[3.3] Life Leech Totem Hierophant - Crowd Control (HC Viable) by poebass

This build is addressing the fragility of totem characters - being a glass cannon, and their vulnerability to large agro mobs. Agro vulnerability which is especially evident when opening Boxes and during Temple Incursions introduced in 3.3. The strengthened defense is on the expense of DPS, however with this build mapping is effortless, fast and boringly safe, while Elder and Shaper might take 20% more time than 2x Shimmerons build, but is a lot more safer. Additionally, since we are not afraid to crit, mobility is much easier with Lightning Warp which additionally increases the survivability of the character.

The tooltip hideout dmg with power charges and buffs on (without the buffs from Pursuit of fate which are significant and add alot more dps) is:
for 2 wands : (4x) 137k @ 61% Lightning penetration (with Wiseoak on)
for 1 wand + Trolltimber Spire: (4x) 97k @ 61% Lightning penetration (with Wiseoak on)
2x rare wands:

1 wand + Trolltimber Spire shield

The core of this build defense is utilizing:

1) Two different utilities of self cast defence using CWDT (see bellow in the gear)

4 link: CWDT(4-5lvl)+IncD+IC+Phasing

This utility is broadly used, since phasing gives you short mobility boost and going through the pack of mobs is really helpful in agro situations

4+1 link: CWDT(1lvl)+BladeVortex(Vaal)+PCoC+Knockback (+Area of effect from helm shaper prefix)

This utility is the main perk of the build, since when anything around you hits you, it gives you FREE Power and Endurance charges (Hierophant's acendancy "Conviction of Power" makes it possible for the Endurance charge) and also knocking back the enemies - thus buying you fractions of the second that you might need to react. Instead of Knockback one might use Blind. I prefer Knockback and eventually when i go 2xCurses, will use enfeeble corruption gloves which also works with the hits from this self cast blade vortex, thus making the defense sequence even more powerful. Increased Area of effect is luxury, but it pushes back the enemy a lot further and making the mob crowd less threatening. Vaal Blade Vortex is useful in situations such as entering Temple incursion, when there are Tons of mobs running at you, Vaal Vortex breaks their charge for 2-3 second, plenty of time for you to place your totems and buff up.

2) Life leech! (only possible using the underrated Trolltimber Spire unique shield)

Above are 2 examples of the effective Life Leech ingame, the speed of the animation is kept as the original gameplay time. In Map is more effective since more mobs gives more life leech instances, but I use this shield in Elder fights as well. The only time I am 2x wands is vs Shaper.

3) MoM + Wrath (no actual mana reserved since Wrath is in Essence Worm ring)
The 4th one is yet experimental since I had to sacrifice some Life for the effect and I am not recommending it yet:
4) Additional use unique ring Gift from above

it synergises great with the other defence utilities adding 200ish life regen/sec and good damage perk during Consecrated ground.

The defense concept, utility and gear proposed here are not bound to any specific totem skill and can be used in any. I am using it with Arc totem, however without Shimmeron(s). The defense of the build relies on CWDT + Self crit, which would be rip with Shimmerons. Since we use rare wands and even shield, this put this build against the mainstream perception of Totem Hierophant hence the name Hipster Hierophant :)

The Gear is really low budget for Endgame. I bought the wands for 10-30c each, since the market demand is for Shimmeron ( 3-4 exalts each), armour is selfcrafted and linked.



it is possible to use Volkuur's gloves instead of Maligaro (less dps but life/res instead)

jewellery etc


As a result the character is alot more tanky, and able to sustain its lifepool without health potions even during Shaper/Elder fights. The trade off is less damage output compared to the 2x wand Totem character.
I also compared my Shimmeron with the rare wand I am using:


When all power charges are on, this well rolled Shimmeron (10% roll) gives only about 11% more overall damage!!!
This confirmed for myself that Shimmerons probably are not the best choice for Totem Hierophant since a very good roll rare wand would give more DPS, and considering the penalty which hinders the movement and defense options I eventually went on to make this build.

Later I will probably add more data, since I know most of you are number crunchers. Let me know what you think and what you need to know.

As last notes, I would like to say that the ideas floated here can be used to strengthen the defenses of any ranged hero (spell-casters, bowers, etc).
If you find that your 2 x Shimmerons are making you too vulnerable - you are welcome to try the concepts proposed here without respecing your skills or making additional huge investment in gear. Just try it and judge for yourself.
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