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Elemental Hit Totems- DMG or MF Build
I wanted to play with the new elemental hit, and it led to this. So far, I have solo'd Red Elder, Normal Atziri, Hydra, and Chimera. Plays similar to other totem builds, but a bit more controlled due to a bug with Death's Oath. I will go over the damage build first and below put items in for Magic Find.
Quick Review: Elemental Hit.
Attack once, choose 1 Fire, Cold, Lightning, deal damage. It's almost more a spell than an attack, we get zero conversion from physical damage. This makes getting a level 21 Elemental hit amazing.
The idea: Because we deal no damage outside of the chosen element, heralds/hatred and so are lost 2/3 of the time. So we go haste. With multiple totems shooting, we very very rapidly cycle through elemental weakness. We have a 1/3 chance of hitting the high resist. And with point blank, we keep dropping totems on people's faces.

Totems. This means running around the backline staying alive.
Elemental Damage. Ailments are your friend.
Fast clears
5 Link has done t14 red elder. Someday I'll get 6 linked......
Fun if you enjoy some totems.
Only three map mods that truly slow you down.

Pretty specific unique list, taking advantage of stats.
Low global defensive stats. Keep mobile.
Starved for Accuracy. Best to level with Resolute Technique and drop it later on.
Three rough map mods:
-No regen
-90% Chance to avoid ailments
-reflect ele (only for dmg build, mildly annoying as magic find)


Guarians: Hyrda, Chimera, minotaur solo'd. Steadily solo-playing my way towards the last.
Red elder (t14): Done.
Normal Atziri: Done.
As soon as I get a 6 link, I'll run Uber Atziri and see how it goes.

Elemental Hit + Ranged Attack Totem + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on full life + Pierce
Blink Arrow + Faster Proj + Faster Attack + Culling Strike
Vaal Haste, Vaal Clarity, Frost Bomb, Inc Duration
Enfeeble + Ice Golem + Projectile Weakness + Faster Casting

This league was perfect for it. The Temple Bow of "penetrate X% of element resist" works like a charm. I prefer the Lightning one for higher shock.

Required Uniques:
Quiver: Hyrri's Demise (Corrupted to PointBlank. Build alternative is below without this. In a perfect world you'll have chain or extra projectile too.)

boots: Windshriek

Belt: Cyclopean Coil

Amulet: Astromentis for HP, Marylene's Fallacy for more crit's and dmg.

Jewels: Rain of Splinters, Pure Talent

Optional Uniques:

Body Armour: Death's Oath (yes, even with bug)

If the totem fires, disappears, and then it's hit kills something, you can end up with the chaos damage on you. This means that after summoning totems and stacking charges, you generally want to avoid spam summoning. I find that going 1 second or so of running and summoning one totem replacement keeps the debuff off of me for an entire map. Naturally, if totems die, they will not disappear and trigger this, so spamming them to get them up again is not an issue.
Need a ton of accuracy? Obscurantis!


Rares can be used to flesh out everything. A good pair of gripped gloves is easy damage.

I am still playing with my Ventor's Gambles, but ideally I would pick up some opal rings that can add some elemental damage to attacks.

Helped Alira for crit, mana regen, and resists.

The Build (mapping):
Around 72, you should pick up the elemental damage wheel at the bottom right and Elemental Equilibrium. For the third ascendancy, we want Conviction of Power. Also, throw some points into Mind over Matter if you feel you are getting clipped one too many times. It's on the agenda anyway.

At this point, getting accuracy is the priority. Ice golem, poachers mark, anything to drop Resolute Technique. These points will go into some defensives from Pure Talent. Fill in the HP nodes towards Ranger, and try to connect the Scion for stats.
Next priority after accuracy is getting a Hyrri's Demise with Point blank rolled onto it. In a perfect world, you get chain or projectile too. But once we get this, we can drop the entire lower right wheel.
https://pastebin.com/iSsSXPt2 (This is my exact build at time of writing).

The Build (leveling):
Get yourself a quill rain and go to 45ish with this.
First Ascendancy should be Pursuit of Faith. Get an extra totem.
Begin putting points towards Ancestral Bond, but I would not take it until you get the second ascendancy for Ritual of Awakening. Then go from 2 totems to 4 totems. This is also the time to pick up a jewel socket and throw in Rain of Splinters
Begin focusing on some accuracy. Use Poacher's Mark if you need to. A useful helm later is Obscurantist. But this should push you right into mapping.

About Magic Find:
This character originally was built to use WindRipper and the Combat Focus jewel that locked out fire from elemental hit. It worked great, was fun with friends, and managed to get me into t13 maps easily solo. But then, as MF characters tend to do, it slowed down. So I spent some currency on damage gear and started steamrolling things. The ease of this was what made me want to write this guide.
Magic Find inherently has issues with resists and survivability. Totems does not. Combining them seemed like a natural growth of character. I was able to just stack all the standard MF gear.
Windripper. Goldwyrm. Satimas. Greed's Embrace. Two Ventors. Bisco's Leash (or perandus blazon, depending on preference).
https://pastebin.com/R0dqcZtJ (My MF items before swapping to damage)

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