[3.3] Saboteur Arc/Lightning Spire MoM Trapper


Hello, I'm Ryvenn and this is my first build guide! This build can help you do all maps and can sometimes facetank up to t15 map bosses because of your awesome dodge/life and other defensive stats! This is the first build that i made and also the first ever Trapper i made because of the Hype and stuff! good thing about this build is that all you need is a 5link and youll do fine!!!


Videos and My Youtube Channel

First Time Against Shaper 2 Deaths
Deathless Phoenix Run
Will add other Guardians Fight once im at home!

Pastebin Link : https://pastebin.com/uSwEcZ78

Pro's & Con's

+ Very Cheap to Substantial ( 50c - 10ex+ )
+ Fast Map Clear!
+ Really fun to play especially Dodging!
+ Tanky (Evasion/Dodge/Block/MoM/Blind/High regen from Pyromaniac + Tinkerskin Insta Life/ES Regen)
+ Immune to REFLECT maps!
+ Immune to Ignite and Shock
+ Can do most of map mods ( just be Careful of NO LIFE/MANA REGEN or TEMPORAL CHAINS )
+ Mana Cost might be high but you have Eldritch Battery!

- Flame Dash is not good on this build
- We dont get much life because of our Starting point
- Arc got buffed and the endgame items on it are quite pricey ( now depleting since its 4 weeks in )

My Current Gear


You only need 2 UNIQUES for this build to work!


a 5-link Tinkerskin should already be enough for us since thats all we really need to clear all content

getting this improves our Lightning Damage with Arc and we wont reserve any mana for MOM though we still need Clarity for a little bit of mana regeneration

1c-10c gear you can buy to get 75% full res and more than 5k life depends on which one youd like to choose

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Great guide. Gave me somewhere to start while planning my trapper. This seems to be a very well balanced take on the arc trapper hype we had this league. Keep up the good work.
Thanks man! Appreciate you!

I can assure you this build will do most of the work for you though you need more damage to take care of Uber Elder... :D

Why flame dash is not good?
Sezif5 wrote:
Why flame dash is not good?

You dont have cast speed and it only has 3 charges, mah friend.
I need to kill Alira or ?
This build could be really great indeed, but there's like no information at all out of a poor PoB link, would be great to have a bit more informations for the beginers and such. Great to see people starting builds btw, just need a bit more time invested so that it seems easier for some to make choices and such :)

Cheers !

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