[3.3]Ascendant (Juggernaut+Slayer) Crit Heavy Strike

Hi, this is my first build. And build is still WIP. But I have already good results with it.
For now, this build is for Standard, but I think, I can optimize it for temporary leagues too. My English is not so well - please point me to my grammar mistakes. Also I'm not pro-player and if you can - help me to optimize build. And sorry for no videos - I play on laptop and video capturing is something fantastic for it.

- Very high single target DPS
- Good survivability - 5 endurance charges (autogenerated in combat), Slayer overleech.
- "Smart" Vaal pact - ~3000 HP/sec leech (you have it only in combat, when you really need it).
- Reflect immune
- Melts bosses in seconds.
- ~80% phys damage reduction unbuffed. Easy 90% phys damage reduction in combat.
- Very good scaling. If you put some currency into it - you'll feel the difference.
- Immune to Elemental weakness, Maim, Corrupted blood, Vulnerability, Chill, Stun.
- Easy >500% crit multiplier and 50-60% Crit Chance.
- Pseudo-permanent immortal call
- Culling strike


- Decent, but not superfast map clearing speed
- Don't have >7k HP
- Expensive

For this build I use Heavy strike. It is really really good skill, especially for singletarget damage. And with Ancestral Call+Melee splash it has decent AOE. Also I use Aspect of the Cat (crafted on ring) and Farrul's Fur armor. With Aspect of the Cat, we will have max Power and Frenzy charges ~90% of the time. With flasks up you will have >1,5 mil realistic Shaper DPS.


I recommend you take 2 Starforges. With them you can fast switch between Singletarget and AOE setup. But you can ofc swap gems for bosses


Starforge is best two-handed sword in-game with high phys damage and with shock. You need at least one, period.
Abyssus provides you something like + 25% damage and because of high physical damage mitigation - you will not die because of its downside.
Aspect of the Cat ring+Farrul's Fur armour gives you insane crit chance (for free!).
Legacy Voidheart is necessary, because of 100% bleed chance (we use Bloodlust support).
Atziri's Acuity gives you "smart" Vaal pact - you have it ony when you need it.
Impresence amulet gives you free Vulnerability aura. If you have Impresence with +1 curse - you can add Enfeeble for survivability or Assasin's mark for extra damage.
Other gear are pretty generic rares with resists, life etc.
As for jewels - 2 Weights of the empire are BIS for you. They give you +40% more damage. Heavy strike shines with them only.
Also, you need Wtcher's eye with Immunity to Vulnerability and +phys damage reduction when affected by Determination. This is for your survival and helps you to not die because of Abyssus.
Transcended flesh is another very good jewel for you. It gives you extra physical damage mitigation and some crit multi. Look for jewels with Immunity too corrupted blood and Maim immunity corruptions.
As for flasks - all of them for pure damage. You need antifreeze and antibleed flask (craft it on Diamond and Silver flask). Lion'roar, Atziri's promise (look for high phys roll) and Sin's rebirth give you insane DPS boost. Attention! Don't use Sin's rebirth and Atziri promise in Atziri fight - reflect will kill you (you are phys immune, not chaos immune)


Try to catch "Heavy Strike has a 12% chance to deal Double Damage" enchantment on you helm. For other gear - take anything you want (maybe +crit chance).


Single-target setup (use them in your Starforge):

AOE setup (use it in second Starforge or simply swap gems from inventory):

Movement/Bleed applying/Fortify setup:

Totem setup:

CWDT setup:

Curse/Aura setup (defence variant):

Curse/Aura setup (offence variant):


Normal lab - +40 Strength and +1 Passive skill point (Marauder "branch").
Cruel lab - Juggernaut and +20 to Dexerity and Srength (Duelist "branch").
Merciless lab - +1 Passive skill point (Duelist "branch") and Slayer.
Uber lab - +2 Passive skill points (Marauder "branch") and Path of the Marauder.


Kll them all.


Always use Soul of Arakaali with captured Arachnoxia soul for CWDT- Blood rage - Immortal call combo (gives you +50% leech and life regen after CWDT triggering).
For minor god - use anything you want. I prefer upgraded Soul of Shakari for Poison immunity.


Always Leap slam into packs or bosses for fortify and applying bleed to enemies (you need bleed because of Bloodlust support). On bosses use totem (+dps and applying bleed) and Vaal haste. Don't forget about you flasks - they give you insane DPS boost.

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