[3.5]Tybbber's Scion Slayer/Inquisitor Lacerate | Uber Elder farmer/all content viable


Hey guys, Tybbber here. I've been playing for a few years now and i usually build around endgame bosses. This is my second build on the forum, hope you'll enjoy it as well. If it reads in a same way as my Blast Rain guide, it's mostly because i took all the text from there and changed the important part. It doesn't mean it's wrong, most of it is laziness from my part.
There is a video version of it if you want more gameplay and less explanation:
I'm a streamer as well now. You can ask questions about this build or see how it plays there: https://www.twitch.tv/tybbber

The build

This is a build for a Scion, with the combo of Inquisitor and Slayer. We use Lacerate for everything, clear and single target. The predominant goal was making a good Uber Elder farmer, thanks to the slayer's leech.

3.5 Betrayal Changes :

I'd suggest using a Lycosidae to get the "hits can't be evaded" mod and call it a day. It will be strong enough, but not as strong as with old dual wielding sadly. Still enough to do the whole game without feeling bad about our damages.

Does it work in Delve? :

Short answer is yes. We have a good amount of cold damages to freeze monsters, which helps a lot in lower depth, and have most of the required quality of what would make a good Delve character. Front loaded damages, good attack speed, decent defenses, and cold damages. There also some really strong crafting options that i'll expand on if i play the build, but the main mod i'm thinking of is the elemental penetrations mods that you get from a Prismatic Fossil, which should bump damages by 15% if you can get it on a same type of foil.

3.3 ISC League Achievements and DPS :
Done all the content at level 89.
Deathless Uber Elder on multiples occasions, way safer than my Blast Rain Champion, although DPS is lower.

The DPS is around 2.3M with my current setup, and can reach way more if you invest heavily into it, which i deemed completely unnecessary since it destroyed the whole content already. If anything, investing in more defenses would be an interesting option, see below to see what can be done.

PoB link if you know what you are doing and don't care about the explanations:
Character name is TybLacerateAintBad on my profile. Gear can sometimes be missing because i use it on my others characters. I'll provide it below in full as of now.

1 - Videos

Uber Elder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNyJTkXdfZ0
You can also check the video guide for more T16s mapping, i may add other videos later though.
I could link the Elder guardians fight on T16, but you just insta phase them and they don't move from their starting spots, so it's not really worth watching.

2 - Pros & Cons

+ Fast clear speed.
+ Extremely fun.
+ Insane damage on bosses.
+ Incredibly safe vs Uber Elder
+ Viable for all of the content.
+ Can start really cheap and scale really well with each upgrade.

- Leveling as a starter is a pain. Normal lab is useless, points early in tree don't help at all.
- DPS even with good gear won't go higher than an insane phys scaling build with mirror worthy 1hand/offhand.

3 - Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon

Passive tree

Current tree: http://poeurl.com/bZ84
The tree gives a good amount of all arounds stats. Attributes are no issue at all, life is in good amount, resistances are in a decent amount as well. We also grab as many jewels sockets as we can to scale flat damages.


First ascendancy choice is a no brainer. Slayer is the reason why we pick Scion in the first place. Having the leech not removed at full health means that we can safely stand in Uber Elder degen, sustain blood rage in map, regenerate really really fast when we get hit (sort of 46% health regen all the time). Culling strike help get a nice ~11% more damage.
Second choice is a bit up to taste. I went with inquisitor because it's the most damages we can get with penetration, critical multiplier(not 100% up time on status effect), and increased elemental damages to enemies. The starting area gives a good amount of life, elemental damages, and some AoE for mapping too.
Others options could be pathfinder to sustain flasks a bit better, Raider to get frenzy up on bosses all the time and onslaught, or assassin's for a more reliable crit.


Help Alira. Critical multiplier, resistances, and mana regeneration at the beginning is really nice. It's the best one you can get. Later on with really good gear, a respec to 2 points could be done to min max the build, but i wouldn't recommend bothering.


Major: Soul of the Brine King, Nice to avoid stun locks, although some of the upgrades are the most interesting part when looking at it from a boss killing point of view. Stun and block recovery is nice, as it reduces stun duration, allowing for more dodging. The reduce chill effect is really sweet too against Shaper and Elder, as a lot of damages are cold based, and chill happens a lot(Attacks/Shapers' Balls/Vortices(plural for vortex)).
You could also get the Soul of Arakaali to reduce the damage from the degen ground and have even more regen once you get out of them. Also works with Shaper's laser. It's definitely something i'm gonna try in the future, and i'll try to update you on it.
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh, Reduce the damage we take from the Elder degen ground, helps slightly.

