[3.3] Oriath Academy Roadrunner build - Uber Lab Farmer

I am putting this on the forum in place of the original creator, who posted a video guide, so there is a text version of the guide. All credits go to him for setting up the build, and making it what it is.

Also, work in progress. Missing a lot of visual resources and possible re-coloring to fit the theme of the original video

Intro :

This build is essentially my class notes from our dear friend at the Oriath Academy. Check out the original video.

Now that that's out of the way : Welcome to the roadrunner build guide.
This build is for people who want an efficient viable way of clearing the Uber lab at high speeds. Also, people who want to wear boots in every slot possible!
Investment is minimal (Got to easy & fast lab running by throwing ~1 ex at the char, can easily have it for 50c less, just lower rolls and a bit less movespeed initially) and the clearing of lab is great.

Warning : You WILL have issues playing your other characters if they're slow after a few runs with this guy. I have an arc trapper that I found to be somewhat rapid (Ran around at 100% movespeed clearing maps) that I now consider to be a lowly snail in terms of speed.

Pro's & Con's :

+ Fast
+ Not too expensive
+ FAST!!
+ Great resistances for all Physical damage
+ Haku Daily farmer
+ Can follow/run ahead of the headhunter ele hits in Poorjoy rotas.

- Can initially be a bit fragile in lab (details later)
- Gets expensive(ish) to actually optimize the character up to 400% MS
- Sometimes, a bit TOO fast depending on your reaction time/layout

Cleared Bosses (Videos) :

Haha, you were tricked stupid beast!
No bosses to see here.
I'll post some lab/temple stuff when I get around to recording the videos and finding a music fitting for 300% MS

Defences :
* 80%+ Evade chance that becomes 80%+ Physical reduction when stationary
* 15% Block
* 6k+ EHP
* 300%+ Movement speed (It's called manually dodging, yes I consider this to be a more than viable defensive layer)

Damage :
* Enough to kill Uber Izaro in less than 20 seconds. Pastebin will give you more numbers.
* Something like 17k tooltip currently with a 5L

Pastebin (Of the original creator) for the numbers


Currently used Gear :

The boots Belt :
String of servitude with increased movement speed during flask effect (Will try to remember to link mine)
The belt I Currently use to be capped :

Our boots on weapon swap :

Gear explanation :

Queen of the forest :
Your boots for your torso. Stack evasion to run faster and survive more.
Two things to note on this piece : the off colours will be expensive if you're not lucky. I can recommend two things to help deal with this.
1) - Use this to figure out how you should chrome it
2) - Use the trick described here
Second thing being you don't need this to be colored immediately. If it's a huge issue, grab a pair of thunderfists, color those, and use them as a pseudo 5l until you can color your QotF correctly.
Grelwood Shank :
Use your evasion to facetank izaro, gives us massive damage boost via more projectiles and point blank. Mandatory to do some damage.

Devoto's Devotion :

Karui ward :

String of servitude :
Boots for our waist
Dance of the offered :
Boots for our feet. Also, they give us a perma Onslaught
The Gryphon :

Weapon swap
Rares :
Life, Mana, resists, evasion

Flasks :

The usual staunching/warding.... No need for the elemental ailments, we're pathfinders.
Switch out the saturated for a bubbling/seething and you're good to go.

If you're struggling with the flasks and life/mana sustain, dump the atziri and go for eternal life and eternal mana flasks

Jewels :

// Wildfire
Obligatory more projectiles for molten strike

Take rare abyssals for the rest, life/mana and added to sword attacks/attacks.

Gear Cost :

Spent in all around 1 ex for the gear,
Queen of the forest is around 30-50c for decent rolls
Got my grelwood fortify for 50c
That basically it if we don't include the 5l prophecy I used on my armour.

Skill setup :

Main damage setup (6L) :
Molten strike - Multistrike - Elemental damage with attacks - Added cold damage - Conc effect
All that is really needed to be honest
Ancestral protector (3L)
Ancestral protector - added cold - elemental damage with attacks
Phase run (4l) :
Phase run - faster casting - Inc Duration - Enhance - (Efficacy)
Enhance for more movespeed, efficacy for more duration. Your call.
Defence (3l) :
Immortal Call (3) - Inc Duration - Cwdt (1)
Alternative curse setup :
CWDT (1) - Ball lightning - Poachers mark - Curse On Hit
This one is for the poor people like me who can't afford a curse on hit elder ring.
Aura(s) :
Clarity (13+) - Herald of ash
I only run Clarity in lab/boss scenarios, but I like to add in Herald of ash when i run maps/incursions.
As for the level of clarity, our dear Professor at the oriath academy seems to recommend a level 13, I personally levelled it to 15 and am hesitating on levelling it a bit more. Need to test a bit and see.

