[3.3] Saboteur Volatile Dead Autominer | farming Volcano with 470% increased Movement Speed


476% increased movement speed
0.25s mine laying time
10k shaperdamage per orb while mapping, 20k with weapon swap
4.5k life at level 90
shock, ignite, freeze and chill immune

only 1 active skill
speed requirements: flasks are active and you have killed recently
even higher speed possible with rampage weapon swap or if using smoke mine + enchant

pros and cons

+ probably the fastest QotF build available on Incursion

+ turns Volcano into a quick and fun map

+ VD autotargets and goes up ledges and around corners, very low effort playstyle

+ kill dangerous enemies while hiding behind the corner or the CWDT-Frostwall

+ if you pay attention to the game and can dodge, it's pretty much impossible to die while your flasks are up

- no MF, only amulet and boots can be used easily

- delay when killing enemies and offscreen kills require you to listen to drop sounds

- needs to kill enemies to continue going fast


Every time we lay down mines, we also detonate previous mines and create the corpses for VD with Scold's Bridle ; with a Taste of Hate active this also triggers the chill required for 30% more action speed from winterweave.

100% increased mana cost from fevered mind, 25% reduced from Pyromaniac node, 18% reduced from boot enchant gives just enough mana cost for lvl1 CWDT to trigger with Volatile Dead on a 5-link, while Taste of Hate mitigation is active.

This build is heavily optimised for maximum movement speed. Due to mana cost reasons, you can not use a 6-link. The build is also very reliant on flask uptime and needs to keep its momentum going.


T4 Volcano

Temple run

weapon swap rampage


Shaped Beach

Toxic Sewer

Haunted Mansion



skill gems

Main Skill:
Volatile Dead - Remote Mine - Minefield - Combustion - Controlled Destruction

Clarity lvl1 - Purity of Ice

CWDT: all gems level 1
CWDT - Detonate Mines - Blade Vortex
CWDT - Blood Rage - Immortal Call
CWDT - Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Volley Support
CWDT - Vortex

CWDT: all gems level 21
CWDT - Flame Golem - Frost Wall - Portal

gear ~15ex

gives 50% inc MS + chance for Onslaught corrupt, can use weapon swap to gain rampage (incovenient for incursion, so I just use weapon swap for better damage against bosses)

poachers mark always activates before enemies are killed by the ignite due to southbound gloves,
flasks are very important for this build

30% increased action speed equals 130% increased movement speed and 50% increased mine laying speed, max chill is enabled by Taste of Hate and auxium crystal belt

enables winterweave, has to have corruption implicit, plenty of good corruptions are possible

enables on kill and recently killed effects; curse on hit gets applied to nearby enemies with blade vortex

+curse corrupt to fit enfeeble on hit glove corrupt

enchant is required, seven league step boots are best in slot

required unique

watchers eye for mana regen and freeze immunity, budget/leaguestart alternative would be 2*spirited response jewel + wanderlust boots

required unique

The other jewels mostly give evasion for QotF and movement speed

required due to high mana consuption and life degen

required for maximum movement speed

Path of Building:


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This is one of the most interesting builds I've seen in a while.
Delighted to bump this thread so other people can see the majesty of this memery.

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