[3.3] Rain of Arrows - Cold conversion Assasin | HC | Budget Friendly | Fast clear | Boss killer


+ Nice clearspeed
+ The sound of shatter
+ Up to 50-60% dodge
+ Good Movement speed
+ Good boss Killer
+ High life% from passives for a bow build (218% from tree)
+ Very budget friendly to get it started
+ Can easily get to 5k+ hp and decent dps on very budget gear (under 50c)
+ Smooth leveling


- Cannot do Elemental Reflect Maps
- Slower than ranger ascendancys but tankier and better boss dps
- Can be difficult to play on SSF cause it requires a unique (Hrimsorrow)

Passive skill tree:

LVL 75 : https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAYBAAUtD6sQkhR1Fr8XsBmKIXYi6iM2I_YkiyT9JpUuUzBxMHwx-jIBMjI2PTfUOdQ6QkMxR35KfUqLS3hM_02STipRR1MQVUtW-luvYeJirGVNZ6BqjGyMbWxwUnTtdct293fXeu99dX8rgayExYTZhs6HdonTjDaNfY1-jbmNv5cGm7WdqqCfotmkwql5sNixfLIZtUi747xvvTa-p8EzwzrD5sSiyBTIzMjczZjPetNv037UI9mG2sHdqN9v45_kaudU6mLtP-4O73rvj_Vv_W7-uv_e

LVL 90 : https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAYBAAHcBS0PqxCSFHUWvxewGYohdiLqIzYj9iSLJP0mlS5TMHEwfDH6MgEyMjWSNj031DnUOkI64UMxR35KfUqLS3hM_02STeNOKlFHUxBVS1b6W69h4mKsZU1noGqMbIxtbG87cFJ07XXLdvd313fjeA167311fyuBrITFhNmGzod2idOMNo19jX6NuY2_lwabtZ2qoJ-i2aTCplepbql5sNixfLIZtUi18rvjvG-9Nr6nwBrBM8M6w-bEosgUyMzI3M2Yz3rTb9N-1CPYvdmG2sHdqN9v45_kaudU6mLtP-4O73rvj_JF9W_9bv4K_o_-uv_e

LVL max : https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAYBAABeAdwFLQguD6sQkhR1Fr8XsBmKGY4hdiLqIzYj9iSLJP0mlSoLLlMwcTB8MfoyATIyNZI2PTfUOdQ6QjrhQzFEDUd-Sn1Ki0t4TP9Nkk3jTipRR1MQVUtW-luvXfJh4mHrYqxlTWegaoxsjG1sbztwUnTtdct293fXd-N4DXpTeu99dX8rgayExYTZhs6HdonTjDaNfY1-jbmNv5cGm7WdqqCfotmkwqZXqW6pebDYsXyyGbVItfK747xvvTa-p8AawTPDOsPmxKLIFMjMyNzI8M2Yz3rTb9N-1CPYvdmG2sHdqN9v45_kaudU6mLtP-2D7g7veu-P8kX1b_1u_gr-j_66_94=

Ascendancy Points: Ambush and Assasinate -> Opportunistic -> Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion

Bandits :
Help Alira or kill all

Pantheon :
Minor gods-> Soul of Garukhan / Soul of Shakari
Major gods-> Soul of Solaris / Soul of Lunaris

Stat prio on accessories : Life - Elemental damage with attack skills - cold damage to attacks - Resists - str/int (if u can drop resists u wanna get crit chance/multi)

Required gem links :

RoA 6L : Vaal Rain of Arrows > Elemental damage with attacks > increased critical strikes support > Added cold damage > Cold penetration > Ice bite support or increased critical damage support / concentrated effect support - so 6th socket can be green or blue both work as good

CWD 4L : Increased Duration support > Immortal Call > Cast when damage taken support > Temporal Chains or enfeeble

Blink Arrow (movement ability) 2L : BLink Arrow > Faster Attacks

Recommended gems to fill : Herald of Ice + any aura u prefer (Vaal grace/Vaal haste/hatred) + Frostbite > curse on hit > any ability u prefer

Flasks :

Required gear :

Recommended gear :

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Hello, how do you regen life and mana in this build?
Hey, is there any update for 3.5 ?

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