league start, even after filterblade that tends to break my customizations every major update and started looking for a replacement and this is what I've ended up with. The strictness if perfect and I really enjoy the color scheme with distinct colors without being too rainbowy. The only thing that took a little time to get used to was the positional sounds (which would have been easy to disable) but now that I've gotten used to them I really like them. Really like the fact that this is on filterblast so I can use the autoupdater AHK script as well.

Thank you for the filter and I hope you keep on updating it for many leagues to come! :)
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Could i still use this filter in softcore?
You can use this filter no matter what league you're on. However the filter is designed around the HC trade league (because that's what i play on). It will still filter things nicely, however some uniques may not be as shiney as they should be for the SC market.

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