[3.3 ISC] Proj based Cospri's Malice Inquisitor with MoM/Indigon [WIP - Feedback appreciated]

Note: This build is not as good as i want it to be at the moment, maybe i will turn this into a full guide once i tweak it a bit more. Until then any feedback/guidance is greatly appreciated.

The Basics:

I decided to give this build a go after seeing the new corruptions for swords and new mana mods from the temple. The idea is:
a) getting free penetration and flat 6% mana regen from inq,
b) crit/crit multi from the tree,
c) lot of spell dmg from Indigon helmet,
d) flat mana from new temple items.

The Good and the bad:

+ Clear speed is real nice, even in t15
+ 7k EHP and 76-80 max res
+ Can do bosses as well without any swaps etc.
+ Mostly single button (other than arcane surge buff which lasts 22 seconds)
+ Fast movement via shield charge (or whirling blades)
+ Can start cheap and farm itself

- Dmg is a bit on the low side for T16+ once you flasks are depleted (a.k.a diamond flask dependency)
- It depends a bit on cospri corruption, which might get more expensive in time.
- Using cyclone to spend as much mana as possible needs some getting used to
- The build is skill point heavy and doesn't come to its final stage until 85+

At the moment i can do U.lab, Atziri, 83 temple along with its boss and Shaper guardians (but i have to port out and in to refresh potions for deathless Minotaur and Phoenix).

Also managed to kill Shaper but i am pretty confortable with the fight itself. The first 2 phases ain't problematic, but 3rd phase can get quite boring if you cannot get full mileage out of flasks.

Pastebin and Explanation:

Frenzy charges from corruption, power charges from PCoC on cyclone, enemy is chilled via a.breath.

There is a mana flask which gives 220% spell dmg to emulate 4 stacks of indigon, which is the bare minimum you will get

Dps is around 450k w/o flasks. around 640k with diamond + atziri flask

Gear breakdown:

This build can be played with 2x cospri or 1 cospri + lycoside (with a Cast on Crit setup in body armor). I am running with the shield atm as it adds lots of consistency to the build.

Bread and butter of the build. Frenzy charge corruption is gg.

Lycoside removes the need for accuracy and makes our crits more consistent. Also it lets me drop faster attacks and additional accuracy gems from cyclone setup in favor for cast on crit.

Indigon gives lots of spell dmg as long as you can sustain the cost, which is trivial as long as we are on consacrated ground. As it ramps the mana costs too, you can reach stupidly high numbers when played correctly.

The gloves pump the base cost of cyclone while providing good dmg. Also makes you movement skill costly enough so u will keep frenzy charges/indigon stacks when running pack to pack.

There are other options to use as the body armor but Loreweave is a good all rounder (plus i had one sitting around)

these boots add +300 mana by themselves

This can be replaced with Blasphemy-W.Mark

On top of that i use 3 grand spectrum (mana) and 2 fevered mind jewels to pump up the costs

Skill breakdown:

3L Cospri: Freezing Pulse - Ele. Focus - Cont. Dest.

Freezing Pulse as our main dmg. Linked for maximum dmg.

6L Body armor: Cyclone - Inc. Critical Strikes - Power charge on crit - Cast on Crit - A.Breath - Another cold spell

Cyclone has high aps and a huge mana cost. Other options would be Flicker or Lacerate.
For cast on crit part, A.Breath for extra dmg and guaranteed chilling on anything (it also shotguns if the boss is near a wall). I also use a frostbolt for now but i will switch to second Freezing Pulse as soon as i level another one to 20/20

(For dual cospri you should drop cast on crit and use cyclone-pcoc-faster attacks-increased accuracy-inc. critical strikes-increased aoe, put the spells in 2nd Cospri instead)

4L Movement: Shield Charge/whirling blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Inc. Critical Strikes

Shield Charge (or whirling blades for dual cospri) for movement, and it also keeps frenzy charges and indigon spell dmg up due to its mana cost.

4L Aux: Phase run - Inc. Duration - Arcane surge - Vaal Righteos Fire

Phase run linked to arcane surge generates 22 sec long arcane surge buffs if u consume 4 frenzy charges, since we get them back quickly it doesn't bother us at all. Vaal RF is just another multiplier vs bosses

4L CWDT: CWDT - IC - Inc. Dura - Ice golem

Pretty standard CWDT combo and auto-golem setup


Clarity is just there to let my watchers eye work.
Herald of ice is also real inefficient and i mostly keep it closed.
You can go for Blasphemy+ Warlord's Mark for the Aura and free up a ring slot too.


I tried Flicker instead of cyclone, and i was surprised how easy to sustain frenzy charges with the frenzy corruption. Problem here is flicker mana cost ramps up too quickly (even with 1000 mana regen per sec) and also mana regen from cons. ground cannot be reliably achieved. Still u get crazy spell damage while flickering so i will test it again with a different setup

I think this is it, ty for reading. I will also try to post a video at some point whenever i got the time.

Meanwhile if you have any suggestions about the build i would gladly liste to them :)

Bench Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2515748

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/
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Hi there, good work on the build, I actually theory crafted something similar a while back but didn't put it into practice cuz i didn't have the time. Anw for the flicker version I think using Cloak ok Defiane as well as using a Gifts from Above can help with sustaining the mana cost easier.
Woooh, interesting build!

Am the guy who bought you the corrupted Cospri's malice with additional proj implicit.
Nice to chat with you, author :)

Been thinking of more dps, then you made this.
Makes sense and can indeed increase dps.
Really interesting.

Looking forward for more updates and other's feedback!

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