[3.3] Vaalkyrie - melee witch with Fate of the Vaal



* Not a native English speaker. There will be lots of spelling/grammar errors in this post.
* Hipster build. May or may not do all content, and surely not million dps.


If talking about a valkyrie build, most players would choose scion or ranger, which has much better passive/ascendance support, and I'm too tired to run another scion/ranger build. Sudddenly two temple run gave me "Story of the Vaal" and related vial item in a row.

With several hours PoB planning, I know it's the time to make my dream come true: a melee witch with fairly enough dps and survivability, without tons of exalts.

First in PoB I tried
* ascendancy provides great dps boost.
* grab all defensive passive possible (armour/endurance charge/life)
* 30k shaper dps *MEGALUL

So I have to move some armour/life points to dps, and here it is.


* decent map cleaning speed (lv85 do T11/12 map in 4-6 mins typically, depends on how awkward the route is)
* fairly enough dps (around 100k shaper damage with 6L, cost you roughly 1-2 minutes to kill T15 map boss)
* immune to shock/stun, and optionally freeze/chill (which is also recommended)
* very active playstyle (might be cons for some)
* around 40% physical damage reduction (against 5000 damage)
* 78-79% elemental resist



* Need 6L unique body armour, can be budget but definitely not low-cost.
* Difficult to be league starter, nearly impossible for HC or SSF.
* Life pool around 5k, you have to dodge some boss skills
* Leveling as normal spell witch before 55 (or lv35 if you have Story of the Vaal)
* die in no time before lv70 or 80 (depends on how you plan your priority about passives)
* shitty dps before killing uber Izaro and 5L
* cannot do element reflect or no leech map
* ceiling should be 180-190k shaper dps, 6k life. not really worth to spend that much exalts

PoB and passives

Current gear and passive: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/ronmi/characters?characterName=HelmwigeTheVaalkyrie

Current gear and passive in PoB: https://pastebin.com/ifGiyn8f (Lv85)

PoB cannot handle FotV correctly, so I made three equivalent for lightning/cold/fire damage



"Fate of the Vaal" provides 100% chance to ignite/chill/shock/freeze and increased damage against ignited/frozen/shocked enemies, but it's unlikely to shock/chill/freeze unique mobs since they have much higher maximum life.

"Beacon of Ruin" partly solved this problem: as you have 100% chance to shock, you always shock enemy you hit with at least 1 lightning damage.

It also spreads elemental ailments to nearby enemies. For a rare monster with its minions, you ignite/freeze/chill/shock one weakest minion, the whole group INCLUDING THAT RARE MOB ARE IGNITED/FROZEN/CHILLED/SHOCKED (if they are close enough).

"Mastermind of Discord" provides another damage boot (damage penetrating), along with some cold/fire/lightning damage, help us to ignite/chill/shock at once.

"Ahn's Heritage" give us unlimited onslaught since the maximum endurance charge is 0. We'll talk about endurance charge in "Defensive" section.

"Resolute Technique" is the most reasonable choice: We don't need "Beacon of Ruin" if going crit. build.
* Critical strike always inflict ailment, we should use higher dps weapon instead of FotV.
* Critical strike has much more per-hit damage, so "Beacon of Ruin" doesn't help.
* Save tons of passive point (or equipment options) for accuracy.


We should grab more defensive passives because ascendance points are all offensive. Since we selected "Resolute Technique", possible options are eHP/Armour/endurance charge.

It's quite annoying to keep number of endurance charges for witch, so we totally give it up.

Just grab the most effective HP/Armour points from tree, plus high Armour body armour and shield.

"Vaal Pact" is chosen over life regeneration. It's not easy to extend life pool over 5.5k while having high Armour, which makes regen unusable.



* ensuring you have chilling conflux before opening strongbox
* you should always kill the most crowded mobs first
* kill ranged mob next
* always kill mobs with just needed stage:

* for ranged or low damage mobs, jump into them and they'll explode as soon as you use BF
* for high-defence mobs (blade cage for example), 3-4 stage BF should be enough

Boss fighting

* jump to its back if it gonna use notable skill
* if there're minions, clear them
* some skills (and boss) are safe to facetank, hold BF to max stage, and release when you are hit by notable skill
* you are fast enough to place totem or warcry in between 2 BFs, just do it


Only core items are required, others are mainly for dex/life/resist, low-cost rare is fairly enough, and buy/craft better if you have some exalts

Core items

the reason why this guide is here

super high Armour, but have to handle shock with flask or something.

If you are not rich, 6L Brass Dome is the only equipment you should buy with exalts

Ahn's Heritage pair with 2 Fragility, we got +3 max resist and unlimited onslaught


immune to freeze and chill, important for survive. you can use flask instead

immune to shock, super important. also provides some attack/movement speed. can use flask instead

low-cost damage boosting jewel, you need three or none. can use other higher dps jewel instead


Blade Flurry is our main skill

BF - Immolate - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Hypothermia

6th link can be
* Faster Attack: higher "REAL" dps (the faster reaching max stage, the higher your dps)
* Added Cold Damage: higher damage per hit
* Melee Physical Damage/Added Fire Damage/Combustion: if you are running out of chroms

Leap Slam

Leap Slam is multi-functional skill to this build. It triggers first ailment on enemy, also best skill to dodge boss skill.
If you have enough sockets, link it with Faster Attack


Elemental Weakness - Curse On Hit - Herald of Thunder

Lazyman curse. All mobs we kill MUST been shocked, so HoT is always triggered after each kill.

Support Skills

* Herald of Ice, Herald of Ash: add plain damage and trigger damage penetration
* Ancestral Protector: recommended, greate dps booster
* Purity of Elements: optional, use this if you don't have enough resist
* Rallying Cry: optional, taunting discrete mobs and add some damage
* low level CWDT+Immortal Call+Cold Snap: cold snap grants frenzy charge sometimes


This is how I level this char, may not be the best way.

grab "Heart and Soul" / "Quick Recovery" / "Elemental Overload" / "Heart of the Warrior", leveling with arc until lv 55

at lv 55, you should reach to "Golem's Blood" or something nearby. refund the "Heart and Soul" / "Quick Recovery" / "Elemental Overload" and related passives, grab "Resolute Technique" and some attack speed. You are now ready to fight.

at lv 59-61, kill normal/cruel Izaro for "Beacon of Ruin", should be piece of cake for you now

lv 69 is the time you equip all your core item. You should prepare at least 2 jewel sockets for Fragility before that. You should be able to kill merciless Izaro, will cost you 3-5 mins fighting with him though. After that, go global 820 for uber lab carry immediatelly!

grab VP / "Unwavering Stance" and all life/armour/attack speed at marauder/duelist range next. You should be able to run all yellow tier maps with ease after lv75

placeholder for videos

I cannot record my gameplay with this old AMD box. Will go cybercafe try record some recently.
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