[3.3] "Living Conduit" - Charged Dash CwC Arc Trickster (Fast T15 map clears, work in progress)

The Living Conduit

Hi all, I'm LZFX and I'd like to share this build that I've coined The Living Conduit. Ever since the concept for Charged Dash was released, I fell in love with it, but could never really make my own build with it work . Thankfully, Incursion and patch 3.3 has breathed a bit of new life thanks to the ridiculousness that is Arc and some of the conversion modifiers from Incursion gloves.

This build is a work in progress still. I've comfortably cleared T15 maps, beaten Yellow Elder, and am currently working towards Shaper / Red Elder.

The Concept
We utilize Weave the Arcane to be able to cast Charged Dash with no cost. With the ability to channel indefinitely and repeatedly, we can use this with the Cast while Channeling gem to get free casts of Arc and scale Lightning Damage, Shock effectiveness, and Crit to apply to both attacks. Admittedly a lot of the power comes in the form of Arc's area clearing, but Charged Dash at full stacks actually packs a nice additional punch to our single target damage where Arc sometimes falls behind.

Our single target damage is amplified by using a Lightning Spire trap setup in a 4L. Even without being specced into traps or being a Saboteur, this ability houses a ridiculous amount of single target damage with decent coverage. With the extra effectiveness of shock that this build offers, on top of Lightning Spire's increased chance to crit against shocked targets, it can do an insane amount of damage to bosses with relatively little risk to you.

Since we don't require mana for our main attack, we're free to reserve (nearly) all of it to help buff our damage and survival. We run EB / MoM and get a good amount of ES to act as our MoM pool instead of Mana. Even though we use ES, we still pick up Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics later on for the avoidance. The slight hit to ES is offset by taking Escape Artist for the huge ES boost on your Eva or (realistically) Eva/ES hybrid chest.

Great clear speed
Auto targeting with Arc
Gaps + Grates are no concern with this build, flow over everything!
Can start leveling with this as soon as you get Cast while Channeling at 38
Fairly flexible gear options, only 2 truly required uniques to get started for mapping.
Can do every map mod except Elemental Reflect
Very active playstyle, Charged Dash is very satisfying to play

Some RNG in DPS thanks to Harness the Void
Need a reliable way to remove Freeze (of Heat flask mod is a must)
Doing Temp Chains maps requires very diligent flask managment
Cannot do Elemental Reflect maps
This is not a mindless right-click build. Charged Dash requires positioning and using the instant teleport to actually dodge abilities.

Current PoB Skill / Gear (Currently Level 93)

Note that at the time of writing this, I'm currently pathing towards Heartseeker for bonus crit/multi on the east side of the tree. The lone dex node allocated is not unintentional.

33 points (pre CwC)

I leveled traps up until I got CwC. Lightning Trap with Pierce and Multiple Traps will serve you for most of the early game.

Grab Soul Siphon and Coordination early as it will greatly help leveling. If you have twink gear (Elreon jewelry specifically to help with mana costs), you can probably skip these. Feel free to grab either of the +30 dex/str nodes if you need for leveling and gearing as well.

58 points

Pathing here is a little weird if you're looking to save on regrets / respecs. You can take a more direct route to Heart and Soul and respec later if you want. The main thing is getting yourself set up for MoM and EB and start pumping your life. Damage should not be an issue with Charged Dash -> Cast while Channeling -> (Vaal) Arc -> Lightning Penetration.

By now you'll at least have the first Ascendancy done which should be Weave the Arcane to allow you to use Charged Dash for free from here on out.

At this point you can spec out of Soul Siphon and Coordination if you took them earlier.

83 points (pre Kitava)

We path into the Templar area to boost up our life pool. Take MoM for sure, and EB if you feel comfortable with it. I didn't end up taking EB til later but that really depends on your ES levels. Having a Vaal Discipline should also dictate whether or not you do this.

Skill points going into Kitava and Mapping

Ascendancy Points

Normal Lab
Cruel Lab
Merciless Lab
Uber Lab

You basically have to get Weave the Arcane first in order to make this build function.
You can take the others in whatever order you like, but this is the order I did and found it worked the best for me. Escape Artist isn't worth taking until later when you get higher level gear anyway.


I went Alira for the crit multi and all res. The +2 skill point option is definitely viable as well.

Don't go Oak.
Don't go Kraitlyn, despite the temptation for the movespeed and dodge.

Gear and Gem Links


We use an Essence Worm in order to not only boost Wrath but also nullify the 50% cost, making room for our other reservations (despite the 40% increase).

