[3.3] Face-Melting Cannibal Fire-Eaters | Hybrid Necro [2mil+ shaper DPS]


Cannibal Fire-Eaters are a bit of a nice spectre, overshadowed by Tukohama's Vanguard and Solar Guards. Unlike the popular spectres, Fire-Eaters can only be found in maps, which probably doesn't help their popularity. However, what really sets them apart is their PBAOE 'incinerate', which allows for some interesting gem/skill interactions.

This is a hybrid build that solely focuses on scaling Fire-Eaters' damage to the level of pre-Dyadus nerf Tukohama's Vanguards while maintaining a clear speed similar to using Solar Guards. It differs from other hybrid builds by focusing on jewels instead of auras to boost the Fire-Eaters' DPS. There are three variants of the build: high dps, balanced and safe, which are detailed below.

+ Face-melting DPS (see PoB in mechanics section)
+ Shotgun packs
+ 10k+ eHP (1.4k hp + 9k es)
+ Zoomzoom (+150% movement speed)

- Cannibal Fire-Eaters are only available in maps
- Cannot do elemental reflect mod
- Moderately expensive
- Dependent on jewels
- Some bosses are impossible to do due to a bug

Videos are the best way to showcase a build, so here are a couple.
I'm currently grinding my way towards 40/40, so there'll be more later.

3.3 - Shaper & Guardians Compilation

3.3 - Shaper full run


Basic level 84 Fire-Eater vs fully scaled Fire-Eater
(Basic Fire-Eater is 1L Raise Spectre 20/20, 0 passives, 0 ascendancy, level 84, boss=shaper)
(Scaled Fire-Eater is 'balanced' variant of this build, frenzy charges, elemental equilibrium, boss=shaper, vaal haste enabled)

What makes Fire-Eaters really interesting is their low damage hit that has APS5, which according to PoB is 'incinerate', and, according to poedb, their attack is tagged 'projectile' and comes with LMP. Because of this, they scale extremely well with cast speed and added flat damage. We can achieve this by focusing on jewel sockets and Ghastly Eyes, using Vaal Haste and Flesh Offering. In addition, there is no cast delay for their spell, so they can run with you/teleport to you and melt packs as you go. It's even possible to shotgun packs by using phasing to run into the middle and casting convocation. Also, since they can scale up to APS20+, and you have 5 of them, they will always have full frenzy charges.

While FEs have incredible DPS potential, they are, however, limited by their PBAOE and minion AI. This means the play style needed to take full advantage of them is akin to playing a melee character; you will find yourself in meleee range most of the time. If you try to stay at range, you will find that they will run back to you and the enemy may be out of range. This will require good knowledge of boss mechanics, so you can stay right next to them.

The build is also fairly quick, with a potential for +150% movement speed. This is acheived through a combination of high level Phase Run and Quicksilver of Adrenaline. It also makes the build fairly safe as you have 80% reduced visibility to enemies.

To clear maps, you simply cast Phase Run, pop your Quicksilver and run through packs or in circles around them. For bosses, it's much the same; just remember to cast flesh offering first, drop an Orb of Storms and hit Vaal Haste. For everything up to Shaper, you can probably ignore boss mechanics because the DPS is high enough.

I've played this build in 3 variants: high dps, balanced and safe.
The 3 variants are based around using alternate gems with the same colours (for ease of swapping).
High DPS is only really viable for stationary bosses or bosses without add phases as it uses Slower Projectiles to get an extra 29% more damage. However, this cuts the range of the PBAOE significantly and the FEs will struggle to clear packs of monsters. PoB calculates my spectres as having 614k shaper DPS each.
Balanced swaps in Faster Projectiles, which doubles their effective range, as well as adding some extra ES. The extended range allows the spectre to easily clear packs of monster. PoB calculates my spectres as having 475k shaper DPS each.
The safe build uses Esh's Visage to stop chaos damage from bypassing the energy shield, as well as substituting temporal chains as a defensive curse. PoB calculates my spectres as having 264k shaper DPS each.

Lastly, this build uses a golem to apply the combustion debuff of -19% fire res. PoB doesn't take into account this debuff for calculating DPS...

This build focuses on jewel sockets; by level 92, the build has 15 jewel sockets, 13 of which come from the passive skill tree.
Passive Skill Tree

Level 92, 13-jewel sockets

Bandits: Kill all

1: Invoker
2: Soul Weaver
3: Commander of Darkness
4: Puppet Master


Soul of Lunaris (helps with avoiding projectile attacks)
Soul of Arakaali (helps with ES regen and chaos resistance)
Soul of Shakari (helps chaos resistance)

Also, switch up the minor pantheon depending on what you are facing, eg. using Yugul when fighting Uber Elder.

Path of Building

High DPS



This build can be played in three variants: high DPS, balanced and safe. The variants are based solely on the shield.
For high DPS and balanced, you will be using Victario's Charity + Necromantic Aegis so your minions will generate frenzy charges:

For safe, you'll be using Esh's Visage, so that chaos damage does not bypass energy shield:

Vis Mortis, for the extra spectre. Naturally, a 6L is your goal, but 5L is enough to easily kill shaper. 4L will be enough for mapping up to red tier.
Important: must have 1 green socket.

Bones of Ullr, for the extra spectre. Important: 15% movement speed.

Midnight Bargain, for the extra spectre. Important: 30% minion damage.

Darkness Enthroned, for 2 jewel sockets, and the 50% bonus to each. With optimal jewels, you can get 150ES from this belt, plus 45-75 added damage to your spectres.

