[3.3] Saito's Ele Ele ST (Elementalist Elemental Spectral Throw)


Hideout with Faster Projectiles and GMP: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/265e3f-1530816872.jpg

Hideout with Slower Projectiles and Added Cold Damage: https://img1.picload.org/image/dlgppoai/hideoutslowerprojectilesandcol.jpg


Gear Infos

Helmet: Starkonja's Head is perfect - Attack Speed, Crit and Life

Body Armor: Inpulsa, a must

Gloves: Tombfist maybe corrupted +life

Boots: Rare with hugh Life (only to all Resi, no single resi!!! read below)

Belt: Stygian Vise with Life and Ele DMG to Attacks (NO RESI!!! read below)

Rings: 2x The Taming

Amulet: Flat Ele DMG, Life, Crit DMG (NO RESI!!! read below)

Shield: Lycosidae, corrupted +2 Aura would be good (for Wrath)

Weapon: 2+ Flat Ele Claw

We have +63 all resistance with 2x The Taming, this is important for "The Wise Oak" Flask. I have 2x 8-10 All Resi Jewels - that's why no single resi.



I have 1x The Red Nightmare @Scion south - 9% Block and Endu on Kill. no duty
1x Rare Searching Eye Jewel for Onslaught Buff. Blind Mod is a nice to have


Helmet: 30% Reduced Spectral Throw Projectile Deceleration
Gloves: Corrupted Gloves 4-6% life
Boots: 16% Cast and Attack Speed


Guardians/Shaper/Elder = Slower Projectiles + Added Cold Damage for GMP + Faster Attacks.

Passive Skill Tree

Bandit = Alira
Soul of Solaris and Soul of Ryslatha or Soul of Shakari (nice for beyond mod)

My Tree - Level 93
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