Levelling & Tree :

TODO: Actually link the items
For levelling uniques I will list a few per levels:
1-30 : Karui ward, Wanderlust, Screaming eagle, The peregrine, String of servitude resistances/Goldrim, Brightbeak, iron heart...
30+ : Thiefs torment, The gryphon (I personally used these until I got to end game)
If you think about more really great levelling uniques to run really fast, give me more in comments/Pm

Try to not do what I did : Watch your level and stay in a 4 level range of the areas (5-6 level range later on) otherwise you will end up back-tracking just to get back to the right level (I had to that 3 times because I was just zooming through everything)
You won't be the most tanky out there (I got to a8 with 1k3 life before I started picking up serious life nodes because it just wasn't possible to manually dodge everything. First kitava killed with 700 life. Dark times.) but you'll zoom through everything

Kill all bandits
Ascendancy order : Nature's adrenaline -> Nature's boon -> Veteran Bowyer -> Master alchemist

I did it in this order. It felt good, to be fair though the ascendancy is however you want to play it. Choose between damage and speed/resistance.

Levelling trees:
41 point tree
71 point tree
91 point tree

My Character at level 84.

Playstyle :

Run Forrest, Run.
That's it.

Jokes aside :
I'd strongly recommend levelling before going to do your lab runs. Hitting 70 and rushing off to lab did not yield promising results AT ALL for me.
For some reason I can still not explain, my run went as follows :
*Slams into wall*
*Slams into door*
*Slams into everything that is an obstacle because Controlling speed was still an issue*
Once I eventually stopped PvE against inanimate objects, zoomed to izaro, life was good.
Walked into one pack of blue monsters, (Moving, no grelwood bonus anymore) insta-rip.

And I do mean a few hits piled up in rapid succession, not a one-shot, but it was not a pleasant experiece right after an Izaro.

So I did rotas, levelled a bit, and went back to clearing labs around lvl 75+

Pantheon :

Not sure yet. Solaris?

Ralakesh for sure, helps loads on lab running

Credits :
Credits to The Oriath Academy for the build.
I only wrote stuff down. I am but a pupil in this prestigious academy, these were my class notes.

Closing Note :
If you feel like there is a section missing, or information you would find more complete with certain added details, please do tell me and I shall do my best to incorporate it in the most complete way possible.
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Just respecced my ranger into this build and having a blast.

However there's a major issue I keep coming across with portal summons.
Considering we use grelwood to transform EV into AR, if there's a bigger group of skeletal mages they present a major problem and force me to move. If I stand still just for a bit they damage me quite heavily. Is there a way to solve this issue?
I'm curious, why MS instead of BV and Vaal BV?
Mreik wrote:
Just respecced my ranger into this build and having a blast.

However there's a major issue I keep coming across with portal summons.
Considering we use grelwood to transform EV into AR, if there's a bigger group of skeletal mages they present a major problem and force me to move. If I stand still just for a bit they damage me quite heavily. Is there a way to solve this issue?

That was one of my problems early on. It sort of just fades away as you level/get the perma fortify/upgrade lunaris
First day i ran uber lab the essences were hurting me bad. As of now other than the occasional crit i just stand still in front of Izaro and kill the mages afterwards.
If it's really an issue, you should easily be able to re-position yourself to clear the mages and go back to izaro in a few seconds until you get more general tankiness.

I'm curious, why MS instead of BV and Vaal BV?

To be fair i can't give the absolute answer as i am not the mind behind the theorycrafting, but here's my theory : it's mainly a build focused on moving fast. A lot of passive go into that, and we don't have the highest defences/EHP out there. Grelwoods help a bunch for that, and synergize very well with MS for a massive damage boost with no passive point invetsment into damage almost.
Feel free to take the 300% MoveSpeed part and mess around with the actual skills you use. End of the day you're running lab with it. :)

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