Rare helmet with as much energy shield (and resists) as you can afford.
Alternatively, you could use a Vertex if your resists are fine.

Rare helmet with as much energy shield (and resists) as you can afford.
Important: open prefix for crafting 15% minion damage.

Rings: As much energy shield (and resists) as you can afford. Important: try to get some chaos resist here.
Amulet: Presence of Chayula, for 60% chaos res, stun resistance, sizable ES bonus.

This build is all about the jewels. You will want to stack Ghastly Eye Jewels and Cobalt Jewels. At level 92, you will have 15 jewels sockets to fill. Additionally, this build doesn't use Heard the Flock, so you'll want some minion resist on your jewels.
For ghastly eyes, you want flat ES and added fire damage. Additionally, look for minion leech and regen.
For cobalt jewels, you want %ES and % minion damage.
In addition, a Watcher's Eye with ES regen is highly recommended.

If you prefer to have big DPS over survivability, you'll be running around with about 1.5k HP and chaos damage will bypass your ES. This is how I play. For this reason, you'll want two health flasks: a long duration flash with 'heat' and an instant with 'staunching'. Next, you will need a quicksilver with 'adrenaline'. I also like to have a quartz with 'adrenaline' because the main defense of this build is to keep running. Rounding out the flasks is a sulphur with 'dousing' (the 6% regen will apply to energy shield). For situations where you know there will be a lot of chaos damage (eg. Chayula), swap the quartz for a Coruscating Elixir.

Boots: +2% life/mana regen
Helm: +40% Spectre Damage
Gloves: X of Light (drops consecrated ground) or X of Reflection (create a copy of you).


6L / 5L (Chest) - Fixed link set up, with one gem swap.

Colours: 5B1G. Green is mandatory, so a 5L will be 4B1G.

For a 5L, drop Controlled Destruction. Faster Projectiles cannot be dropped because it is needed for extending the range of the PBAOE.

For stationary bosses, you can swap Faster Projectiles for Slower Projectiles. This will give you 29% more damage, but at a significant reduction to range (essentially melee range).

4L (Helmet, Gloves, Boots) - 2 fixed link set ups, 1 variable.

Colours: 3R1G, 3B1R, 2B2G.

Defence / Movement:

I recommend levelling up CWDT so it's about 10% of your ES. This build uses Phase Run as an active skill to boost run speed, so level it as high as your dex will allow.

Movement Skill / Minion Shotgun:

Lightning Warp has really nice range, but the casting delay is at the point you cast it. This means you shouldn't be using it to get out of immediate trouble, eg. shaper beam.
You can combine Convocation and Phase Run to run into the middle of big packs and shotgun them. Very satisfying.

Curse / EE:
High DPS

Arc can be substituted for Vaal Lightning Trap if you can generate kills. It drops shocking ground for 20% more damage.


While mapping, I recommend blasphemy, so you can just run around and apply the curse. You can swap it with CoH for boss fights


3L (Weapon, Shield) - 1 fixed, 1 variable.

Colours: 2B1R, 2B1G.


Flesh Offering instead of the usual Bone Offering as we're here to melt faces.

Golem Support:
Here we will use a golem to apply Combustion for a -19% res debuff on enemies.
High DPS

For high DPS, we'll use a Flame Golem to apply the Combustion debuff. We pair it with Spell Echo to increase the chances that the debuff will be applied.

Balanced / Safe

For a balanced / safe variant, we swap to the Stone Golem to get some regen (applied to ES). It doesn't hit as fast as the Flame Golem, so the Combustion debuff may be unreliable. Additionally, we have Discipline slotted here for more ES

2L (Belt) - Ghastly Eyes

Darkness Enthroned has two abyssal sockets and gives a 50% bonus to each. So, two Ghastly Eyes with 50ES will give you 150ES overall, which is more than a crystal belt.

Cannibal Fire-Eater do not spawn in the Acts; you will need to encounter them in Maps. They spawn in Shore, but I've also had good luck with them in Beach.

They also have a chance to spawn in any map

coming soon
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Gz on the build guide!
Nice build,

and nice dps

How Uber elder is with this build ?
Nice build,

and nice dps

How Uber elder is with this build ?

The DPS is definitely there for a deathless kill, but I have yet to do it deathless, though. Working on it.
This is a strictly worse version of a SG+Skele build. Your fire-eaters clear slower than pierce+faster proj SGs, and your single-target is worse than pseudo 5-linked skele. Plus walking around in 3.3 with 1.4k HP sans Visage/Wrappings is just asking to die.
cannibal fire eaters are available on the coast, when i played with them 2 seasons ago
Completed 15 ChallengesSher101 wrote:
This is a strictly worse version of a SG+Skele build. Your fire-eaters clear slower than pierce+faster proj SGs, and your single-target is worse than pseudo 5-linked skele. Plus walking around in 3.3 with 1.4k HP sans Visage/Wrappings is just asking to die.

SG+Skele is certainly a good build, I agree with you there. However, the point of this build was to see if FEs could replace TVs without needing FGs or some other minion as clear speed helpers. I think it succeeds; it certainly feels a lot better than TVs without Dyadus.

1.4k HP without shav's is asking to die in any league. It's managable though - I've done a full deathless chayula, for example. Also, the build is really meant for T16+Shaper+Uber Elder, so I never really considered getting a shav's. But, I'll see if I can borrow a 6L shav's to link to the build, when I can. Thanks for the suggestion.

prospecial wrote:
cannibal fire eaters are available on the coast, when i played with them 2 seasons ago

Oh. I didn't see them there, I'll have to check again, carefully. Thanks!
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