[3.3] Ascendant - Hie/Chief Incinerate Totems! totally low budget deathless Shaper, 2 mins Red Elder

Hello everyone!
This is my first time to post my build (I used to follow other streamers' build and this one is my own unique build).
Reminder/Importance: I am not a hardcore player!!! This build might not be hardcore viable

I started this character as a SSF incursion char, then go to trade league when I reached level 90. (I then changed to Soul Mantle and Kikazaru for dps boost)

I have tried rise of phoenix with purity of fire to run righteous fire, it can increase incinerate dps by 1.5x times! I am still able to regen hp and mana, however it is too danger for killing bosses therefore I decided to take it off.
There are still many mistakes in this build, any suggestion would be much appreciated!

+beginner friendly
+can run every map mods
+shaper viable

-slow clear speed
-becareful of no regen, need bring mana flask
-difficult to see projectiles due to massive effects of incinerate...
Can you notice the ball behind hydra?

Bandits - Kill All

Gear Setup

Passives Skill Tree

Level 92 - https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAABAQDBA3UEBwSzCGcI9AmqDF8QzBEtFm8YPBhWGjgabBynHNwkqiTYKhMqjSu2LJwtqDWSNtg26TpYOuE8BTwtPEs9X0GHRZ1G10kbSU9Ms03jUlNTUlOlVcZWSFgXWOVZ81orXl1fBGP9ZlRmnmjyakNtGXGFcg965nsgfIOCm4MJg1-DzIPbhFOFMoVti4yMRo8akFWTOpRvly2XlZf0mjua4J1jna6f36IAoj6j8qSgplenCKeUrJixkLc-t9a8qrzqvSe-gMBmwJrDE8au0f3VgdWm1l3YJNi92fzbWd7c4FXjauQi6-7sVe0873zv_fAf8WzyRfiT-d356PrS_gr-h_6P?accountName=GoJumpRope&characterName=KaiYangAscIncinTotem

Pob - https://pastebin.com/ki4JjuNK

270k dps per totem with vaal righteous fire, total 1.08m dps
200k dps per totem without vaal righteous fire, total 800k dps
(might be calculated wrong because the dps is beyond 1m if you can check the video below)

Ascendancy - Go to Hierophant -> Path of the Templar -> Chieftain

Pantheon - Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Gruthkul

For leveling - just use any skill you can until level 12 to get Incinerate skill gem

Incinerate - Faster casting - Elemental focus - Controlled destruction
Flame dash
Herald of Thunder (Just for leveling, you can drop it anytime)

Self cast incinerate until you have done cruel lab, then allocate ancestral bond for extra totem.

Total Cost
Wand - get increased fire damage in temple of atzoal
The Jeweller's Touch - 30c(use it on soul mantle, it become 5L with extra spell totem which is easy 6L, it allow you to run red tier map until T15!)
Soul Mantle - 2 alc
2 Kikazaru - 2 alc
self-flagellation - 2 alc

Shaper Deathless

currently don't have any video about it, but you can check the dps via this video :)

2 mins 15 secs kill Red Tier Elder

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