[3.3] Smuth's 14 Aura Bot! 2/3 Curse NOW WITH EMPOWER!

Are you Tired of killing kitava for your friends? Tired of watching your friends skip bosses and super hard packs? Have you tried supporting them to help them? Try This Aurabot!

This build is NOT for those of you who like kill stuff. Sorry, you can't even kill act 1 mobs really well with this build. The best you get to do is watch the fireworks and get free loot.

This build focuses on using a specific set of gear to min/max your way to a 6-link Shavronne's Wrappings with Empower in it with only 1, yes 1 Enlighten 4. Yes there are personal choices in it, Yes you can change it to your liking, I built this so I do NOT have to worry about Chaos/Poison damage and the Idea to forego 3 Enlighten 4's to try and squeeze more out of the build.

This is not a cheap build. This is min-maxed pretty well already and if you think you have changes for me PM me.

HC: Probably but SUPER HARD to acquire this gear and live.
SC: Yes
Standard: Will cost MUCH more but still possible

8k+ ES
~2k+ Life (all but 100 is reserved)
Tanky 48k+ Armour and 82/83% Resistances.
You CAN take an elder or shaper slam, but I would not tell you to take more than one (for science).
Cheap to start.

Can be a little slow. With a Headhunter carry you MIGHT fall behind but a good aurabot never does.
EXPENSIVE to Min/Max (Ive dropped probably 100ex this league into this.)

Aura Calculations

So Here's the nitty gritty, You need 5 1% reduced mana reserved jewels to enable this build. You can get them from anywhere, but when paired with the Alpha's Howl and Skyforth, they enable this build to start to push off to the deep end of the pool. Using a 6l Shavs with 3r/1g/2b you can run this setup (I HAVE NOT TESTED ANY OTHER VERSIONS OF 14 AURA SETUP) so for now you will need to Build this way:
Helm: Enlighten 3, Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire, Purity of Lightning
Chest: Anger,Wrath, Hatred, Generosity, Empower 4, Enlighten 4
Boots: Enlighten 3, Purity of Elements, Discipline, Vitality
Shield: Haste, Grace, Determination
Ring: Clarity
Weapon: Shield Charge, CWDT + Immortal Call


So good luck leveling this build. You will want to level as frost blades or Arc or something that can self sustain. You CANNOT kill anything with this build in reasonable time. You will be able to leech in public parties though. You want to hit 65+ asap, 70 for Blood Magic and the Nodes Behind it. If you path to the right of Scion start, then up to witch, by level 50 you should have Witch start. By level 70 you should be pathing the long way down to Blood Magic and Iron Reflexes, Pick up Zealot's Oath on the way down. Unless your able to get 1% gems super early, skip all but your first 3 Gem nodes and look to get them around level 80ish.
If your having trouble staying above 7k Es Get more 30+ es jewels on your tree on in your belt.

Skill Gems

1 Enlighten 4/X
2 Enlighten 3/X
1 Empower 4/X
1 Generosity (21/20)
Anger (21/20)
Wrath (21/20)
Hatred (21/20)
Determination (21/20)
Vaal Grace (21/20)
Vaal Haste (21/20)
Vaal Clarity (1+/20)
Vaal Discipline (21/20)
Vaal Impurity of Lightning (21/20)
Vaal Impurity of Fire (21/20)
Vaal Impurity of Ice (21/20)
Vitality (21/20)
Purity of Elements (21/20)

Curse Set Up:
Ball Lightning (21/20)
Curse on Hit Support (21/20)
Elemental Weakness (21/20)
Temporal Chains (21/20)
Vulnerability (21/20)

Portal (1/20)
Cast When Damage Taken (6/20)
Immortal Call (7/20)
Shield Charge (20/20)


You need a Haste=Phasing Watcher's Eye (Clarity = -Mana cost #2/Discipline = Recovery/Regen #3)This provides you a HUGE QoL improvement for movement.
You need at LEAST 5 1% Reduced Mana Reserved jewels
Easiest to get 1 on your Conqueror's Efficiency!
You want 1 Energy from Within (5% or 6%) You can get a 1% reduced mana here but... it will take a long, long time (or 10+ EX).
You need 4 other 1% reduced mana jewels so use your discretion on them! (Either ES/Int or ES/Life)
I'm not linking mine here due to them not being what I want them to be right now.


The only Ammy for us. +1 Curses for 3 Curse. GG Corruption = Movespeed/+1 curse

Goes in the Right slot. Only ring for Us here.

You can use a Pariah if you cant get your hands on a Clarity reduction Watcher's eye. I use Xopec/Elreon for the free shield charge and half price curse orbs


The only Item to provide Envy, Worth EVERY penny. Only way to truly 14 Aura.


The only item worth it's weight in gold this league. +2 aura/+2 aoe Is the god tier roll. +2 AOE or Aura is good enough to get you going!