4 - Gear

My gear at level 89

Mandatory Unique:

None, although the recommended section is a HEAVILY recommended. It's sort of how you should progress your gearing, so check below.

Recommended Uniques:

By order of importance for the build :


Mainly used for the jewel sockets, having a 2socket version is the best you can get. A 1socket version is still usable early to at least get the intimidate.

Doryani's catalyst

Best offhand you can get, especially for it's price.

Shroud of the lightless

Really good 6th link as we scale all elemental damages type. A socket jewel is good aswell and we have a nice amount of life from all the jewel we get in this build.

Starkonja's Head

Life, attack speed, some crit. Lacerate crit enchant is nice to have as well. Can also go for the damage one, matter of taste.

Bubonic Trail

Only used for the 2 sockets, last slot to get for those, until you can get enough res elsewhere.

Other Gear Breakdown

Main hand

We are using swords, so a foil with good attack speed and crit is the best thing you can get. In order of importance, AS>crit>elemental flat damages. Some crit mult or elemental damages is good to have, but can easily get crafted. Double corrupting a cheap (mine was 30c) can produce insanely good results as this one proves.


Stygian Vise base to get another abyssal jewel in the build. This is one the res slots, focus on getting triple resistances, then life, and if you can afford it, a elemental damages roll.


Can be a really good damage boost slots if you can cap resistances. Otherwise order of importance is res>life. Once you get enough resistances, a high elemental damages roll, an Opal Ring, and/or flat fire damages to attack is something to look into. Getting an accuracy roll is definitely a good option too.


Damages stats are in order : Crit multiplier>elemental damage to attacks>crit chances>flat elemental damages to attacks. Try to keep a decent life roll as well. Once again, an accuracy roll is good, try to get one 250+ on the ring and/or amulet.

Flasks :

Decent damage flask, can be replaced with a life flask if you want more safety.

Best damage flask, first one to grab.

If you manage to get all resistances to the same amount, it's a really strong flask both for offense and defenses. If you can't, it's still usable, but going to feel slightly underwhelming. Try to get it to match the element where you have the most damage in this case.

Good damage flask, try to get duration or reduced charges cause it's a low up time flask otherwise.

Nice damages as well as elemental status immunity on consecrated ground.

Jewels :

We use one Searching Eye jewel in the Tombifst to get the maim effect.

List of mods useful to get on abyssal jewels:
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+# fire damages to attacks
+# fire damages to sword attacks
+# cold damages to attacks
+# cold damages to sword attacks
+# lightning damages to attacks
+# lightning damages to sword attacks
+# maximum life
+#% attack speed
+#% attack speed if you did a critical strike recently
+# Accuracy (search for a good roll, 200+)

You can also use normal Virdian jewels with the following choice of mods:
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with swords
+#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with one handed weapons
+#% maximum life
+#% attack speed
+#% attack speed with swords
+#% area damages

Enchantments on Helmet and Boots:

For the helmet all enchants are good :
Lacerate crit chance gives good consistency, and probably the highest damages.
Lacerate damages, well it's damages duh.
Lacerate AoE helps slightly for clearing, but it's not noticeable.

For the boots :
- Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damages if you haven't Killed Recently
- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
- Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently(for Uber elder)

5 - Gem Links

Gems will be sorted by order of importance.

Main Damage setup :

We swap conc effect and elemental focus for inc AoE and increased critical strikes chances while mapping. 6th link is ofcourse the chest innate elemental penetration gem.

Auras and Buffs:

Quality on Anger doesn't matter, aim for level 21. Can swap for Wrath here.
Quality on Blood Rage is nice.
Herald of ice is mainly here for the sweet explosions, it could get replaced with a purity as it doesn't give a lot of damages. I had done my setup for wise oak at this point though and didn't want to go back to changing things. Using Wrath and Anger both with an high level enlighten can work.
Can also use arctic armor.

Whirling Blades:

We grab blood magic to deal with the mana cost and avoid going Oom.

We don't use one because it fucks up targeting against end game bosses and nothing feels worse than dying from an attack targeted on your golem.

6 - DPS, Mechanics, Why and how it works


We have a bit above 2M Shaper DPS thanks to the combination of multiples mechanics:
Flat damages from abyssal jewels, with all the increased elemental damages from tree and gear as well as crit.
For penetration we have 37 on the chest, 11 on the tree, 6 on the ascendancy.
As more multiplier we have intimidate, Inquisitor's ascendancy for a total of 20%.
We also use damage on full life because slayer's ascendancy makes it way easier to do.

