[3.3] Trypanon Cyclone Champion (still in progress, need advice)

MAKE TRYPANON ALIVE! (or give it a fated version, GGG)

-100% crit chance
-100% hit chance with Taunt from Champion ascendancy
-Very strong in boss fight
-Can clear ele reflect maps
-Extra tanky even with Abyssus

-Slow attack speed
-Slow clearspeed as it only uses Cyclone
-Phys reflect maps can be very hard

Current Gear


I was using this chestpiece to cover the life and remaining resist

Switch to Brightbeak to move with Leap Slam

Tree and Ascendancy
As progressing with more expensive gear (more resist, more life, and more flat phys damage) you can respec the tree for example:

Alira - Can cover the lack in resist, also gives the crit multi addition

Major God: Lunaris or Solaris (to cover dot defense and the second upgrade makes you kinda immune to crit if you crit recently)
Minor God: Gruthkul or Shakari

Current DPS

This build hasn't been tested on red elder/shaper but so far it's doing incredibly good on red maps and can farm uber lab easily.

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