Even though Impresence doesn't make Blasphemy + Conductivity truly free (due to Essence Worm), it's enough that it allows us to run both Discipline and Arctic Armor on top of both of these. The energy shield regen also helps with keeping part of Ghost Dance active at all times.


I'm using double Doryani's Catalyst because of the elemental leech and the hybrid nature of them, offering decent physical and very good elemental stats. If you don't have these, any good hybrid 1h dual wield setup will do. Crafting lightning leech onto daggers/scepters/claws with Catarina is recommended, or else you'll have to find another source of leech. I ran a Warlord's Mark Blasphemy aura for a while and also used a Lightning Doryani's Invitation belt to offset this.

Ice Golem - Blind - Increased Minion Life

Survivability and bonus crit/accuracy. Minion Life is there since we dont run this with CWDT and want it to survive as long as possible.

Orb of Storms - PCoC - Increased Critical Strikes

Self explanatory. Generate charges for tougher content. Also since we're lightning based this does actually deal *decent* damage.

ES helm because of Escape Artist. Helm enchant can be Arc for damage, or Movespeed on Charged Dash. I haven't hit the Uber 15% yet (or an Arc one...) but this is helpful enough for now.

Lightning Spire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Lightning Penetration - Concentrated Effect

Serious single target damage. Easy to drop one and then Charged Dash away. Also good for dealing with Atziri Reflect, Essences, strongboxes, etc.

Ideally get a helm with Concentrated Effect built in and run Controlled Destruction or Added Lightning Damage instead.

Any 6L with G-B-B-B-B-B is fine. Preferably something with evasion to use Escape Artist to offset the ES loss from Acrobatics. Ideally I'd want to run something like The Perfect Form, QotF or Kintsugi here, but getting a 6L with 5 offcolors is a fun task.

Shroud of the Lightless is a great option here as well. You can drop either Lightning Pen or Added Lightning Damage (I haven't PoB'd it) since it comes with Elemental Penetration baked in. If you do this, prioritize Abyss jewels obviously in your tree.

Inpulsa's Broken Heart is another option, but you're not going to get a lot out of Escape Artist with it, and we're not struggling with killing trash at all. Still, if you feel you want the damage, it's an easy gem link setup.

Charged Dash - Cast while Channeling - Vaal Arc - Lightning Penetration - Controlled Destruction - Added Lightning Damage

CD casts regular Arc for the CwC and you still get access to the Vaal skill which is, again, a great crowd clearing ability or boss killer. The lucky buff you get to Arc is not insignificant, and it's a guaranteed shock which is great for priming your Lightning Spire traps.

It might be worth using a level 3/4 Empower here instead of Added Lightning if you have one. Again, probably dependent on your personal gear.

Resists, life, etc. Nothing to say here.

Grab gloves with the Incursion mod 25% physical -> lightning. This will help scale your Charged Dash with all the +lightning we're getting and reduce any worries with physical reflect maps.

Arctic Armor - Blasphemy - Conductivity - Frost Wall (for elder)

Buffs buffs and utility. Arctic Armor works nicely for this build as you're stationary while channeling, so we get the benefit more often than not.

Abyss belt. Standard fare. You could use Doryani's Invitation for the bonus damage / leech if you want, but I feel like you need the life. Same story with Ascent from Flesh for some nifty Phasing dodge / movespeed interaction, but again, I feel like you need the life.

I'm using resistance boots to help cover the gap. Biggest thing to note is 30% movespeed. You DEFINITELY want to run 30% if at all possible. Atziri's Step is a good option if you don't have resistance issues. I ran Stormchargers for a while which are only 20% but also helped convert the additional physical -> lightning on Charged Dash.

CWDT (6) - Immortal Call (8) - Increased Duration - Vaal Discipline

Standard CWDT IC setup, adjust your levels accordingly to your HP as you see fit. Vaal Disc goes here for the bonus duration on the Vaal usage.


Life flasks - Could run 2x seething if you want, but you need bleed removal and freeze removal here.

Atziri's Promise - Surivability, leech, and gives us bonus chaos even if we dont have full conversion. Leech synnergizes with Harness the Void as well. Plus with Incursion being so heavy with Chaos firing squads, this is actually really handy to use.

Jade flask for survival. Could run Quartz or Stibnite if you wanted to. I found I move around too fast for Stibnite to be useful but it would be good on bosses.

Quicksilver Flask - Movespeed is amazing for Charged Dash. If I can get a 50-60/30 Rotgut I'll use that, even if I dont get any use from the Frenzy/Onslaught interaction on it. I run warding on here so I can blaze through maps with curses. If I do replace with Rotgut, I'll roll warding on my Evasion flask.

