[3.3] Self Cast Incinerate Chieftain - Shaper Capable! (+1M Shaper DPS)

I made this build because I was really excited about the changes made to incinerate in 3.3. The first character I fell in love with was a dual Cybil's Paw wielding/max block incinerate witch back before ascendancies were a thing. I initially tried replicating that as much as I could and it just didn't work out. After a lot of tweaking I put this build together which maintained a lot of the tankiness I desired while still packing a punch with good clear speed.

1. Can do any map mod beside elemental reflect
2. Capable of completing Shaper. I have not tried Uber Elder or Uber Atziri but I think it's capable.
3. Relatively cheap. Most expensive item is the 6L and no GG uniques. Total cost is 10-15ex depending on the market. I bought all my gear below for closer to 10ex.
4. Lots of passive elemental resists so gearing is cheaper and easier.
5. Melts bosses while maintaining a respectable clear speed.
6. Tanky with 7k HP so you can safely channel max staged incinerates

1. Can't do ele reflect
2. Players can't regenerate mana is annoying but doable while removing Herald of Fire and using a mana flask.
3. Overcoming the mana regen or mana cost reduction barrier to sustain a channeled incinerate can be tricky. Fortunately, there are many options to take and incursion has made this easier than ever.

Path of Building

PoB doesn't factor in the helmet enchant. With it, the Shaper DPS is over 1M @ max stages.

Gear Discussion
This build offers a lot of passive elemental resistance between the tree and the Chieftain Ascendancy which makes gearing for damage and utility substantially easier. There are a few things to beware of when gearing.

1.) Incinerate devours mana and this build does not stack mana or mana regenerate to compensate. Fortunately, there are several options to overcome this.

1a.) The easiest way to overcome the mana hurdle is to purchase rare rings with -# to Total Mana cost of skills. This mod drops from the Incursion temple so it is easier than ever to obtain.

1b.) Stack mana regeneration on gear wherever possible. Shaper helms can roll flat +mana regenerated per second and elder helms can roll mana regeneration rate. Abyss jewels also have flat +mana regenerated per second and are a great option if you are struggling

1c.) You can swap fire penetration for Iron Will for a minor DPS loss. Iron will has no mana multiplier tied to it. The build is naturally high in strength (I have 400) and the dps loss will be negligible on non bosses.

2.)You will want +1 to curses on an amulet. This can be expensive at first but since gearing is so flexible for this build you can get an amulet with only the corrupted mod and nothing else and it would still be worthwhile. Doedre's damning is a cheap alternative but you lose out on any other custom stats a corrupted amulet can offer.

3.) You will want at least one unset ring if possible. This will allow you to link Inc. Duration to Arcane Surge which is a big QOL upgrade.

My Gear

Yes a staff! Between all the community hate and the incursion drops, good staves are very easy to come by and cheap since no one wants them. I purchased my staff above for 10C about a month ago (no idea what current prices are) and 6S/6L'd it myself. Sure I can't shield charge or whirling blades but between a quicksilver flask and flame dash there is plenty of move speed and I never feel hindered because of it.

If you don't want to use a staff you can get a 6L Loreweave. You will lose some HP but the + max resists will make up for it. You can also just wear it instead of Kaom's if you're rich and use another 6L. I'd recommend trying to do a Flame Surge/Spell Totem combination for added single target DPS.


Gem Links


Incinerate - Combustion - Ignite Proliferation - Immolate - Faster Casting (When 5L Available)- Fire Penetration (When 6L Available)

Faster casting may be more useful for a 4L than Immolate depending on your gear and overall damage. Keep both on hand and use what feels best.

Swap Ignite Proliferation for Concentrated Effect on high tier bosses as needed or Shaper/Elder/Guardians only. In most cases your DPS will be plenty for map tier bosses without swapping.

4L (RBBB):

Increased Duration - Faster Casting - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (lvl 6 only)

4L (BBBB):

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Flammability - Elemental Weakness

2L (RR)RG:

CWDT - Immortal Call. Put Herald of Ash and Arctic Armor or Vaal Impurity of Ice in the other 2 sockets.

Vaal Impurity of Ice and be swapped for any Impurity or Purity of Elements if you have any difficulty capping resists. I chose Ice as a lot of big hits seem to mostly be Ice (Box Ice Nova, Shaper, Elder, etc.)

1L (G):
Arctic Armor or Vaal Impurity of Ice, whichever is not already socketed.


Not gonna lie, leveling kind of sucks. Especially if you use this as a league starter. You won't have access to many spells as a Marauder so I leveled using molten strike. There's also not a lot of damage nodes early in the tree. Once I got to Siosa in A3 and could purchase spells it was smooth sailing. Ignite Proliferation is critical for decent clear speed so make sure to link it ASAP.

As far as tree progression:

1. Work your way to Unwavering Stance then up to Retribution. Skip the mana reduction, endurance charge, and jewel socket for now.

2. Move left to Celestial Punishment and up to Holy Fire and Explosive Impact to get some extra damage.

3. move down to Quick Recovery for some mana regen then right for Blast Radius and up for Breath of Flames.

4. Fill in HP with skipped HP nodes as needed.

Jewel Stat Priority

1.) Damage
2.) Damage
3.) Damage
4.) Life



Kill All


Chieftain. It's not as much DPS as Elementalist but it's also not a glass cannon. The high passive HP regen, endurance charges, life leech, and damage conversion far outweigh (in my opinion) the nice utility of having a built in proliferation. It's also close to Unwavering Stance.


Helm: I like the +stages since the build is tanky enough to actually stay channeling at max charges. Any will do though really. My second choice would be +dmg/stage

Boots: Whatever floats your boat. I haven't even bothered to enchant mine because I've been lazy.

Gloves: Anything. Spell damage implicit is probably the best.

Playstyle Guide & Tips

Once you get enough cast speed (Cast time ~0.10s) you will gain charges so fast that simply hitting the spell button once will generate a charge that once released, ignites everything in front of you. Ignite proliferation helps to extend this naturally to give a much bigger area of effect. One click will wipe out a good chunk of a room filled with monsters. Putting one wave in front, flame dashing through, and putting another at the back is usually more than enough to kill everything.

Rely on your tankiness and be confident. You have a lot of HP, physical damage reduction, CWDT-Immmortal Call, physical damage to fire from the ascendancy, high Block with Rumi's and arctic armor all there. You will be surprised at how much of a beating you can take before things get scary.



One death due to me being a derp. It had been awhile since I had done Shaper and forgot he gets a clone in P3.

General Game Play
8 Mod T13s



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Nice build. How do HoA affect Incinerate? It gives a lot of dps in PoB but its should be for physical skills only. Is it a bug?
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In what order did you take your ascendancys?

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