[3.3] Vaal/Cold Snap Trickster

Hey this is my first time posting a build but i honestly liked how this character played so much that i just wanted to link it.

I am pretty sure it can be a lot stronger but this character was SSF up until a few days ago when i decided to add the Three Dragons Unique Helm to the build. I then added a few other uniques that filled out performance pretty well(Tulfall, Alleopathy and Gang's Momentum)

With this character, even with the Cold Snap "Nerf", (I honestly didn't notice the overlap until they posted it because the character just cleared so well),the clear speed is pretty good, I usually have to put down one cast from the setup (currently a 4-link) and mobs die in a couple of seconds.

Vaal CS and Vaal BV are both used as well along with a vortex setup just for some extra damage. The Vaal BV is linked with Life Leech so as to give me some sustain in tough situations and it also deals some significant damage.

My main movement skill is Flame Dash, due to the desire to use the Tulfall Wand, however, a Spine of the First Claimant can be used alternatively which will give access to Shield Charge which is tons better for escaping damage quickly. Point to note, I don't use the Threshold jewel as it feels inconsistent sometimes, because of how quickly charges are generated and they are removed by the Tulfall Wand.

Currently my gear is mediocre at best, i focused on getting proper resists, and the body armor was the best i had in SSF (will likely switch it soon).

Anyway, the point of this was to simply post an extremely fun build i enjoyed playing, as it didn't feel clunky to play.

Ascendancy Order:
1) Patient Reaper > Large buff to damage early on, I did normal Lab at lvl 38-40 due to how quickly
it leveled
2) Swift Killer > Definitely Needed
3) Prolonged Pain >
4) Harness the Void/Ghost Dance (haven't gotten all the trials yet so I am not sure which one will be best) Most likely i will drop Prolonged Pain and go for Ghost Dance > Escape Artist.

This is the PoE Builder Pastebin link

Note: If anyone does try this character, I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
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