Other option would be to have a Wise Oak and keep Lightning Resistance the highest.


Life, lightning damage, etc. Phasing on kill is a QoL thing. Same with attack speed. Big things are Energy Shield regen so that even when you're taking lots of damage, you have SOME ES trickling in to keep part of your Ghost Dance ascendancy working for you. Keeping that extra dodge and movespeed is huge.

Not necessary, but I got this one for fairly cheap due to the rather undesired nature of conversion. Grace is wasted, but again, this is a build in progress. If you dont have access to a Watcher's Eye and still want the full physical -> lightning conversion, as I mentioned above, Stormchargers are a good boot option despite the 10% MS loss.

Since we really dont care much about mana, this is just a no brainer. I only want to use one because traps get expensive and having the ability to throw out traps/orb of storms when I want is somewhat important.


Your preference, honestly. I run a maxed out Lunaris and run Shakari due to the nature of chaos this league (and dont have to run a Curing flask either).

I ran Brine King until I got Escape Artist for the stun prevention.

That's basically everything I can think of, thanks for taking your time to read this all. I'll be updating this as I go and I'll try to do some videos in the near future. I'm fairly happy with this build in terms of how fun it is to play thematically, as well as clear speed. I'll gladly field any questions and I'm willing to take suggestions on improvements that could be made.

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Hey, nice build. Will u add any videos?
Hey, nice build. Will u add any videos?

Yeah I should have some time to do a video this weekend. Will try to get something setup asap!
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pretty surprised you arent using swift killer with this build tbh. even if you had to drop harness the void for it if escape artist is that mandatory.
Fizecs wrote:
pretty surprised you arent using swift killer with this build tbh. even if you had to drop harness the void for it if escape artist is that mandatory.

Swift Killer just helps me kill trash faster. I'm not having any issues with trash. You could certainly make an argument for Swift Killer if your sole intent is to clear maps as fast as possible, but against bosses is where you need the most help with this build, and HtV actually provides reliable damage compared to Swift Killer in most boss fights.
I see. So is this almost like a poor mans (ssf-mans) poets arc/LW build? I imagine its pretty impossible to scale CD damage very well if you're going for spell damage and crit. Just a way to clear maps faster and less clunkily than self casting arc basically?

Edit: Also checked your PoB, you should drop some of the lightning keystones and grab more crit, Doom Cast over by ci is gonna give you a lot more damage than flat lightning keystones on the tree
Last edited by Fizecs on Jul 7, 2018, 6:04:42 AM
Fizecs wrote:
I see. So is this almost like a poor mans (ssf-mans) poets arc/LW build? I imagine its pretty impossible to scale CD damage very well if you're going for spell damage and crit. Just a way to clear maps faster and less clunkily than self casting arc basically?

Edit: Also checked your PoB, you should drop some of the lightning keystones and grab more crit, Doom Cast over by ci is gonna give you a lot more damage than flat lightning keystones on the tree

Thanks for the heads up about pob, I'll look at the numbers when I sign in next!

And yeah, you could definitely do this in SSF. Essence Worm and Impresence just give you access to more auras and buffs.

Charged Dash is definitely hard to scale this way, but that's what matches up with the Arc tags so that's what we work with. Arc ends up being a lot of the damage, but CD is not insignificant when dealing with single target damage. When I look at PoB, I assume my damage on trash is mostly the Arc damage while my single target is Arc + CD.

The Way I look at it, it's a self cast arc build that takes cast speed out of the equation, with built in mobility. Charged Dash acts like a support that gives you that mobility and extra damage focused in an area.
Hey so I just stumbled across this build while lookin for similar attempts to what I'm currently building.

I have a very similar tree here but with Inquisitor and using the harbinger sword Rippling Thoughts + Crown of Eyes helm. Also using Oskarm gloves for ass mark + accuracy.

I get 85k CD dmg and 340k arc dmg against shaper w/ only enemy is chilled, power charges, and have used attack/spell recently. No flasks except diamond.

I think inquis is definitely the way to go. I tried doing trickster before but just didn't get the damage I wanted.

Your build is tankier but I plan to use loreweave and swap into MoM once I get good rares to max resists, drop a ring and use essence worm.

Here's the PoB im using right now. https://pastebin.com/FdgxXRs6
For the
Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel
you said you got it for cheap due to the conversion, how cheap was cheap? the lowest i can find with that same conversion is 5ex/

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