Defenses :

We got almost 5k hp, with acrobatics, some evasion. Dodging is still the best way to deal with incoming shit. If you get hit, you still have slayer's leech that's gonna get you back to full health in less than 2 seconds (46% life per second is the cap with (20% base + 3% from tree)*2 from Vaal Pact).
Grabbing more life on the jewels, or even kaom's root can bump you way higher.
Here's a almost 6K hp version, with slightly lower DPS: https://pastebin.com/tqTeK0zS

7 - Leveling


If it's not your first character of the league, buying a few specific uniques makes for a sweet and really fast leveling experience :
Gloves: Lochtonial Caress/Tombfist.
Helmet: Goldrim
Chest: Tabula
1hand: Fidelitas spike x2 or ewar's mirage x2. Would recommand Ewar.
Amulet: Karui's Ward into Sacrifical Heart.
Belt: Darkness Enthroned with good abyssal jewels / or Prismweave
Boots : Wanderlust/Seven league steps
Rings: Elreon's rings until you get mana leech then anything to cap res/life/flat dmg

Having good abyssal jewels helps a lot your leveling experience. Try to get some as you level up for 1c on poetrade.

Links would be the same as the late game setup, with added cold instead of the chest link.
Grab 3 heralds at act 2, and swap herald of thunder and ice for Anger at act 3.
Blood Rage is really nice for the attack speed and frenzy charges.


If it's your first build of the league :

I recommend trying to go Sunder early and swap to this once you farm some gear. Lacerate isn't the best leveling skill, and scion lab and early nodes sucks big time.

8 - Budget Version

There is no real budget version, as going from the leveling gear i linked above to my endgame setup is fairly linear and shouldn't be too hard. Upgrades feel really good with this build and it starts with just the leveling gear for white maps.

If you have any question or want to discuss item choice or pathing or anything build related just write it here or come ask on the stream https://www.twitch.tv/tybbber
Also don't hesitate to post your progression with this build if you try it yourself !

Thanks for reading!
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Updated for Delve(3.4) some sections.

i've rerolled a previous scion build that i had to this one, i'm really enjoying the build but i'm facing a couple of problems that make mapping/leveling quite complicated. would like to know if you have any recommendations i can take to fix it

1- stunlock: if im faceb by very fast mobs or those that appear behind you and get hit a couple of times i will get stunlocked, unable to cast anything and die.

2- oneshots: this is the main problem i'm facing; i can be doing ok during the map and suddenly a hit will erase me out of nowhere with no time to react. Killing bosses and delves have been quite difficult since i would take two steps and get oneshotted. I've added warlords mark to help out a bit with this issue but i'm still dying a lot

thanks for the help !
1- stunlock: if im faceb by very fast mobs or those that appear behind you and get hit a couple of times i will get stunlocked, unable to cast anything and die.

Only thing i could see to solve that is getting better attack speed so that you are less "stuck" in animation, and are more free to move. Once damage go up, you have less issues with monsters being alive. Another thing that could help is having a high amount of cold damage on your abyssal gear so that monsters gets chilled/frozen often.

2- oneshots: this is the main problem i'm facing; i can be doing ok during the map and suddenly a hit will erase me out of nowhere with no time to react. Killing bosses and delves have been quite difficult since i would take two steps and get oneshotted. I've added warlords mark to help out a bit with this issue but i'm still dying a lot

Except getting more life on abyssal jewels(that makes a LOT of difference) and sacrificing some nodes to grab more scion life nodes, there is little ways to improve life pool. You shouldn't need warlord's mark as you should have plenty of leech on the tree, if anything use Temporal Chains or Enfeeble. Running a Stibnite flask can help with the Cloud that makes ennemies miss 50% of their attacks as well.

It's a bit more oriented towards offensive than defenses for sure though. Once damage ramp up enough, and get enough cold damage to freeze fairly reliably, it becomes much better to play.
Relatively new to the game... Curious about this build.

Two main questions. 1. Is lacerate the best scaling skill to build around? Why lacerate over doublestrike or blade flurry etc.

2. Inquisitor - why inquisitor over elementalist ascendancy for scion? Elementalist has pen, also herald buff. As a scion what does inq do that ele doesn't do better?

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1. Is lacerate the best scaling skill to build around? Why lacerate over doublestrike or blade flurry etc.

It's not, it's purely for fun. Bladeflurry is around 50% more damages. Double strike is way different in how to build but hey, it's stronger too in single target.

2. Inquisitor - why inquisitor over elementalist ascendancy for scion? Elementalist has pen, also herald buff. As a scion what does inq do that ele doesn't do better?

It simply does more damages. The 10% increased elemental damages is a lot of damages, as it's a more multiplier on the ennemy taken by the ennemy.

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