[3.3] HC Ranged Ele Hit Fire Champion(2.5m boss dps)

So, elemental hit is pretty much overpowered at this point and u can play practicaly anything(deadeye, inquisitor,elementalist,jugg or whatever) But i find chamion optimal for safe, relaxed gameplay.
-Over 7k health(209% life on tree)
- 26% less damage taken from hits(fortify + conqueror passive)+13% less phys/12% less fire taken from arctic armor+Full acro/Phase acro
- 100% hit chance, so u dont have to stack accuracy on items
- good clearspeed
- Over 2.5m shaper dps(u can get much more if u ur playing on softcore, by dropping some health nodes)

-Around 15% less damage then deadeye with the SAME tree
- no chain, so mapping isnt that smooth(as deadeye would have)
- Expensive, so dont start it as ur 1st build in league
- Weak to chaos damage(we have lots of uniques,so its pretty hard to stack chaos res on gear)
- Socket starved(if u are using kaom's and tombfists)
- Mediocre crit chance(53% effective with diamond)

Pob lvl 95:
Recomended gear:
free +4 5 link helemt, wouldnt use anything else, try getting +2 area/cold/fire/light implicit on it

kaoms is bis
Belly is a cheaper option
Loreweave has pretty much no life,and we dont have that much health on gear

- gives more then 1kk dps(due to ele hit nature, avatar of fire adds 50% of all other damage types to our dps)

- doubles ur dps at close range, allows u to one shot most of bosses, bis
- good starter weapon

any good rare with crit,crit multi, wed and life will work

- real no-brainer,but if u have a really good pair of gloves(life aspd resist), u can use rare, and u will get 2 more sockets

adds like 25% more dps due ele hit nature, if u have good opal ring with wed and life, use it instead
2nd slot should be something with life, wed, resists(preferably on opal ring, or u can use unset like me to get blood rage slot)

get soemthing with resist life and wed

Any good rare with life ms and resist will do,atziri step is solid if u have enought resists

Current gear lvl 92 IHC:

Head - Ele hit-Fire pen-Ele Damage with Attacks -combustion
Bow: Ele Hit
Add Mirage archer if u have a 6l
Boots: AA Grace unlinked; blink arrow with faster attacks linked
Use anger instead of haste if have Watchers eye with anger mods
add light/cold golem with minion life if ur using rare gloves

Crimson Combat Focus near Golem Blood
Viridian Combat Focuse near ranger area, below HeartSeaker
3 rare jewels with:
-Attack speed/Attack Speed with bows
-Multiplier with cold/fire/ligh/elemental skills

Bandit: Alira
Ascendancy order: pick fortitude, then go for worthy foe
Pantheon: ralakesh/shakari as minor(depends what u are afraid of more, bleed or poison)
Fully upgraded Solaris for less damage taken or Arakalli upgraded once for higher leech.
Map mods to avoid:
-Ele reflect for obvious reasons
-No leech is pretty anoying but doable
-Cannot be taunted reduces ur damage by a lot(u'r starting to miss a lot and u'r losing a free 1.2 damage multiplier)

Build is viable for any content, feels really safe to play(u wont ever get oneshoted at maps, u wont get offscreened by vaal constructs in incursions, etc)
Red elder down without any afford, standing still:

Shaper/All guardians down on IHC(hydra proved to be the hardest of all, mino dies in like 5 seconds)
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I did a build inspired by yours. Since I play softcore, I was able to play in a less defensive version.

I'm thinking of getting iron reflexes in the future.
For treshold to works, looks like you need 40 int AND dex, pretty sure they are not working in your passive tree right now !?

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