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Sanctum: Architecture in Wraeclast
Established July 2018

Whether you're looking for design inspiration, craving favour points with the forsaken masters, hoping to show off your own great hideout (and win prizes) or just in need of a respectful and helpful space without the salt and froth so common among players in the gaming community, Sanctum is the guild for you!

What we offer

Our leader is always happy to help with Leo dailies and any others. This guild is for those who want to boost master favour quickly to get those sweet hideouts and decorations sooner!

We'll run quarterly hideout competitions with orb prizes based on the number of competitors (10 chaos minimum!). Chaos orbs will also be awarded to hideouts that are outstanding in one category.
Competition criteria:
Hideout evaluation will be based on theme, technical excellence, transformative decorating, accessibility, realism and overall aesthetic appeal.

Criteria explained
Theme: How strongly and consistently a theme is implemented and how well it is integrated in the given hideout type (e.g an immaculate (Zana) hideout using golden statues and bright red carpets for a 'luxury' theme, or using many corpses and torture devices to make the place look like a grisly torture chamber. These might not work in, for example, a lush (Tora) hideout).

Technical excellence: How well you've avoided awkward-looking object clipping and repetition, used space efficiently, combined decorations effectively (e.g using multiple decorations to create the appearance of a larger structure or something else entirely) and ensured decorations are well-aligned where appropriate (e.g walls are without unintended visible gaps, decorations fit together neatly).

Transformative decorating: How different a hideout looks compared to its original non-decorated state (e.g no significant areas left blank).

Accessibility: How much of the hideout can be traversed by a visitor without using movement skills and how easily this can be done (e.g routes through hideout are obvious and simple enough to navigate).

Realism: Avoiding arrangements that look unfeasible or hazardous (e.g no fire touching flammable decorations not intended to be on fire, waypoint not covered by objects), using 'functional' decorations (e.g beds in indoor hideouts or protected by structures in outdoor hideouts, pipes/extraction devices around a map device to make it look like a real machine, decorations that look like they belong to a nearby master). This is less important than the above criteria.

Other requirements/notes
All masters and crafting stations must be accessible. Masters must not have their daily mission portals blocked by objects.

Your hideout will only be judged on what is visible to a visiting player with a standard 1920*1080 monitor. The reason for this is that widescreen monitors give players a steeper viewing angle towards the edge of the screen that may allow players to see imperfections (e.g. clipping objects inside a building) that remain out of sight when playing on a standard monitor.

Members are encouraged to organise partying up for master dailies so everyone gets more favour points. Sanctum's leader is happy to work with members to help them get the favour points they need to decorate how they want.

We offer great hideouts open to the guild, so all our members can visit and be inspired!

We pride ourselves on having a wholesome, fun community where nobody is demeaned for who they are. If you don't want to put up with slurs and salt in the guild chat, look no further.

Guild guidelines

Check your settings and make sure your hideout is open to guild members.

Remember, there's a fine line between taking inspiration from someone's work and copying them. It's more fun for everyone if you just take a general idea and adapt it to suit you. Who knows, you could inspire each other!

Check for online guild members or ask in the guild chat before you run your dailies. You never know who might be in need of some more favour with their masters.

No abusive or hateful language is okay, whether used against our members or others. Slurs alienate people just for being who they are and we aim to be an inclusive guild for everyone (except, of course, the haters).

Leader IGN
You can contact Finnli in-game or PM me in the forums if you'd like to join!
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