ELLD 3v3 prearranged teams

Hello, old friends and I are trying out some PVP. We’d like to play some prearranged ELLD 3v3s. So gather your mates, build a team of 3 characters you think complement each other and come battle us. We hope this will spark people thinking about some potential deeper strategies beyond using your 1v1 character. You can contact me in game @Sidro or on the pvp discord. We are available most weekdays 8pm-2am est, as well as weekends nearly anytime. Please post your teams availability below or message me directly to arrange games.
Last bumped on Jul 7, 2018, 4:50:54 AM
if anyone wants me on their team, let me know
Nice idea sidro. Maybe we can turn this into some kind of King of the hill continuous tourney where teams can challenge each other to a best of 5?
Winners get mentioned on top of your post, I'd be Willing to put down some std prize currency.. lmk what you think.

Who's on your team atm?

@PT, let's do this! Any ideas for a 3rd?

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