[3.13.1] Kurosaki Ichigo, CI CoC Flicker First Snow Freezing Pulse.

Being bored of every build in the game, even a flicker which I can control well because of an amateur ping-pong exp, I've thought about making the one I would find interesting to play.
This build mechanics and a character, looking like a character of Ichigo, teleporting and throwing Getsuga Tensho slashes, makes me enjoy it more, than a usual flicker! :D

-Flicker is fancy.
-Sometimes 1 teleport to clear the whole screen +further.
-Ascendancy suggests a cool playstyle.
-Reflect what? jk you will get rekt
-RNG is a troll.
-Reflecto = remove Freezing Pulse from the slot please.
-ES melee with a chance to be stunned(though can take an antistun gear).
-Parties can ResidentSleeper you since you clearspeed their gameplay.

Crits. It's the main mechanic of two things. Terminus Est Flicker Strike builds and CoC builds, it's also connected with Cold Damage gems.
I just linked them together, mans no fuse.
This guide might seem not too pompous, just sharing the idea behind the game design and a top 10 anime battles character.
I won't lock you inside a build! Everyone is free!
Just sharing info.

Here's what I wear.

These items, including gems, cost 65c.

I swapped Projectile Weakness with Poacher's Mark, right now quite happy with that, everthing dies a bit faster, crit chance is enormous, wasn't going out of Frenzy even at 4 Frenzy stacks cap, now it's up to 5.
I also swap +3000armor and lightres pots, sometimes it was worth to make it cold res, fire res. When you know the map boss, gotta prepare. Right now just smashing everything w/o problems. Forgetting to swap pots all the time, boss doesn't hit me sometimes, especially when he summons adds or there are other objects I can hit, and I flicker here and there, avoiding everything. Flicker attack speed is once per 0.13s, so, I need to click once per 0.39s, not hard. But, again, it's rare. Sometimes can just flicker things to death, there's a chance to freeze as well. Projectiles Weakness knocks mobs that aren't unique/have immunity to it somehow. Defensive mechanics inc.



JUST PoE.COM BUILD TREE: https://www.pathofexile.com/build/JwYGI9
29 SP. Grabbing dat shield(ofc find items with ES as well) so will get used to it before mapping, if didn't have a big exp with CI(I did not, also new user friendly thoughs)
Priority #1 is surviveability, find gear with ES, a tree is designed so an unexperienced player will be greedy and take a lot of +damage, need to be patient and tank those +10stats SP.
I had around 800hp and 600 shield in act 8 and struggled with death spamming bosses, rarely, patiently avoiding their mechanics and dealing sneaky damage with several flickers. Even with Terminus Est I got later.

I also do have a verson for crazy spell power, but I'm not sure if the phys crit is going to be cheeky-pooky to actually keep flickerin'. But if it works, nice dps increase from going spell crit dam.

Starting leveling is easy, I'd start flickering as fast as I can, to get used to it, especially to situations when flickering stops / stops jumping far enough to avoid hits aka starting to get rekt. But, if you don't like not flickering forever with RMB pressed passively(which is not Joga Bonito at all, control your flicking), you can use Freezing Pulse. I got it to some 20k dps while leveling, was kinda CBA dying, flicker CoC w/o much good +crit nods and gear wasn't a serious weapon.
Leveling with terminus and decent flicking is easy, everything dies, so unusual as flicker to kill mobs who aren't on the screen yet, I enjoy it very much. -Clearscreen mechanics and a flicker, man I just one, two step and I slide.
Can also open with a Vaal Cold Snap + Frenzy charging flask, will freeze everything and have a good opportunity to build Frenzy flickering stacks).

Killed Izaro, a map was the worst for a flicker, a thin trail of normal ground between huge fields of spike holes and a triple arrowthrower. Was getting slowed so hard my Leap took 3sec to even start a launch. Every time I flicked to clean zombies I should time it so Izaro doesn't do his damage at that second, catching me in a spike field where zombies usually were walking on. Took several good flicker rows to take him out. At least my damage is fine, but even 3300ES wasn't enough to make it mistake-forgiving.

Being Stunned. If being frozen is a task for our Diamond Flask, being stunned is a real deal. Gladiator builds have a devastating Ascendancy skill, Cannot be Stunned +100% stun duration on enemies. We as Shadow go other way, our Ascendancy skills give us Ghost Shroud charges, up to 3, getting one each second, and be immuned to stuns with consuming them+restoring 5% of your shield, right now, I'm not having it, coz took other Ascendancy point for a build to work better, to have crits and bigger attack speed, focused on DPS and frenzy stacks. Without antistun, sometimes still got caught.

Random Numbers Generator. RNG can be a troll, of course. When your first flicker doesn't crit, other 2 won't as well, you know it already, and you need to adapt to it at the very first attack, if you have no Frenzy charges, you might consider backing off for the next flicker of hitting a victim with Frenzy, if having it equipped(I'd recommend to do it). Will rarely run out of stacks, with my new build version with bigger crit chance, but, if will get caught in a freeze w/o Diamond pot, or stunned/out of Frenzy stacks and w/o instantly getting away in a right way(not straight, catching a projectile while landing after your leap, just leap over the enemy/behind a pillar or wall if it helps/if having time, double leap with changing direction, etc, overall stategy is avoiding hits ofc). But, if get caught w/o Frenzy in a situation, where needed to continue hitting or die, guess, might get smacked :>

Weeb stuff best stuff!
Aint weeb tho, Bleach is just a cool piece of art, enjoy ppls work boiz. Ye-ye, be flexible. Like our flicker! ES, Ranged AoE, Teleports, Melee hits, cool passive management stuff!

Anyways, atm, at 70+ lvl, I started to almost never die, even 1v1 with bosses when not having a lot of flask usage. My ES (EZ) is 4500, 75 75 76 resists, flicker hits once per 0.13s and my crit is 70.79% w/o power charges with a crit multiplier 343%, accuracy 92%. So, very often I just Diamond + Flicker and throw three Getsuga Tenshou x5 in mobs, usually destroying them with it.

Not dying on T4 maps if not being Keepo, though, I'm skilled, reaction and control-wise, and learning speed kinda owns, so, sometimes I'm just-meet avoid mechanics with ~0.0 timing, like, not even evading, sliding in their movement, not very availiable for everyone feature. Nevertheless!

This is akuma no unfinished build still, I'd like to finish it, show gear that will work on T15/Shaper/Ender/Mino, need to test my build efficiency in many ways with different unique items, in PoB+live.
Right now, just use this information anyway, can try this build out, the sense of the gameplay comes at some 50th levels easily, and can respec some caster w/o much changes anyways, though, so dam boring clearscreen casters are, managing nuttin is not living in the game. Peace, bros. Enjoy the gameplay, don't ever play some RF or w/e half AFK clearscreen schmack :)
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