Mana Guardian Support (60k+ Armour) (13k+ ES) (Bosting 12k ES) 3.6

If you support a player with 12k ES he will get around 24k ES and five to eight auras. You can play this build really cheep but also really expensive.
3.6 Update!
Arcane Will in the skill tree now got Gain 4% of Maximum Mana as Exta Maximum Energy Shield witch is really good for this build because you can easly get 16k mana this sesong!

How to lvl it?
Kill the bandits!
Play with some type of fire totem.

Skill Tree Mana Guardian Support Build

In the jewel sockets you want 4 Healthy Minds Cobalt Jewel, 3 Grand Spectrum Cobalt Jewel, 1 Tempered Spirit Viridian Jewel (Not Needed) and 1 Watchers Eye (Not needed But REALLY GOD!)
3.6 Update!
I recomend you to play with the spell Vigilant Strike and The Vigil Crimson Jewel becasue if you do you will give your team Fortifies constant.

Bastion of Hope = Very good with the Aegis shield Because it gives you extra 50% Block chance 2/5 sec!
Time of Need = Healing and Revmove curses every 5 sec!
Rasiant Faith = 15% of your reserved mana to you and your alies!
Unwavering Faith = More life regen and physical damage reduction to you and the team.

If you got 90% physical damage you dont need to use Soul of Lunaris but i recomend it shaply! same with Soul of Gruthkul. But the good think about Soul of Gruthkul is the upgrade! Enemies that have hit you with an attack recently have 8% reduced attack speed

You can choose between two shields. Prism Guardian will give you and your party members more auras. Meanwhile Aegis Aurora will increase your defence with ES on block. Currently each block gives me around 1,3k ES. You gain extra block through your ascendency wich further enhances this combo. You dont need to play with Shavronne's Wrappings you can play Chaos Inoculation and just a rare chest with some mana and ES on it but you losing auras on it. Memory Vault can be really expensive in the begining so you can play with Mind Spiral but then you wont get the armour. And if you are playing with the Mindspiral your Aegis shiled it pretty useless. (Look on the video or my profile to see the gear)

My Profile
Look on ManaTillFloken lvl 97 to see the gear and the gems.
3.6 Update!
If you want you can do like I did and spec Ghost Reaver in the tree and the thing that Ghost Reaver goes it that you can Leech Energy Shield. And if you spec the Ghost Reaver you will need the setup: Greater Multiple Projectiles, Ball Lightning, Life Gain on Hit, Cast When Damage Taken. This setup will do: when you are taking damage its going to spamm out many Lightning Balls that gives you ES on hit!

Facetanking Kitava a10!

You can ask me questions when im live (Live 4 hours a day) at twitch: PiratePingle

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Any leveling guide ?
Ribsu wrote:
Any leveling guide ?

I recomend you to go with some type of fire totem! Its the best way to lvl the Mana Guardian.

I am going to create a lvl guide this week :)
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Thanks for your interest in adding this post to the build listings.

Unfortunately, in its current state, it is not suitable to be added. The character and gear selections you have made may very well be effective and well thought out, however as far as a "guide" is concerned, this is not one.

Build guides typically contain considerations for gems, linking, gearing, enchantments, pantheons, jewels, leveling advice, videos, pros/cons, limitations, explanations for why you have chosen to do certain things compared to other builds, etc.

At this time, it is a PoB link and screencaps of your character sheet.

Feel free to pm me in the future when you work on it more so that it functions as a guide for other players to follow.

Hot Flashes:
Shocking EleHit:
On your profile you are running Fortify, CWDT and Immortal call. How are you procing Fortify in that setup? CWDT doesn't do it?
is that build viable for 3.4? :)

could you update the guide? Like Gems, Items and all that stuff? :)

checked your profile but the most gems are missing :(

Im guessing this build is made to support RF the only question i have is gem links what do you use when support ll rf or do you just give him the es
Path of building?
Shame this hasn't got a better guide, really wanted to make a mana guardian this league and this looks promising.
Shame this hasn't got a better guide, really wanted to make a mana guardian this league and this looks promising.

I am going to update this guide this week!
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