[3.3] Blade Vortex MF Clear Speed Elementalist

This build focuses on Magic Find and clear speed for making a lot of currency fast.

Skill tree/bandits

Bandits: kill all




Inpulsa adds a ton of clearspeed through the explosions from shocked enemies so pretty much best in slot here


Starkonja is really good, it gives a bunch of dex which you will need to equip Blade Vortex. Attack speed, life, some evasion. Alternatives are The Gull, Lightpoacher if you wanna have some more fun, or just a rare helm with life and resists.

If you can get a 30% increased Blade Vortex duration enchant it's awesome


Sadimas for the IQ or Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn for the damages.

If you can get a good vaal implicit on your gloves like ele weakness on hit/attack speed/cast speed that's awesome


Goldwyrm is pretty decent, IQ, some resist, movespeed

If you can get a lab enchant like attack and cast speed or leech that's awesome


Brightbeak for tons of attack speed

If you can get an attack speed vall implicit that's awesome


Esh's mirror gives you lightning damage for each kill which will increase your damage substantially. Alternatively you can use a rare shield with life, resists, and maybe spell crit/spell damage.


Bisco's leash gives you IQ, rarity, cold res, and rampage which increases your speed, doesn't get a lot better than that unless we're talking Headhunters.


Biscos is pretty obvious since we're MF. You can use a rare one with life, resists, crit multi, spell damage, until you get a biscos.


Ventor's are great if you can afford decent ones. Pay attention to your resists, and don't bother with reduced rarity because it's not a huge deal, life rolls aren't that huge either but try and get a high IQ roll because that's the whole point of the build


You can also use a sulphor flask for damage and regen, stibnite for dodge, warding flask for curse immunity, dying sun for AoE, etc.


This is a clear speed build, which means you get a lot of XP, so it's worth getting haku weapons and socket in enlightens and empowers so that you can vall them at lvl 3 and try to get a lvl 4 for a massive exalt profit


Blade Vortex
Physical to Lightning
Controlled Destruction
Increased Critical Strikes
Increased Area of Effect

If you don't have leech lab enchant on boots you need some life/mana leech so I like using this setup
Herald of Thunder
Curse on Hit
Warlord's Mark

Herald of Ash
Herald of Ice
Enlighten lvl 3/4
You can also link Herald of Ice to Onslaught if you don't use a silver flask

Immortal Call
Cast When Damage Taken
Warlord's Mark/Increased Duration

Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Culling Strikes (for the attack speed)

Vaal Haste
Increased Duration
(optional)Faster Casting (to cast Vaal Haste a little bit faster)
Lightning Golem

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What tier of map are you farming? Dunes something else? Racecourse?

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