The objective here is to provides AS MUCH extra levels this build can muster. Here you want any two of +2 duration/+2 aoe/+2 aura (this provides you a much needed boost resistances!) Duration and Aura or Duration Aoe IF you want to run Impurities. Aura/Aoe if you DO NOT want Impurities.


The Best thing to get on this is +1 gems/+2 Aura or +1 gems/+2 AOE.
This boosts your enlighten to level 5, and your empower to level 5 making the whole build possible.


The only reason I'm using this is for the mana reservation reduction. You could go Steppan eard/Sin Trek but you will not get to Empower your main auras and have your Envy.


I'm using this because of the extra stats it provides. 40 life/40 Es jewels = 60/60 EACH. Getting you 120/120 or better. Unfortunately the Implicit modifiers for 1% ARE NOT doubled according to the game or POB. Not sure if its a rounding error or the .5 is dropped off in calculations. This would allow us to drop off 1 or 2 mana reduction jewelsGGG PLZ FIX!


I'm using these currently because they are GG. If you want to go 3 curse set up your 4th gem slot to be r/g and find an appropriate Curse for your carry. You want Either Temp Chains or Vuln on hit, so you can socket the opposite with Ball lightning+Curse on Hit. Can run 2/3 curses easily (will cost you a bit of Chaos or a few EX)

Passive Tree/Build Link/Ascendancy

POB LVL 100 <--- POB lvl 100 link
POE Tree <-- this is the POE site just shortened

Kill all the bandits.

Normal int + passive point
Cruel Necromancer + passive point
Merc Path of the Witch + Str/Int
Uber Passive Point + Guardian

Special Thanks to AbstratART, MrPickles50, BADKay, and TrollZilla For the Carries! MMPT86 for the Original Build guidelines and the help working the math of this build out.
Extra Special Thanks to my wife for putting up with me staying up late and ignoring her for the build/math/science.
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I can. fix both your embedded links in the bottom.

You don't need the Enlighten 3 (in boots OR in the helmet, this is according to PoB.) Enlighten 4 in either of those would do something.

Drop the Impurities (all 3) & run 21/20 purities in the helm (this is personal preference, I like having 3 more max [total] ele res.) Discipline can be swapped out for Purity of Elements to add a lil' more ES, no problem.

I run without curses. The duration on them without Blasphemy is just awful (requires Skyforths or a rare amulet, both of which are bad for various reasons (losing stun immunity or converted life regen). :(

Generosity & Empower 4 are both not required. I haven't seen a single map clearer complain about not having either of these on their aurabot. :)

very good build regardless. Yes, it is LEAGUE FRIENDLY; any roll Shavs will do just fine.

drop the cwdt setup (& fortify), a good aurabot doesn't need it. :)

if you can somehow get 5 "1% reduced mana reservation" Energy from Withins (%es roll does not matter; the higher, the better though), do so. You will have enough life for all of them. :)

Gear + Level 99 tree (PoB)

Mom, I did a thing (league-friendly minmax'd)

You thought there was content here? Nah. Just spaces.
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Your right about the enlightens, but I'm not understanding the math behind them not applying their mana multiplier. Its seems like there is a disconnect between the 1% jewels currently and Mana multiplier.

Also Fixed the Links. Thank you!
Build looks solid.
Best Aurabot build I've seen since I'm playing Path of Exile.

- Keep it up!
How viable would something like this be at the start of a league (leveling with friends ofc)? I've recently got my aurabot up, but this was after farming a decent amount (20-30ex) and middle of the league. Would you have to wait until a week or so later till more items become available?
You can easily start this as a 12 or 13 aura bot and work up, you will need enlighten 3s to start and can 5 link your generosity with anger wrath hatred and enlighten. Once your 1% jewels are sorted is when you slam the 6l color 3r/1g/2b and empower them. The corruptions are added bonus this league and are unnecessary. Everything else will work as is with 3x enlighten 3's and just use full blood magic at level 70 to 12 aura. Once you get 2 or 3 1% jewels you can add in envy or clarity at 5x 1% jewels you get the envy/clarity and the empower w/ enlighten 4.

As long as your working one of your 3x enlightens up to 4, you should be good leveling this build.

You could also switch the CWDT to fortify on hit as well. Just personal preference.
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proably shav build < vic build . i tried last time with shav / 14 aura / 2 curse aura lv 24 - ( of couse with all empower 4 ) 9k5 es (sin trek boots with 1k1 es regen per sec )

( i can hit 15 aura on SD ) but right now im change into vic / 8k5 es but more dame buff curse aura = 0 ( curse on hit ) - or can run 1 curse lv 21 but i need to drop empower4 on Discipline ( u lost around 200 es ) / but bad / dont have any Es regen per sec ( i can hit around 7-800 if have a good watcher eyes and use my shav ring ) but hard to get perfect watcher eye like that ( 2% es regen + gain mana as extra es + grace )
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
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https://imgur.com/a/QxINzTN xD
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
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