[3.3] Kurosaki Ichigo, CI Flicker CoC Freezing Pulse 45Chaos+(in development).

Being bored of every build in the game, even a flicker which I can control well because of an amateur ping-pong exp, I've thought about making the one I would find interesting to play.
This build mechanics and a character, looking like a character of Ichigo, teleporting and throwing Getsuga Tensho slashes, makes me enjoy it more, than a usual flicker! :D

-Flicker is fancy.
-Sometimes 1 teleport to clear the whole screen +further.
-Ascendancy suggests a cool playstyle.
-Reflect what? jk you will get rekt
-RNG is a troll.
-Reflecto = remove Freezing Pulse from the slot please.
-ES melee with a chance to be stunned(though can take an antistun gear).
-Parties can ResidentSleeper you since you clearspeed their gameplay.

Crits. It's the main mechanic of two things. Terminus Est Flicker Strike builds and CoC builds, it's also connected with Cold Damage gems.
I just linked them together, mans no fuse.
This guide might seem not too pompous, just sharing the idea behind the game design and a top 10 anime battles character.
I won't lock you inside a build! Everyone is free!
Just sharing info.

Here's what I wear.

At lvl 68, I will be able to equip all my gear up, so I will have a Cast When Stunned Vortex + ColdSnap (for freezing ground Frenzy Strike on kill effect, can also open with a Vaal Cold Snap + Frenzy charging flask, will freeze everything and have a good opportunity to build Frenzy flickering stacks)



PoB(a tree + sticked both jewels + added 2 spells):

29 SP. Grabbing dat shield(ofc find items with ES as well) so will get used to it before mapping, if didn't have a big exp with CI(I did not, also new user friendly thoughs)
49 SP (already having access to +30dex/+30str, feel free to help yourself with it so you can gear up as you want).

Priority #1 is surviveability, find gear with ES, a tree is designed so an unexperienced player will be greedy and take a lot of +damage, need to be patient and tank those +10stats SP.
I had around 800hp and 600 shield in act 8 and struggled with death spamming bosses, rarely, patiently avoiding their mechanics and dealing sneaky damage with several flickers. Even with Terminus Est I got later.
63 SP (Terminus Est will be availiable with +str on gear)
91 SP (adding shield and a 2nd FP jewel)

115 SP (can do w/o you want though, can try with a low-life triggering self-curse belt (Coward's Legacy) and pick a Pain Attunement talent, feel free and change it as it fits your playstyle).

123 SP. I've counted that this is the best you can get, you can get more damage if got enough surviveability(-10% reflect dmg branch gives not a lot of DMG, for example, but this skill will save your life), everything is near, spell crit > spell dmg.

These items, including gems, cost ~45c.

Leveling with terminus and decent flicking is easy, everything dies, so unusual as flicker to kill mobs who aren't on the screen yet, I enjoy it very much. -Clearscreen mechanics and a flicker, man I just one, two step and I slide.
Killed Izaro, a map was the worst for a flicker, a thin trail of normal ground between huge fields of spike holes and a triple arrowthrower. Was getting slowed so hard my Leap took 3sec to even start a launch. Every time I flicked to clean zombies I should time it so Izaro doesn't do his damage at that second, catching me in a spike field where zombies usually were walking on. Took several good flicker rows to take him out. At least my damage is fine, but even 3300ES wasn't enough to make it mistake-forgiving. Got 3500 now after killing him, feels good. Also this buff accelerates my CoC attempts aka Flicker Strike to once per 0.13s with 4 frenzy stacks, when usually it's 0,17.

Atm (11.07.2k18) I hav 4900 ES, 6L armor and 100-90-90(75-76-75)res, 92% hit chance and 53% crit w/o BOWER charges. Sometimes still get caught at Tier11, when the crowd is very big, contains any problematic mobs for my elemental damage + melee ES with a chance of being stunned still. AND, the main reason — because being lazy and going for YOLO dps, not leaping back when my ES starts to be blown away. Thinking about adding some +link to Immortal call setup for a duration or just to remove golem and chromatic for 3Red link.

Being Stunned. If being frozen is a task for our Diamond Flask, being stunned is a real deal. Gladiator builds have a devastating Ascendancy skill, Cannot be Stunned +100% stun duration on enemies. We as Shadow go other way, our Ascendancy skills give us +ES, +10% chance to dodge attacks AND spells, AND +20% of it on full ES(our only dodge, since Acrobatics(30% attack dodge) tree golden skill reduce ES by 30%), +cannot be stunned if didn't take hit recently(past 4 seconds) and no movement skills manacost(Flicker in the one of them), +25% max mana, 6% damage reduce if spend 200mana(these skills are a straight tip for a Mind Over Matter skill, 30% of dmg goes to mana), +20% attack speed when used a movement skill recently(hello Flicker), +40% attack speed for 4s if ES recharge started, it's a good comeback burst. So, basically, our playstyle can be like this, we are hard to hit + cannot be stunned until getting the 1st hit, but with Flicker this is hard, since we sidestep-backstep bosses swings, when our ES and mana pool is finally smacked, we get away with a leap/whatever else(which manacost is 0), we wait for ES recharge to start and counterpressure with +40% attack speed + we are hard to hit again. Atm, I'm at the 91SP stage of the build, 3500ES and with only 2 labs behind my shoulders. Sometimes I just get caught.

Random Numbers Generator. RNG sometimes trolls too hard, and your volcano might explode. I sometimes successfully did 3 flicker strikes at 50% crit chance w/o BOWER charges, and several opens with those 3 flickers in a row didn't even proc CoC. Sometimes I just run out of charges, when already having 4 BOWER stacks and at 62% crit chance I hit like 15 times w/o CoC procing and flicker stopped. I was like "Please, game!", then it progressed to "please GAME!!1", I wish I could say it didn't go any further. I wish. I guess, mobs can evade sometimes, even when it's not typed in their mod layout. RNG can troll very-very hard, so I basically rolled with 62% chance 15 times +had 9% additional negative roll of missing, and I've lost 15 times in a row, PLUS, with having a Diamond Flask up, it's 30 times in a row! This can happen, and when it happens, guess what happens next! ;D

Weeb stuff best stuff!
Aint weeb tho, Bleach is just a cool piece of art, enjoy ppls work boiz. Ye-ye, be flexible. Like our flicker! ES, Ranged AoE, Teleports, Melee hits, cool passive management stuff!

Anyways, atm, with that 30% dodge until ES is damaged and 10% when having ES (at 0 ES and 1 hp you will have 0% dodge quick maffs!) and other goodies of 91 SP (+Stacks Flask!) stage I started to almost never die, even 1v1 with bosses when not having a lot of flask usage.

This kind of damage(especially it) and surv is working on T8-10 maps, though, I'm skilled reaction and control-wise and learn very fast, so a sometimes avoid mechanics with ~0.0 timing. Nevertheless!

This is akuma no unfinished build, I will make it decent, need to test a lot of things with different unique items, in PoB or live.
Anyway, sharing the idea of the char + build. I think, CoC and Terminus flicker and cold gems were destined to be together.
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